Written by mason2015

28 Aug 2015

Part Three:

Later that afternoon, wearing a jean and a loose fitting white t-shirt I went to Simone’s place. Knowing that she was an aerobics instructor and that we both were into healthy foods, I took a bottle freshly squeezed orange juice. She prepared a succulent fish dish, with a fresh Greek salad, and once we had finished having lunch I helped her clean up and while doing so, managed to mess some of the fish sauce on my t-shirt. I asked her where the bathroom was so that I could get cleaned up, ‘Sure, it’s up stairs and straight down the hall way,’ she replied. As I reached the end of the hall way and opened the door, I realized that Simone had sent me to the bathroom that was part of her bed room, but any way when I walked into her bathroom, I found that she had a huge shower cubicle with spray jets mounted from the from the floor and along the side walls and the glass was thick and almost reaching the ceiling and the doors had these thick water proofing seals that prevented water from leaking out and she also had a nice Jacuzzi styled bath tub.

Anyway, I took off my t-shirt and started to wash off the sauce in the basin, while I was busy with just my jean on, I heard Simone closing her room door and turning the lock, when I turned around, there she stood in the bathroom door way I looked at her smiling and saying: ‘I managed to get the stain out, umm you have a lovely bathroom,’ That’s, nice, and thank you,’ she replied.

She then walked up to me and grabbed the t-shirt and threw it on the floor and dropped her dress to the floor as well and all she had on was a sexy red satin thong. We started to kiss and she slowly licked me down my chest to my abs and finally reaching my crotch, she was on her knees as she undid my belt and pulled my jeans down in one go with my boxers and took my dick in her mouth moaning: ‘ Mmm aaah mmmm yessss mmmm sssssluurrrp,’ as she sucked me. She stood up, slipped off her thong and led me into her shower and ran the water, and that’s when I noticed why her shower had such thick glass and rubber seals, the cubicle began to fill with water from all the jets around the walls and there was also a platform on which a person could sit. As the water filled, I held her against the wall with her back facing me and my dick was at the entrance of her ass, as the water ran down our bodies, I pressed my dick a little harder and felt the head of my dick enter her tight ass, she gasped, ‘Aaah yesss, deeper,’ and then I sank my entire dick into her ass until my balls was slapping against her pussy.

By now the water level had risen to our ankles and was still rising and I continued to fuck Simone in her tight sexy ass, and she kept on rubbing my sides and pulling me closer to her with her one hand as I had wrapped both my hands around her waist and was finger fucking her pussy with two of my fingers and as I fucked her ass, her pussy became more wet and she had her first orgasm, I could feel the water raising and was now by our calves as I continued to push harder and deeper in to her ass, ‘Aaaaaagh unnnn mmmmmmmmm yessssss aaaah deeper yesss fuck me Blade, fuck me deeper and harder,’ she screamed as I fucked faster and deeper into her ass until I could feel her clenching her ass and pussy as I brought her to another orgasm and finally I let my load go and as I shot my hot cum in her ass I realized that the water was now up to our butts and we were now waist deep in water. Simone turned around and went to one end of the cubicle and hit a switch which stopped filling the shower and then she switched on the massage jets that were submerged in the water making it look like were in a Jacuzzi.

She then went to sit on the raised platform, pulling me by my dick and she then turned around and held the two vertical bars on either end, and said: ‘Fuck me, fuck me like the horny bitch I am,’ and with that being said, I placed my hands under her butt and lifted her off the seat and placed my dick at her pussy entrance and slowly walked towards her so she could feel every inch of my rock hard thick member invading her wet waiting hole. She gasped and wrapped her sexy legs around my waist as I drove my dick deep in her and with my hands still under her butt, I pulled her away from the wall so her hands would stretch out while she held the bars and then I started to lick her breasts making her swirl those sexy hips as I fucked her deep. She had several orgasms while I fucked her in that position, pumping my dick hard and fast in her until I finally shot my load filling every inch of her pussy full of my cum and as emptied my dick she let the bars go and I caught her and lifted her up against me before her head could go under water and walked with her in my arms to the wall of the shower so she could open the doors and let all the water drain out.