19 Dec 2016

I am trying my hand with some fiction and BDSM. Hope u enjoy it.....

I was running for the lift. Just slid my hand between the two closing doors and just made it in time. The lift was packed with boxes. I heard a giggle coming from behind the boxes.

"You going to help us, Mark?" came a voice I recognised as that of Susan, my next door neighbour.

"No" I said, "why would I do that?"

Susan just laughed.

"So this is him?" said a nice looking red head woman with nice legs, curved hips and her cleavage showing off her nice breasts.

Well back to Susan. We were best friends for nearly two years. She was never into a serious relationship with me because her heart was set on going overseas. We were friends with benefits. I asked her more than a few times to become a couple, but the answer was always "no". She was a very fun woman with a great sense of humour. She was in her late 20s, with a swimmer's shoulders, and with Jennifer Lopez hips and ass. We never made love - but we fucked like animals. I have spanked her on regular basis, tied her up, torn her panties off her body lots of times, and fucked her like there was no tomorrow because that's how she wanted it. Her reason was she did not really wanted to fall in love with anybody at that time. She loved me as a friend. She wanted to meet a guy, fall in love and leave her dark side behind. So she let me treat her as my personal sex toy, but she was actually always in charge.

"So this is your neighbour, Mark?" asked Susan's friend with a grin.

"What does that mean?" I asked, because of the way she had said it.

The girly giggle should have told me every thing.

"I have warned her about you. You're not going to charm this one," said Susan, and the giggles just continued.

"Well," Susan said, "are you going to help us with the boxes?"

"No way, not after that treatment " I remarked, but in the end I did.

"Well. Mark, this is Remay, your new neighbour. And she is onto you," Susan laughed.

Susan was moving out. I offered to make them supper but they said they were okay. Over coffee I caught up on all Susan's news. Most of her furniture was in storage at her parents' place.

Remay had brought a few things, and Susan was catching a plane to London at 6 tomorrow morning. Her bags were packed and she was ready to go. We just ate a few sandwiches at Susan's place and then I went back to my place.

My thoughts were with Susan. She was a woman who knows what she wanted, and unfortunately that was not me.

Remay was a dark one - she had these dark eyes and looks. Also she laughed in a real naughty way. Nice ass and legs and "handful" boobs - not big. But after Susan's warning I probably won't even get a second look.....

I was at home for an hour when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Susan was standing there with two big suitcases and a shoulder bag.

"H,i" she said, "I thought I would spend my last night in SA with you, for old times sake. But only if you can have me at the airport by 4am."

"Since you warned Remay about me I must take what I can get," I laugh at my own joke, holding the door open for Susan.

"We finally going to make love?"

"No" came the answer with strictness in her voice, "you are going to fuck my brains out so that I will sleep the whole flight."

I grabbed her and ripped her blouse open, all the buttons flying through the air. I turned her over, and stripped her down. Spanked her nice ass a couple of times. My middle finger hit her pussy, just like she likes it.

I carried her to the bed and threw her on her back. I hooked her legs over my shoulders and leaned forward. It totally exposed her pussy to me, ready for my assault.

I pulled my pants down. My cock sprang loose and hit against her pussy, ready for action. I pressed it against her pussy, and her lips opened up for my big cock head as it knocked hard to enter. She was incredibly wet and warm as my cock felt so welcome. I was sliding my cock into her very slowly. I felt her warmth inviting me in deeper and deeper.

I pushed it in all the way into her wet pussy. Her eyes was closed. I whispered "open your eyes " and as she did I pushed myself up on my arms. I ordered her to look as my cock entering into her pussy.

"I never want you to forget what you are seeing today" I whispered into her ear.

I pulled back till my cock nearly escaped her lips, and then thrust my cock back in all the way. My 8inch cock split her pussy in two. My body hit hard against hers. My balls smashed against her ass.

But as quickly as I rammed my cock into her pussy, I pulled it out again and thrust my cock back in. She never took her eyes off her pussy, seeing it being punished. I found a very fast rhythm. I was building up a in good work up. Sweat was running down my forehead and fell down in slow motion onto her nipple. Her breasts were shaking in tandem with my thrusts.

"Fuck me hard" is all she said, nearly breathless.

If possible I tried to thrust my cock even harder into her. As I feel her pussy clamp around my cock, I realised suddenly how close I was to shooting my load. She closed her eyes and I knew she orgasmed. Her mouth went open but no sound came out, pushing me past the point of no return as cum filled her pussy at once. I felt my energy drained from my body as I pumped in every drop into her body.....

Susan was like a women possessed, as I woke up about four times that night. Getting blowjobs or being made hard before she rode me to the heavens and back.

Well at 3:30 my tired body was woken up by my alarm. I took a quick shower and woke Susan up to take her to the airport. She was not tired at all, jumping up and into the shower.

The road to the airport went quickly as there was no traffic. Close to the airport Susan explained that she realised she will never have me again and hoped I would forgive her crazy behaviour.

"It's okay, no worries," I replied with a yawn.

We were early at the airport. Booking in her luggage, I wanted to go for coffee but she said "come on be - adventurous and let's go find a secure spot." We went to the parking garage and found a very quiet spot around a corner. There was a stainless steel barrier securing a kind of step so people or cars won't fall down. The area below was only a meter down.

"No way, I wont get it up again," I pleaded, "you drained me. I am really exhausted."

"May I try, please?" she nearly pleaded.

Soon after she started sucking on my cock and, yes, after some sucking, she started to get a rise out of me. When I was nice and hard again she pulled her tight fitting jeans to her ankles, grabbed onto a stainless steel rail and leant forward giving me access to her pussy from behind, doggy style.

I moved in behind her. My cock jabbing against the outer lips of her pussy. Slowly it parted her lips as my head slid in. My sensitive cock experienced some friction but got lubricated quickly. I found my rhythm. My hand slid in under her bra and I pinched and stretched her nipples hard. Our bodies were crashing together, sounding like gunshots in the empty garage. I slammed my cock into her. My balls hitting the top of her pussy. Her hand was white as she was holding onto the stainless steel railing for dear life. I noticed the sweat on her back and ass. Her ass shook with the force of each thrust.

I was so concentrating on my cock entering her pussy because I had a great view, and did not notice the spectators gathering. As I looked up I was flustered to see a group of people in black suits. Five guys and two women.

"We have company" I said to Susan, starting to pull out.

She opened her eyes "Don't you dare stop" came a command in a hoarse low voice as if from a horror movie.

I closed my eyes and picked up the pace. When the people noticed we were continuing even though we knew they were there, one guy came closer. He unbuttoned Susan's blouse and shifted her bra down to expose her tits. They were bouncing like crazy from the force of my thrusts on her body. He started playing with Susan's nipples. Soon another guy joined in, pinching her other nipple, and now two guys playing with her breasts got her moaning.

Susan screamed at me "don't stop, keep going"

I was just concentrating on what I was doing. After the night she had given me, I thought it was wise because I did not want to look bad in front of our spectators, getting a "fail" mark.

One of the women came over and started playing with Susan's clit. Now and then she got her finger lubricated by letting it slide in with my cock. It drove Susan mad with lust.

After Susan had given it to me so many times, I knew I was not going to come so quickly. Susan had a violent orgasm and her legs gave in, but I held her up.

The woman never let up on Susan's clit and she had another two orgasms. Then a third man came forward and I was really fucking Susan hard. He dropped his pants to his ankles and when Susan moaned she opened her mouth, and he stuck his cock in her mouth.

One of the guys playing with Susan's nipples was handy and he held Susan's hand to the stainless steel rail so she would not slip. Susan's legs wobbled but was hold in place. My thrusts caused Susan to deep throat this guy who was standing between Susan's head and the railing. She nearly swallowed all of his cock.

With the woman still working her clit, Susan was close to another orgasm and it was too much for the guy receiving the blowjob, and he blew his load in her mouth. Susan's body could not handle it and her fourth orgasm punished her body, and with her pussy gripping my cock from the orgasm, pushed me to my own, squirting my juices deep into her pleasure hole.

When we came to our senses the woman gave Susan a french kiss and said "thanks for giving my boyfriend the best blowjob he ever experienced!"

We were both exhausted and went to have a quick soda before she got on the airplane.

"That was insane," I said.

"Thanks for pushing through, making my last night memorable."

"What am I going to do without you?" I asked more to myself, than to Susan.

"You have Remay!" she said.

I laughed. "You closed that door for me."

"No I did not. You want to hear a secret? She is a slut. Help her with the flat. Be her friend and when she wears a black and white short mini dress she will be wearing a panty with a hole in it. You will have to dominate her, spank her, and make her your slut. Tie her up and fuck her. Don't be gentle - be forceful. Make her your property. But when you're amongst your friends show her respect, and and treat her always like a lady, and you will have lots of fun."

With that news she kissed me, and walked out of my life.

REMAY - turning her into my slave.......

The next couple of days I worked hard at work. We investigated the murder of a young lady, and the evidence led to a arrest.

I also work hard at Remay's flat, helping her to paint all the rooms. She got more and more comfortable with me, but she caught me a few times staring at her perfect bubble ass and her nice handful-size breasts.

Many times I had an erection when we were playing with each other. Or if she went past me to get some more paint and her breast touched my back hand or shoulder.

Well, we develop a standing arrangement. On Mondays we took turns cooking supper, and Wednesdays she cooked supper, and Fridays I did the cooking. We also gave keys to each other in case of an emergency.

One evening I got held up at work. As I walked in the door, Remay was already inside the apartment.

She was wearing ......... you guessed it - a black and white mini dress. Her ass twitched as she walked from one photo on my wall to the next. I took all the photos myself, but liked the fact that she was looking so closely, twitching her ass.

My cock stirred as I remember Susan's words.

"Hi" i said as she turned around. She was holding a red wine glass in her hand. Her face was pointing down but she looked at me with a sort of naughty smile peeping out from under her hair hanging over her face.

"Hi there, Mr. cop" she said with a smile. She must have felt the tension in the air. I was nervous. If Susan had given me the wrong advice, I might lose my job. Worse, I might go to jail. This could be rape. I nearly let the idea go. But then I felt the cuffs at the side of my belt.

She was so sexy it was unbelievable. Her round bubble ass spread the dress wide, and I loved her look in that dress. She looked back at the photos on the wall. I took off my gun and put it away, and unclipped my handcuffs. I walk around the back of the couch. She came over to me and wanted to give me a hug.

I closed the one cuff over her arm, removing the glass from her hand. Years of experience made it a fluid action. When you have the one handcuff on the wrist you have complete control. I did not think and she did not even realise what was happening, but by the time she did she was cuffed.

"Hey! what the fuck are you doing?" she screamed out. I did not want to say any thing. I pulled her over the couch. I fastened a leather strap around the cuffs to hold her in place. I had fixed the leather straps there a few days ago as I planned this evening. She was bent over the couch, her ass sticking out.

Before Remay could realise what was happening I fixed two more straps from under the couch to her legs. She could go nowhere, didn't matter how she struggled. And did she struggle.....

"Let me go, you bastard!" She was screaming at me. I was feeling around the couch and found a gag I bought at the Adult shop a few days before. The screaming soon changed to a mumble with the gag in place.

The adrenaline was pumping through my veins. I was sweating and was nervous. If this backfired I could lose my job, or worse, I could go to jail for rape.

I stood back, watching the woman struggling against her restraints. But all was in vain. Her ass moved like a conductor's baton in sync with the music that's playing in the background. I walked around in front of her. She had a stunning cleavage and in this position the cleavage was bragging at me, it was perfect. But what really confused me was the fire in her eyes.

I did not hear the swear words coming out of her mouth any more. I did not hear the pleading in her voice. All I was focused on was her stunning body and the fire in her eyes, and Susan's voice - "Remay is a slut."

Susan's voice was in my head "but you can not ask her, you have to make her your slave and force your will on her." "Force yourself on her and take her..."

I just knew that if I did it, this would change our relationship for ever. The closeness of a brother-sister feeling would disappear for ever.

Sweat was running down the side of my face, not because it was hot, but because of the tense situation. How I got naked I don't know. All I could hear was Susan egging me on - "take her, fuck her, force her and make her your personal slave."

I did not hold back. As I positioned myself behind her, the huge head of my cock lined up perfectly with her pussy. I could feel the heat from her pussy like a magnet. The humming and pleading of Remay murmured in the background.

My hands were on her hips as with one smooth action I pushed my cock all the way into her pussy. The thump of our bodies colliding was like gunfire in my head. My balls hitting against her. I heard her muffled scream as I pulled my cock completely out of her pussy. I noticed the wetness on my cock. Her body tried to tense up to prevent the next assault. Again I rammed my cock in till the thump of our bodies was echoing in my head. I loosen the gag and threw it to the side.

My actions were like those of a robot and I did not think any more. My lust for her was overwhelming. Every time, I pulled my cock out of her pussy with a pop and then thust it hard back in. After about the fifth or so time I found a rhythm, pulling my 8 inch cock out to where my head was at her pussy lips, and then thrusting it back in to where our bodies collided with a thump.

When I finally reached my senses I heard Remay's voice "yes, fuck me, fuck me harder, push that big cock into me."

As my hand hit her ass just as I rammed my cock back into her, her body contracted in an orgasm. I was not wanting to cum yet but her pussy clamped down on my cock and an amazing feeling rushed through my body. I could not stop what followed.

Rope after rope of cum squirted into her pussy. As l pulled away I could see the cum at the opening of her pussy. My legs nearly gave in as the surprising sensation was overwhelming.

As I walked around to where her head was could I see her head hanging. I told her I would untie her, but she must clean my cock first.

As my soft cock went into her mouth she looked me in the eye and started sucking my cock clean. My cock started to grow in her mouth. When I finally pulled my cock from her mouth I had a full erection again. After I untied her, she came to sit next to me.

I looked down at my erection and said "I am sor................." when she jumped me, sliding her pussy over my cock. With her pussy over my cock I stood up, walked to a drawer and took out two cable-ties. She was still mounted on my cock. My hands support her under her ass. I walked over to my bed, pushed down on her, and tied her hands to the bed post. My cock was still hard inside her pussy.

"I, as your master, will do all the fucking" I said, pinching her nipples hard, and with lust in our eyes I pulled my cock out, sliding it back in slowly................