Written by alwayswet

30 Apr 2014

My secrets is now moving in another direction as i simply cant help myself in the pleasure i get to flash people . By the time i get to flash my pussy is so wet and i am so horny i will do or fuck anyone. We stay in a townhouse complex so last week i just sat on chair with a short dress with no panty , and spread my legs wide open and dared myself to stay in that position no matter what .

Minutes later it was getting to much and i had to play with myself , with 2 fingers in my wet pussy i was enjoying it so much, when i heard someone is coming and i couldnt stop . It was a black gentleman staying somewhere on the other end of the complex , he stopped to look again but didnt say anything he just stared .

I also didnt say anything but seconds later i was moaning as i got an orgasm . It was so intense and nice i did not worry bout him standing there , if he only knew it was because of him there that i got an orgasm .

He left after minute after saying nothing at all , but he was around the next day saying hallo all of sudden and two days later he introduced himself .

Now i already planned as this weekend i will do the same only showing him much more than my pussy and truth be told i know he will get in my yard as thats all he have to do if not i will invite him .

I wont control myself and i wont mind him to walk over as i will take him inside and let him fuck me