Written by artsmart

22 Sep 2016

Les leaned over Hannah. Her eyes were closed and he could feel her warm breath against his cheek. Lowering himself closer, he could smell her sex. He lingered there, noticing that they were breathing in unison. His chest was touched her arm beneath him, and he felt her fingers gently pressing up against his erection. She moaned softly as his hand touched her far cheek and lightly stroked her neck. His lips moved against hers and her mouth opened. Her nipple, now erect against his chest, as she felt his hair brushing over it. She took his hand from her neck and guided him below to where her tight panties pulled up against her desire. She laid his hand where she wanted it to be and pressed against his fingers, signalling the stroke she yearned for. Opening her mouth she received his lips and let him taste her. They kissed and he stroked her rising dampness. Fore and middle finger riding lightly up and down, over her lips, feeling them open like rose petals and then pressing down between them so that the cotton under his fingers could drink her love juice. Les slid off Hannah's mouth and kissed her chest and across the tops of her breasts. She arched her back for him to take her nipple firmly between his lips and flick his tongue against it. "Oh fuck, that’s so nice baby" and Hannah felt Les's fingers, simultaneously, press into her soaked panties locating her swelling clit. His hand rested on the top of her mound and she felt a wave of pleasure vibrate downward and begin spreading a warm glow over her stomach.

Hannah brushed his hand aside and slipped her own hand under her panties while Les played with her lips below, where they protruded on either side of her delectable camel toe. She felt his fingers tracing her shape while she spread her legs apart, the motion aching for her wanton pussy to open even more. Now fingering her clit harder, she began her ride to ecstasy. "Rub yourself, then cum on my stomach baby", she told Les who quickly leant aside and got some massage oil onto the palm of his hand. While toying Hannah’s nipple with the other, he rubbed his cock. It grew hard in his grip, and Hannah watched her lover's hand manipulate his cock into a hard throbbing rod of desire. The sight exploded her joy all down her legs and up her spine. Pulling her panties aside, she beckoned him. "Come into me baby,... Come into me now!".

With Les mounting her, Hannah spread her legs apart, her pussy hungry, wet and open for his desire. They felt their flesh sliding into each other. "Ah this is sooo good". Hannah’s eyes closed as Les’s hot cock pushed in deep, feeling its tip pressing up inside her. She got it slow and steady. In and out, until she heard his urgent whisper "I’m cumming, my love". And Hannah called out to him, "Cum in me baby…cum inside me".

The last thrust exploded up against the walls of her vagina and she felt his hot liquid squirting inside her. Her legs came up and around his waist, as he grabbed her butt and squeezed it tight. Hannah fucked her man as close to her as possible.

He came down and sucked her ear lobe, licking behind her ear then biting her neck as she clutched his back and pressed his hips against hers, feeling his deep ejaculating heat pulsating and filling her. They lay there, breathing deeply into eachother.

Feeling his penis begin to soften, Hannah gently thrust her hips backwards and forwards until she felt Les begin to harden inside her once more.

When she felt his penis fill her whole length inside, Les raised himself off her chest, dug his knees into the matress and lifted his hips up and off her. His hard cock slipped outward until he felt its head in her luscious doorway. "Fuck me hard, Baby", Hannah cried and Les came plunging in, butting her clit hard against his pubic bone with a resounding slap. Hannah gasped and dug her nails into his butt. Out he came again and thrust back in again, repeating this over and over. He looked down and saw Hannah's eyes closed and her mouth open as she gasped at every thrust.

Les brought his arms down and positioned them on eitherside of Hannah's waist while Hannah hoisted her legs up, resting her ankles on Les's shoulders. Clamping her against himself, he thrust hard into her squirting pussy while she gripped onto the bed, preventing her body from sliding off the edge. His penis butting her clit from the inside, Hannah let her lover fuck her deep and hard.