Written by thompen

18 Jan 2018

I have the day off from my hectic schedule and am free to do as I please. I whatsapp you " Are you free" and your reply makes me touch my cock through my pants. " Yes". A few minutes later I'm in the car driving to your office. At the traffic light I see another message and for second I think " Damn its a cancellation" , but no, its a classic pic of your hard cock sticking out of your jeans. I can just see the edge of your desk and make out that you're watching porn.

10 minutes later I'm walking up the stairs past reception to your office. Knees a little weak with excitement and cock straining against my pants. I hope I don't run into any stranger.

I knock " Come in' you call out and I open the door. You look up and say " Hi" and then turn back to your screen. I can hear its porn, but I don't bother to look . Instead I walk straight over to the other side of your desk and crawl under.

Your cock is out. Hard , foreskin pulled back. Pre cum leaking and your hand just stroking it. I grab it eagerly and lick the end, slowly sliding it into my mouth. As I begin to suck you while you watch porn under the desk I undo my pants . I never wear underwear, so I'm instantly naked where it counts.

You begin to fuck my mouth , slowly at first but then harder. Or at least as hard as your chair allows. Then you grab your cock and pull out of my mouth , but not all the way. Just far enough to begin wanking against my tongue.

I enjoy this very much, but now I'm aching to be fucked. I signal I'm crawling out from under your desk , so you stand up . As I come out I take off my shirt and shoes.

Now I'm naked . Ready. Usable.

I bend over the desk and stick my ass out. You give it a small slap and say " Would you like my cock up your ass" Yes"I gasp, "fuck me up the ass please" ; " I think you will enjoy it" , Just then you place the head of your cock at the entrance to my hole and rub it up and down. I'm so lubed up that you slide easily between my cheeks and then push just the tip in. I open my mouth and inhale " fuck " I gasp " that's nice" . Then you push into me. Your hardness down my hole. I bend over to accommodate you, to be as fucked as possibl and begin taking you millimeter by millimeter.

Just then a knock on the door and I freeze. " It's ok " you say and then " Come in" . Another guy walks in and I think " oh fuck- busted" .

But he takes his cock out of his jeans and walks over to me and simply offers it to my mouth . I almost cum without touching myself at the thought of being spit roasted - there over the desk. As I swallow his cock I feel you begin to fuck me. Really hard but slow. My ass is full at last. My mouth tasting that familiar soft, hardness,smooth, slightly metallic, salty cock.

You speed up now and I can feel you are ready to cum. Swelling slightly and a little more urgent. Then it happens. A hot shot of delicious cum up my ass. you holding my hips and straining as you climax. I barely notice I'm sucking a strangers cock , I'm so focused on feeling you cum up my ass.

Then as I stay sucking him, you pull out. The stranger then says' Can I fuck you too" . I take his cock out my mouth and say sure.

He walks around to my ass and slips in easily now . A freshly fucked ass for his pleasure. I can't believe how lucky I'm getting on my day off.

He is a little less horny somehow and take nice and long to build up speed. As he does so , you say move off the desk . I do with some hassle, because , well; I'm being fucked aren't I.

Then you stick my cock in your mouth and I realize I can't hold on for long. Too much to be fucked and sucked at the same time.

I cum just as the stranger cums . It's dripping out of me from both ends and I think making a mess on your carpet. I almost collapse as I cum too hard to stay standing.

Its' over. Except for the sloppy mess around my ass , the left over taste of cock on my lips and the overwhelming desire to rest.

I pick up my clothes. " thanks" I say as I get dressed. I'm out the door in minutes and smiling all the way past reception.