Written by Maxie

12 Mar 2015

So we all have those things we long to do things that seem like will never happen, well keep the faith good people it can happen and to me it did.

It was a night not to unusual to to any of of others when we go online and chat, flirt etc.

So along comes a whisper, oh yeah of course I know you, you were my first ever meet on the site I say how you doing, we exchange pleasantries etc catch up and then he says he would love to get together with us so as is my standard response after conferring with Mr hey you want to come over and join us here bring a bottle. So he arrives and kinda immediately wants to play, haha I laugh not so soon chatting here, you know thats what enjoy.

Anyway being a receptive female I cant help but be drawn into his touching etc, so Mr takes over the chat, well not sure if thats where the problems started or the fun.

So a few wines down the hatch i am happy and play starts in earnest, next moment i am being told that there is another guys joining us, well okay I say the more the merrier and even better that all the boys are Bi, play can just carry on and all can have fun.

So as a greeting our new visitor walks in with me being eaten by our other visitor, he immediately takes off all his kit and proceeds to join Mr and as I shall call him V1 in trying to see who can actually pleasure me more, so yeah you would think thats top of bucket list oh no, V2 realises that he can actually make me squirt…………

So now I have 3 men who are trying to out do each other in the fullfillment of the lady…………..

unfortunately things then get a little hazy as someone else I had been chatting with for a while gets in contact and big mouth me says well the more the merrier come on over……………..

So I have 4 dotting boys all trying to out do each other on who can pleasure me more

Think thats one that can be crossed off, but definitely one that I sure wouldnt mind reliving and maybe can get to my magic number of 5!

And there is still the DP to try and Double Pussy but lets see who will help me cross that off the list, stay tuned if it happens will be sure to let you know……………..