Written by gavin0066

11 Jul 2014

The profile read ' dicreet lover needed for regular, no holds barred raw sex'

After playing on the edge for about seven months -- on some of the many sites that promise so much -- he was tempted to test the water.

Sign on , register, all the regular jargon(he was getting quite creative with user names and passwords) , he could finally have a conversations with so many dleightful and usually half naked ladies.

Unsure of a response he ticked the box that said 'favourite'. Something he had done so many times before without anybody bothereing even to respond or even say 'get lost'. Not sure if he would be allowed to enter an address or cellphone number, he was not going to now go to the T& C section to find out, he ventured on.

He typed a short note and waited.

The next morning , on opening the site , there was a message waiting notice from ' discreet '.

Obviously a married woman, he figured, 'just what I need' he thought.

The message read ' Meet me saturday 0900 at Photo Shop, Echo Lake Mall'

That would be a stretch as he would have to rise very early, find a credible excuse, and drive more than 60 kilomters to meet a lady who he had never laid eyes on before. If her profile was accurate, however, this could be an adventure not to be missed.