Written by Sexywife

24 May 2013

Uncle Ned

Chapter 1

Sensitive nose snuffing and eyes and ears attuned to

everything that made a sound or moved in her natural habitat, the

great burly bear moved gracefully through her territory on silent

padded feet. She was not hungry, her nearly insatiable appetite

for once satisfied. Food was abundant; brambles drooped with

sweet berries; lightning-blazed hollow trees dripped with honey,

and the numerous streams boiled with darting trout. The furry

mother-to-be was content.

Suddenly, the feared man-scent was strong in her nostrils.

With the appearance of horse and rider on the crest of the ridge,

she stood still and watched. They seemed harmless, unaware of her

presence and of no present danger. Then, once again, her wide

nostrils rankled with a fresh scent--another animal had entered

her domain!

From the security of a nearby granite niche, a pair of tawny

eyes surveyed the ridge. Nose wrinkling above half-snarling lips,

the great cat sorted out the scents; the hated smell of humans,

horses, and stronger, the odor of bear. The mountain lion swished

its tail angrily and emitted a low growl.

The she-bear turned, sniffing, listening. She recognized the

cat scent, heard the low, throaty growl of warning. Uttering her

own barely audible snarl of irritation, she moved off into the

underbrush until she came to a tall sugar pine. Rising to her

hind legs, she reached high, slashing into the rough bark some

eight feet above the ground with the lancet-sharp claws of her

forepaws to leave her mark her territorial warning to the mountain

lion who had violated her domain. Then, dropping to all fours,

she ambled down the slope toward the stream ... her stomach told

her it was time to catch a meal of speckled trout.

* * *

The primitive drama played, and the men and women who

comprised the pack train were unaware of it. Their senses were

not attuned to the affairs of the forest. They were in a Sierra

wilderness but were not a part of it. They were truly alien

beings in that place, in that time. Their concentration was on

each other and the feral, rutting fantasies of their imaginations.

Ned Dow led the party. It was the remote back country of his

property that they were traversing, and the reason for being here

ostensibly was to find a runaway black stallion.

Away to the fight and left rose ridges of varying shades of

granite and green that marked the boundaries of the National

Forest, and just ahead, where the trail began to switch back down

toward a cool meadow, barbed wire enclosed the eastern-most

portion of his expansive holdings.

Ned Dow had led many a pack trip into this country of

abundant trout and plentiful game, but today his thoughts were

filled with the grandeur of Barbara Ross' soft thighs and sensual

lips. Today was filled with the yesterdays of her ardent skills

and the tomorrows of her sensual promises. And, as Ned Dow

envisioned the loveliness of her smooth enticing vaginal sheath

enveloping his achingly hard cock, he could not help but think

also of his beautifully blossoming redheaded niece, fourteen year

old Laurie. He knew such thoughts were prurient, but, damnit! he

couldn't stop them!

Where the trail bent and began to descend, Ned halted his

horse, turned in the saddle, and watched the loose procession of

horses and riders converge toward him. Voluptuous Barbara Ross

came first, followed at varying lengths by Ken Chester, Laurie Dow

and Will Ross leading two pack animals. When Barbara reined up

alongside, Ned extended an arm, pointing to a clump of willows

that bordered a stream at the far end of the meadow below, and

called out in his booming voice: "Coldwater Meadow. We'll camp on

the far side tonight." Without waiting for comment, Ned wheeled

his horse and guided him into the first of many descending


Pressing into her stirrups, Barbara eased her weary buttocks

off the saddle and for a moment peered down at Ned Dow's

retreating back, then let her gaze drift across Coldwater Meadow.

There still remained the steep descent and a mile of level riding

before they made camp, but the attractive auburn-haired woman felt

thankful that she could at last see their destination, for she was

the first to admit that she was not a good horsewoman. In fact,

the only reason she agreed to mount one of the unpredictable

beasts was for the vicarious thrill of the constant, rhythmic

contact between saddle and pelvic area.

Now, after several hours of hard riding, the crotch of her

tight-fitting britches was saturated, for she refused to wear

panties while riding, savoring instead the ecstasy of the friction

of her naked vagina against the coarsely woven fabric. At that

moment, a shudder--cold and unwelcomed--rippled through her, and

immediately she eased back into the saddle, forcing herself to

concentrate on the delicious warmth of her moist pussy against the

bard leather, forcing herself to ignore the weariness in her


Gingerly, then, the enraptured woman guided her horse into

the first switchback, and, as he braced himself in descent, she

felt an even more pleasant warmth spread through her loins, for

now, with each of his jolting strides, her rigid, inflamed

clitoris came into climax-mounting contact with the saddle horn.

It felt almost as good to her as had Ned Dow's hard, jarring cock

on the previous evening; it felt almost as good as she knew Ken

Chester's cock was going to feel. And she knew it wouldn't be

long before she was able to maneuver him into her waiting arms--

perhaps even tonight.

She twisted in the saddle then, and above her she saw Ken

sitting quietly on his horse, watching her with unmistakable

interest. She flashed him a smile, a smile that expressed all the

sensual wantonness she felt at that moment, and he returned it,

grinning with a male cockiness that left no doubt as to its


God! I'm hot! she thought. I need a good fucking! That

episode with Ned last night was pleasant--but not fulfilling. And

she could never get enough from Will. Hell! That selfish bastard

hardly ever touched her anymore; and what was worse, he watched

her like a jealous hawk, prevented her from going into town alone

in search of the cock she so desperately needed to be happy and

content. No, she had never kidded herself--she was as close to

being a nymphomaniac as a woman could be without actually wearing

a sign advertising her willingness to spread her long legs for

almost any man with a hard-on. Hell yes, she admitted it: She

adored stiff cocks, wanted all she could get, and had left more

than one man worn to a useless frazzle in the morning.

Sighing with anticipation, she turned to face forward once

again, and let the sensualness of Ken's unmistakable promise

mingle with the very real twitching in her wetly heated pussy as

it banged repeatedly against the firm leather of the saddle horn.

Mind and body were as one, in tune, awash in a sea of carnal


She remained that way, unconscious of the outside world,

until she reached the meadow. Then, spurring her horse in an

unaccustomed gallop, she raced forward, passing a startled Ned Dow

and silently screaming out a deliciously wet climax.

* * *

From the ridge above Ken Chester watched this scene with

unastonished amusement as he awaited the remainder of the party.

He had long since pegged Will Ross' wife for what she was.

Nevertheless, she was a striking woman, a woman with unfathomable

sensual depth. And a woman he was soon going to plow! Hard,

deep, and relentlessly! It wouldn't be like it had been with

Laurie. No, with this one he would be the one to learn a few

things. Unconsciously he licked his lips in anticipation, then

turned, his thoughts distracted as his boss' niece rode up.

"What's so amusing?" Laurie Dow asked, a trace of

irritability in her normally pleasant young voice.

"Hmmm? Oh, nothing," Ken lied. "I was just admiring the

beauty," he said, sweeping one arm in a wide arc. "Your uncle's a

very lucky man. So much beautiful land. Unspoiled. Quiet ...

and beautiful."

"Like Barbara Ross?" Laurie asked, irritability now turned to

jealous anger.

"Barbara?" the young ranch-hand asked questioningly, the mock

surprise in his voice somehow ringing untrue even to his own ears.

"Yes, Barbara!" the beautiful teenager spat contemptuously.

"You can't keep your eyes off her!"

"Jesus, Laurie. Don't act so childish."

"Childish! Childish!" Laurie shouted vehemently. "I suppose

I was being childish in your cabin the other day. I suppose that

now that you've taken what you wanted ..."

"Sssssh," the handsome blond-haired hand said as he turned in

his saddle and glanced toward the approaching figure of Will Ross.

"Do you want Will to hear you?"

"I don't care if he does," the enticing young girl said,

swishing her long, roan-red tresses in a contemptuous manner up

and over her rigidly-held shoulders. "You're the one who taught

me how to be a woman, remember? You're the one who told me I was

a woman!"

"Well, you're sure as hell not acting like one," Ken hissed,

challenging the defiance in her anger-sparked dark eyes. "You're

acting like a spoiled brat."

There were several moments of silence between them then,

several moments of will-infusing stares. Finally, the young

ranch-hand and aspiring writer cleared his throat and said

(forcing unaccustomed sternness into his voice): "Get on down the

trail, Laurie. We'll talk about it later."

For a moment Laurie said nothing, then, straightening in her

saddle until her back was ramrod stiff, her chin held high, she


"Maybe we will, Mr. Chester. Maybe we will." Then, nudging

her mount, Sniffy, gently with the toe of her boot, she guided him

toward the twisting, descending trail. "Just remember," she

called back without turning, "two can play your little game."

Ken sat motionless on his mount, watching the stiffbacked

departure of the girl whose virginity he had taken only two days

before, and wondered how he let himself get embroiled in this

situation. Didn't he have enough problems already without getting

involved with his boss' fourteen year old niece? And a minor to

boot! If it hadn't been for his damn loneliness ... for the

tequila that always made him ... Oh, well, it was over and done

with. He HAD taken her cherry ... yet, she really was a luscious

piece for one so young ... but, but damnit! Everybody and his

brother was finding out about it! First the ranch foreman, and

now he was sure Barbara knew, and that probably meant Will would

know ... Shit! If Ned finds out, my ass is going to be mud!

"What's the matter, boy?" a deep voice, loud and quite close,

suddenly asked.

"Huh?" Ken mumbled, startled out of his musings.

"Looks like you got woman troubles," the voice of Will Ross

boomed amusingly from the trail.

"Me? Hell no, Will," Ken replied, trying to sound

convincing. "I was just thinking about that stallion."

"Why you sittin' up here lookin' like You just lost your last

friend then?" Will asked, his grey eyes twinkling with mirth.

"Oh ... I was just waiting for you to catch up. Thought I'd

take the pack animals for a spell, if you want."

The older man's element-weathered face split in a wide grin

and he reached his hand up and tipped his sweat-stained gray

cowboy hat back on his hand. "Sure, boy. Glad to be rid of them

rheumy critters. 'Sides, I got no objection to gettin' a close-up

of Miss Laurie's sweet little bouncin' ass. 'Nough to make the

old blood boil, don't you think?"

"Yeah, sure," Ken answered vaguely as he accepted the lead

rope of the pack animals.

"See you at the bottom," the weathered ranch owner said with

a wry grin, then spurred his horse unceremoniously and hurried

down the trail in pursuit of his best friend's niece.

Damn! I knew it! Ken thought as he urged his own mount and

the equipment-laden pack animals slowly forward. Everybody knows


* * *

In the meantime, Laurie's hands fell slack on Sniffy's reins

as she let him pick his own way among the steep trail's loose

shale. Her mind was a boiling cauldron of remembered thoughts

memories that spanned only a few short days but were so

graphically etched on her memory that she doubted if she would

ever forget them. It seemed hardly possible that it all could

have begun such a short time ago ... that it could have begun at

all! Yet, it seemed like only yesterday that she had arrived at

her uncle's ranch to begin a summer vacation of leisurely

horseback rides and refreshing dips in the spring fed pool ...

... But then she had met Ken, had submitted to him in the

seclusion of his cabin, had felt her deflowering turn into

pleasure-awakening fires of latent desire, had even relished in a

second and depraved assault by her uncle's foreman while her lover

watched. Then later, in retrospect, when she had finally admitted

to herself that within her veins beat the fiery blood of

wantonness, when she realized that there was no turning back from

her sexual appetite, there was still amazement. Nevertheless, she

had known that she would not shy from any excuse to steal away and

meet her lover. Then had come her uncle's decision to recapture a

runaway black stallion, and it had given her just such an excuse,

an excuse to be with her lover--with Ken.

But now, everything was going wrong! All because of Barbara

Ross. That slut! She had turned Ken's head with her sultry

glances and open promises. Hadn't she seen it with her own eyes?

Watched it all day on the trail? And Ken had fallen for it! Her

lover! The man who had freed her from her juvenile self, helped

her take the first big step toward becoming a mature female--a

real woman! She could still taste the poignancy of his lips,

still feel his throbbing hardness buried to the hilt up in her

belly. Her whole being was filled, consumed with warmth, with

love, with the wanting of him. But his eyes had spent all day

devouring that slut Barbara! Damn her! Damn him! There had to

be a way to make him see what she was. There had to be ...

* * *

Behind Laurie, Will Ross tightened the pressure on his

horses' reins, bringing the colt beneath him to a less dangerous

pace as he closed the distance between the young girl and himself.

He was close enough now that he could see her clearly without her

being aware of him--unless she turned and looked back.

Maintaining this pace, he followed her down the trail, his eyes

glued to her youthfully developed body, its perfect proportion's,

the large, firmly bouncing breasts that threatened to burst out of

her blouse, the breath-taking contours of her hips, the wispy

waist, and the sensually rounded little bottom that clung

provocatively to her skin-tight jeans.

All morning long he had been observing her from a distance

and fantasizing, but now, close-up, his lust-stimulated brain

began to plan and scheme. !f it was the last thing he ever did,

he was going to slip it to that delicious morsel of sweet young


For several years he had watched her blossoming, but what he

had observed at the ranch last night and what he was observing

now, told him that she was at last ripe for the plucking. But it

must be planned carefully, for he wasn't prepared to take on the

wrath of Ned Dow. It would have to be done carefully ...

For a moment Will thought he would laugh out loud at the

incredulity of the whole situation. All day his observations from

the rear of the pack train had filled him with amusement and

wonder. They were certainly an odd assortment of human beings, he

mused. Like a circular maze of hungry mice he had once seen, each

chasing the tail of another, round and round and round. And like

those mice, they were all hungry sexually hungry, each chasing one

another's tail; Ned hot for Barbara, Barbara and Laurie vying for

Ken, Ken drooling over Barbara, and he, he Will Ross, a man old

enough to be her father--and then some, lusting after Laurie.

Hell, maybe even Ned wanted his own niece; who could tell? It was

all mixed up. But I'll bet it won't be long before the fireworks

begin. No siree! Not long at all, he thought as he followed

Laurie out onto Coldwater Meadow ...

* * *

Several hours later, Laurie Dow was sitting by herself on a

fallen log at the edge of the grassy clearing her uncle had chosen

as a campsite. She was watching the three men and Barbara as they

sat in a three-cornered huddle near the crackling, pine-scented

fire that Ken Chester had built with all the expertise of an

Indian. It was shamefully obvious to Laurie that Barbara had her

sights set on Ken. The disgusting bitch was coming on strong,

laughing and clutching at every opportunity to touch the blond

man's shoulder or leg as they talked. It all seemed innocent, of

course, and not even Will was paying any mind to his wife's bold,

insinuating advances. In fact, he seemed to admire Ken and was

making an effort to see that the young writer downed just as much

whiskey as he and Ned did. Even her uncle seemed to be oblivious

to her presence. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat and, much to

Barbara's delight, questioning his hired hand about the latter's

success with women.

"Yes, do tell us about that," Laurie heard Barbara ask

cooingly. "I've heard all sorts of crazy tales about writers,

that they're hung like bulls and can go for simply hours on end."

"Well, I don't know about that," Ken laughed softly as he

reached for the whiskey.

"Goddamnit, Ned, I'm so glad we brought old Ken here along.

He's a ballsy son-of-a-bitch."

Laurie smiled to herself at Will's ignorance, his blindness

to Barbara's overt attempts to lure Ken off for sexual games. The

young girl was saddened by her hot-blooded lover's responsiveness

to Barbara's cheap, open remarks and gestures. Surely her time

with him in the cabin had meant something more than just a

convenient romp in bed--taking a naive teenager's virginity just

for the fun of it. Oh Lord, she screamed inwardly, what if it

were true?

A few minutes later, the young girl watched the tipsy

revelers rise from their spots around the fire and move toward


"Gonna catch that black demon tomorrow ..." Ned Dow drunkenly

announced to his niece, "but now--now we're gonna take a little

walk down to that stream I keep hearin' ... catch us a mess of

trout for bre'kf'st. S'okay?"

"Of course, Uncle Ned, but be careful of the rocks--they look

pretty slippery."

"If you don't mind, sir, I think I'll stay here with Laurie,"

Ken said casually, his voice betraying no evidence of the

considerable quantity of whiskey he had drunk with the others.

"Thasss all right with me ... but juss be careful the spooks

up here don't get you," Ned quipped thickly over his shoulder as

he staggered off behind Will and Barbara, fishing rod in one hand,

an unopened bottle of whiskey in the other. Gradually their

voices and occasional bursts of laughter faded in the early

evening light.

Ken took a seat beside Laurie and the pair sat in silence for

several minutes. It was the first time they had been alone since

the fateful afternoon in the cabin, and their thoughts were now

hammering in their brains with the same, though unspoken urgency.

Ken was casting about frantically in his mind for an appropriate

opening statement to break the silence, an opening to pave the way

to another satisfying session with the passionate young nymph at

his side.

"Laurie, I know what you're thinking," Ken finally said, his

arm reaching out to rest gently on her shoulder. "But you don't

understand why I've been going along with Barbara's seduction

game. It's only a diversionary tactic. She's got the hots for

me, and I'd much rather keep her busy that way than chance having

the bitch suspect us and go to your uncle with some tale that

could hurt us both."

"Are you sure that's your only interest in her?" Laurie asked

with undisguised doubt in her voice.

"Solemn promise," he answered, smiling broadly as he held up

his free hand to swear his sincerity. Believing him, she laughed

softly at her fears and leaned against him, snuggling her head

into the warm hollow between his shoulder and chest. Perhaps she

was not as much of a woman as she thought. Maybe she should have

overcome her petty doubts and understood the force of pressure

being placed on Ken by Barbara and the situation itself. Despite

what Ken had implied, it was really shallow of her to think that

one afternoon of love-making would automatically transform her

into a full-fledged woman. In any case, she was certainly willing

to tackle the challenge with every ounce of energy and courage she

possessed. And she knew she was looking forward to his caresses.

Sensing his impact on her emotions, the tawny-haired young

man slipped his other arm around her waist and drew her snugly

against him, planting his lips on hers in a long, hungry kiss that

forced her head back. His tongue snaked inward, pried between her

teeth and slipped headlong into the warm wet depths of her mouth.

With a light jabbing motion, he toyed with her tongue until he

heard her breath begin to race with the desire that had been

seething just below the surface of her doubts and fears. A little

at a time, he withdrew his tongue, enticing hers into his mouth,

then locking his lips around the slender spear of pink flesh in a

teasing sucking grip.

"Oh Ken, Ken ..." she sighed when he withdrew his mouth to

give them air. Then, only vaguely aware of what she was doing,

Laurie deliberately dropped one eager hand from his neck and began

to fumble at the fly of his trousers, her sensitive girlish

fingers finding and curling around the long throbbing bulge under

the material. In answer to her boldness, he moved one of his

hands from her back to fully cup one of her proudly upthrust

breasts in his fingers, and was pleasantly surprised to discover

that his earlier suspicions had been right: She was not wearing a

brassiere under her flannel shirt. His searching fingers found

and freed the first three buttons of the shirt, his hand plunging

in eagerly to grasp and alternately knead the soft warmth of each

naked breast. Then he bent forward and pulled back the shirt,

nipping playfully at the erect little nipples with his teeth,

eliciting low fevered moans from her as she worked almost

frantically to open his fly.

As Laurie jerked free the last remaining metal button of his

jeans, she was shocked once again by the sight of his huge thick

penis leaping into view. My God, it was so beautiful! she thought

as her fingers circled the warmly throbbing shaft of virile flesh.

She was suddenly filled with a sense of power ... a power that

enabled her to make his penis that large just by touching it with

her fingers. Its circumference was so great she was unable to

completely encompass it with her hand, and she wondered anew how

she had ever been able to take it into her virginal little pussy.

"Suck it honey! Suck me off!" Ken whispered demandingly.

Then, gently applying pressure to the back of her neck, he hissed:

"It's lesson number two in becoming a real woman."

Laurie was shocked by his tone, shocked even more as she

watched his face twist into a grotesque mask of lust as it had

before at the cabin. She felt a wave of confusion at this

unexpected change in personality, this change from a tender,

attentive lover to a selfish, demanding, aroused male. But there

was more than confusion in her mind; his very crudity triggered

something else, something deep inside her, something that

delighted in being humiliated, delighted in being treated as a

receptacle in which to vent his obscene sexual lust.

"I--I don't know what you want me to do ... I don't know how

to ... suck you off," she whispered in his ear. The moist caress

of her breath incited him all the more, as he exerted more

pressure on the back of her head, forcing her youthful face down

until it nearly touched the blood-inflamed head of his rigid


For a moment, she stared wordlessly at the pulsing

instrument, all thought of the discomfort of the position she had

been forced into forgotten.

She held her breath for an interminable moment and then

expelled it causing the bulbous head to lurch, and expand. He

pulled back, just far enough to allow his eagerly pulsating penis

access to her wet young mouth at a more comfortable angle. Now he

thought, she would understand what he meant by lesson number two.

Now, she would learn.

"Lick it," Ken snarled down at her, forcing her bewildered

and impassioned face closer to his lust-swollen penis.

For a brief moment, a surge of near-panic swept over Laurie

as she realized that there was no escape ... he truly intended to

make her do it! Then, once more an unreasonable, masochistic

sensation surged through her, and she moved her face hypnotically

forward ...

Laurie heard Ken choke in lustful anticipation, and,

unbelievably, unexplainable trickles of desire began to ripple

through her, spurring her on. Drawing a deep breath, she flicked

out her tiny tongue, bringing it into contact with the slit of the

rubbery tip. Without hesitation, she began to swirl her pink

little tongue around it slowly, experimentally. She felt Ken

release his hold on her head, his hand snaking down to grasp and

knead her nakedly swaying breasts to the taunting sensation of her

swirling tongue.

For the first time in her life, Laurie tasted the pungent

tang of passion-incited seminal fluid seeping from the little

slit, and she sensed a new wave of wanton excitement wash through

her, causing her nostrils to flare feverishly. She found herself

eagerly licking along the soft underside of his vein-embossed cock

and up to its rim, her small hand caressing it in her tongue's

moist wake. Then her tongue flicked forward once more toward the

velvety flesh at its thick base, and beyond to his cum-filled

balls. She drew her nails gently beneath them and weighed their

bloated warmth in the small palm of her hand with unqualified

slavelike affection. The cute fourteen year old rancher's niece

used her other hand to draw the thick foreskin back until the

ponderous head stood proudly sleek and naked.

Suddenly, with a low groan of hunger, she moved her wetly

parted lips forward, encompassing the spongy, plum-colored head

within their ovaled circle, letting the hot shaft of throbbing

flesh glide along the full length of her tongue as her moist,

rounded mouth absorbed more and more of it.

Ken groaned above her awkwardly nodding head, watching her

labor on the end of his aching cock, hardly believing the

salacious sight of her beautiful young face so obscenely distorted

as she tried to suck him with unquestionable desire. Jesus

Christ! He'd triggered something inside her! This luscious,

teenage angel was trying to get all of his cock into her mouth!

Shit! Even with the whores in Tulsa, it had never been like this!

The little bitch was eating his cock with feeling!

He began a slow undulation with his hips, sliding his thick,

saliva-coated penis in and out of her ripe young mouth with a damp

sucking sound, watching in lewd captivation the puffing of her

cheeks beneath him. As her head began to move up and down in more

fervent bobbing motions the ranch hand started shoving his

excitedly throbbing cock between her ovaled young lips in mounting

fury. Shit! He could hardly contain the almost evil smile of

dominant lust as he rammed into her wetly sucking mouth.

And Laurie couldn't resist the obscene stimulation the forced

sucking of her lover's penis was suddenly bringing her. Her

breasts throbbed with the bruising kneading of his strong fingers

as never-before sensations of a growing lasciviousness raced

through her thighs and soft belly. She had never in her most

remote sexual fantasies even imagined that sucking a man's penis

could bring her such sheer bliss, and she found herself eagerly

exploring every ridge and wrinkle of his rigid shaft of throbbing

flesh. Her tongue licked hungrily at the blood-filled head, and

she used her tongue-tip to probe again and again into its tiny

slit, while her hotly pulsating vagina grew moist and excited

between her squeezing thighs.

Ken gaped down at the beautiful young girl's elastic-like

lips passively absorbing his huge throbbing penis as he thrust his

groin back and forth into her young face. He watched her wetly

ovalled lips clinging to his thick shaft ... watched her lips pull

out as he withdrew his penis, then disappear back inside her mouth

when he shoved forward, sinking the head of his cock almost down

the back of her throat.

The pressure in his sperm-churning balls was growing

unbearable. Goddamn! This cute little redheaded fourteen old was

sucking so instinctively, that it seemed almost as if she had done

this every day of her life.

Ken began to groan incoherently low in his throat. He

clasped both sides of her face and began to fuck it as though it

were some large, incredibly moist vagina. She gagged with each

inward stroke. He wanted to cum. He could feel the sperm boiling

in his balls. He had to cum!

Chapter 2

Suddenly Laurie stopped!

Christ! She couldn't stop now! He was almost ready to cum!

He opened his mouth to speak, but the words choked in his throat.

He knew why she had stopped. He was frozen to stillness,

listening with her. Someone was coming!

In unison they hastily began dressing, their fingers busily

buttoning and adjusting clothing.

"Well, hello, kids," Barbara said with faint sarcasm as she

and the two men came into the ring of light, "Laurie, dear, don't

you think you should put on something warmer? You'll catch your

death sitting there with your shirt open like that."

"Please don't worry about me, Mrs. Ross. I'm really quite

warm," Laurie said icily as she surreptitiously inched further

away from Ken.

"I'll bet you are, sweetie," Barbara retorted, equally

frigid, her eyes scanning the pair and settling unflinchingly on

the dwindling length of cock inside Ken's trousers.

"You folks can jaw all you want, but I'm going to have

another shot and go to bed," Laurie's uncle said, addressing the

group offhandedly. He was obviously unaware of the crux of the

situation, his perception now even more impaired by whiskey.

Raising his hand to wave good-night, the inebriated rancher

zigzagged up to the fire, now mostly glowing coals, and stooped to

pick up an armful of large hardwood logs. He came dangerously

close to falling head first into the sputtering bed of coals as he

bent over it to release the logs like a load of bombs, swearing

when a shower of sparks fanned out in all directions. Still

grumbling good-naturedly, he snatched up his bed roll and then

stumbled to the far side of the rejuvenated campfire, just outside

the range of visibility, having forgotten to drink his nightcap.

"Will, don't you think it would be nice to sit here a bit and

watch the fire?" Barbara suggested as she sat next to Ken on the

log, unbuttoning the top buttons of her sweater as she wriggled

into a position for maximum comfort. "It's just as Laurie said--

warm and pleasant here."

But Will merely grunted, not really hearing his wife, for his

eyes were pinned to the white swells of Laurie's breasts, generous

portions of which were still showing where her shirt lapels were

peeled back.

"Hey, listen, why don't I get that big quilt Laurie packed,"

Barbara said, rising. "There's no sense sitting on this old tree

when we can be comfortable." With that, she turned and walked

toward the supply cache, her lushly ripened buttocks jiggling

suggestively as she went. Feeling Laurie's muscles tense at the

older woman's display, Ken slapped her knee and turned toward her

to smile, hoping to dispel her jealousy and anxiety over Barbara.

There was a possibility, he thought, that the night could develop

into one hell of an affair. If he played his cards right, he

might provide the impetus required to engineer a real orgy.

Barbara would agree--that much was certain--and from the way Will

was ogling Laurie, his eyes beady with desire for the girl, Ken

was reasonably safe in assuming that he, too, would go along with

things. Only Laurie remained an obstacle, for he was almost

positive that she would try to dispel any sexual play in which

Barbara might become his partner if only temporarily. Christ, he

had to give it a try, though. The way the young girl had sucked

his cock, building him to such a pitch of excitement that he had

been on the verge of cumming ... well, something had to be done.

Anyway, that big, raven-haired bitch looked like a wonderful lay,

and she had been making every effort to communicate to him that

she would like nothing better than a good hard fucking.

Laurie watched Ken's face as he sat thinking, his gaze glued

to some imaginary spot on the ground beyond his feet. She loathed

Barbara and Will for returning when they had; Ken's warmly

throbbing cock had tasted like heaven in her mouth. And she was

certain that he would have filled her throat with his white hot

sperm if they had had another few minutes alone. Now, they had

not only been interrupted, but it was clearly apparent that

Barbara planned to share Ken's firm masculine body whether the

girl liked it or not. All right, Laurie suddenly decided, let

her--Ken would see that, even though she was only fourteen, she

was capable of providing in enthusiasm what the older woman had in

experience. Besides, Laurie knew that she was much lovelier than

Barbara and every bit as well built.

Will's mind was also working rapidly, calculating through a

boozy haze how he could swing even a few minutes with young

Laurie, his cock buried to the hilt somewhere, anywhere, in the

youthful redhead's delectable little body. Hell, Barbara could

have a romp with the ranchhand-writer, if necessary ... if that

was what it took to get little Laurie. Thank God Ned had been

drunk, lagging behind, when the three of them had returned to camp

from the stream. Otherwise he would have seen his hot little

bitch of a niece with her lips wrapped around Ken's cock, and that

would have spoiled whatever chance there might be for the rest of

them to have some fun.

"Here we are," Barbara said as she approached the others with

a large thick quilt draped over her arm. After Ken and Will had

assisted her in spreading the quilt out evenly on the ground a

dozen or so paces from the log, the foursome found positions on

it, sitting shoulder to shoulder as they faced the fire.

"You know, you two had better be more careful ... if you're

going to play around up here," Barbara said after an awkward

silence, pausing again to let the words sink in. "There might

have been a lot of trouble if Ned had caught you like that,

Laurie." Another long silence followed and Will grinned obscenely

as he turned to stare directly into Laurie's unbelieving eyes.

"Do you mean ... you saw?" Laurie asked quaveringly, fighting

down a strong desire to deny everything.

"Yes, dear, Will and I both saw."

"Let me ask you this, then," Ken broke in, the strength and

self-assurance in his voice a comfort to Laurie, "did you like

what you saw?"

"That all depends ..." Barbara answered coyly, her eyes

traveling from Ken's handsome face down to the crotch of his

trousers. "Doesn't it, Will? I mean, it depends upon how Ken and

Laurie think of us. Isn't that right, honey?"

"Yeah, that's how it is," he replied almost menacingly. "Ned

might start shootin' if he thought his pretty niece was goin'

down, sucking the cock of a stranger."

Laurie blanched with embarrassment at Will Ross's ugly words,

words she began to understand were designed to barely camouflage a

blackmail threat. But good God, what did the Ross couple have in

mind as payment to remain quiet about what they had witnessed?

Surely Will, a man older than her own uncle, did not expect her to

submit to his sexual demands? And yet, the more the girl thought

about Barbara's hankering for Ken, the more she began to realize

that this was possible. Probably Will was willing to grant his

wife sexual freedom at the price as having his way with Ned Dow's


"Forgive Will's bluntness," Barbara said, "but, really now, I

don't see why the four of us can't work out something to give

everyone satisfaction. Laurie's not a child--not anymore--and

Ned's out like a light for the rest of the night ... Why can't we

all be sort of ... Friendly ... and forget all about what

happened?" With this last pointedly promiscuous remark, Barbara

chuckled gaily and edged close enough to Ken to rest her head on

his brawny warm shoulder. She breathed a low moan when she felt

his arm slip around her waist, pulling her even closer.

"Well, now that you mention it, perhaps we can be friends,"

Ken laughed, his awakened male vanity growing by leaps and bounds.

Everything seemed to be going his way this evening. And now, he

could feel his restlessly stirring cock responding to Barbara's

nearness, causing him for a moment to completely forget about

Laurie and Will sitting side by side, less than a foot away on the

quilt. He only knew that he wanted this seductive, black-haired

woman, regardless of the consequences, and the sooner the better.

"By Jesus, I wholeheartedly agree ... Why don't we all get

nice and cozy, and maybe ... maybe we'll forget what we saw?" Will

said with a twinkle in his eye. Then, boldly, he added: "One

thing, I think it's a crying shame that a girl with Laurie's looks

should be sitting here freezing to death."

"But I'm not cold, Mr. Ross," Laurie quickly replied.

"Sure you are, Will insisted. "Those nice little titties of

yours are half naked!" He could not tear his eyes away from her

voluptuous young body and began to breathe faster as his long

thick penis jerked to attention between his legs. Nothing could

stop him now from having that beautiful youngster's body--and even

if she should scream bloody murder, hell, his old friend Ned would

never believe that he had actually tried to get in the girl's

pants. More, he knew that Laurie was crazy with jealousy as she

sat there watching her boy friend brazenly playing around with his


It was true: Laurie's thoughts were perfectly aligned with

Will's. A jealous rage boiled in her veins as she watched Ken's

hand probing boldly under the opened front of Barbara's sweater.

Yet she was also dimly conscious of another feeling, a subtle

warmth flowing through her loins as she witnessed the blond

ranchhand's betrayal before her very eyes. Good heavens, she must

be sick to be excited, even a little, by the sight of her own

lover fondling another woman. She was also stirred by the strange

masochistic pleasure she took in knowing that Will, a man almost

three times her age, planned to take advantage of the fact that he

and Barbara had seen her kneeling between Ken's legs. The young

redhead realized that her uncle would never even consider any

accusation she leveled at Will, that the man had taken her against

her will while her uncle dozed in a drunken stupor. She had no

way to turn, no recourse but to accept the lecherous old Will to

use her almost virginal body in any way he wanted. Just the

thought of his touching her made the girl tremble with a

combination of shame and arousal that she could not explain.

"Come here, sweetheart," Will said as he roughly hugged

Laurie to him and began to unbutton her shirt the rest of the way

down. Then, as if controlled by an alien force, she forced

herself to relax as he rudely stripped the shirt from her lovely

white shoulders and down over her arms. She heard him whistle

softly as he looked at her softly gleaming breasts with the

nipples perking to sudden erection in the cool breeze. Without a

word, he knelt back and worked with shaking fingers to unfasten

the front of his trousers, his eyes still feasting on the

magnificent naked mounds of her breasts.

Laurie could not wholly fathom what was happening, even

though the fluttering sensations in her breasts and loins were

becoming stronger and harder to ignore. In an attempt to avert

her eyes from what would soon be Will's nudity, she turned her

gaze toward Ken and Barbara ... Oh, God! Barbara was also half

naked, her sensually full breasts standing out in front of her

like huge filled balloons being kneaded and pinched by Ken's eager

hands and fingers. Her young mind was even more shocked to see

that the ranchhand's trousers were lying in a heap on the ground

in front of them, his rigidly pulsing cock jutting out at least

six inches above where Barbara held it with both hands at the

base. She saw the older woman clench her fingers tightly around

the thick penis, slowly sliding them up and down its incredible

length as Ken's face changed again into that of a primitive savage

He moved up a bit closer so that his knees straddled Barbara's rib

cage, his long throbbing cock directly above the woman's face,

presenting her lust-filmed eyes with a perfect view of his

hardness while his sperm-bloated balls drooped down to nestle in

the warm fleshy cleavage between her breasts.

"Lie back," Laurie heard Barbara say huskily, watching her

push against Ken's chest as she spoke. The man did not have to be

told twice and immediately rolled to one side and over on his back

in one continuous movement. "Aren't you going to join, me,

Laurie?" Barbara asked slyly, an obscene grin on her face as she

moved fluidly to crouch on her hands and knees over the ranchhand.

"In the meantime, Will can build up the fire again so we can enjoy

seeing the show."

"Ah, shit, Barbara, I'm hotter'n sixty," the graying older

man protested as he stood. Laurie turned toward his voice and saw

that he was now completely naked, standing there at her side with

one tanned, weatherbeaten hand stroking his lust-stiffened penis.

She could not help but imagine what it would be like to hold the

two men's massively throbbing cocks in her hands at the same time,

stroking them as she had just seen Barbara caressing Ken's

hardened penis.

Laurie sat motionless for a moment as Will stalked off to

replenish the fire. She felt confused, as the uniqueness of the

situation took total command of her senses. At last she could no

longer remain sitting there, doing nothing, while Barbara prepared

to satisfy herself to the fullest on the banquet of male flesh

waiting beneath her. She must share Ken as well, she thought

jealously, leaning forward to her knees and crawling to one side

of his nakedly prone form.

"Wait--let's take off all our clothes and surprise Will when

he comes back," Barbara whispered. Both of them wordlessly

followed the suggestion, wriggling out of their jeans and tossing

them in a haphazard pile next to the men's clothes. When they

were both utterly naked, Barbara's mature, full-fleshed body made

a striking contrast to Laurie's firm, slightly girlish contours in

the reflected light from the renewed, roaring fire.

They were both so desirable, so willing, that Ken was having

a difficult time trying to decide which one he wanted to go down

on him first. Finally, his sex-weakened mind chose Barbara,

because she was the aggressor this evening, and he reached up to

place both of his hands behind her head, bending her neck down to

him until her mouth was poised tantalizing over the eagerly

jerking head of his granite-like penis. He arched upwards a

little, his ass-cheeks rising from the ground, until his visibly

pulsating cock-head was pressing against her wetly parted lips.

He could barely hold himself back from bucking up and ramming his

long hard thickness down her throat. For a second he was sure

that the dark-haired older woman was going to close her lips

completely and he held his breath, expecting her to pull away ...

but there was no rebuff. Instead, Barbara's lips parted wider,

and her soft wet mouth pressed down of its own accord, accepting

his pulsating hardness between the rounded "O" of her lips which

closed thrillingly over the sensitive tip of his cock. It was a

dream ... the hot moist flesh encircling him twice in one night,

from two different women! It was more than Laurie could bear,

watching Barbara engulfing Ken's long beautiful cock with her

hungry mouth, and she moved in to crowd the older woman aside

until Barbara was compelled to take a position at the man's side

in order not to lose the thick stalk of flesh in her mouth.

Laurie then lowered herself and grabbed the wide trunk of his

hotly pulsating penis with one hand, while with the other she

wound her fingers around his sperm-filled balls. She could feel

Barbara's ovalled wet mouth sliding down the fleshy shaft to touch

her grasping fist.

Returning from his chore at the fire, Will heaved a deep sigh

of approval at the lewd spectacle of his wife and the sweet little

fourteen year old redhead clamoring like bitches in heat over

Ken's thick cock. He stood quietly at the edge of the quilt,

watching his wife suck hungrily at the long gleaming penis

flicking in and out of her throat. Then his own rampant cock

sprang to an even greater aching tautness as he saw Laurie scoot

down flat on her belly between Ken's wide splayed legs and flick

out her tongue to tickle at the gathered ridge of flesh between

the softness of his balls. Barbara continued to suck voraciously,

taking more and more of the saliva-coated cock into her mouth with

each downward stroke, while Laurie's pink tongue massaged the

tender skin of his scrotum.

The older man was agog as he stepped closer, not trusting his

eyes when he saw Laurie actually suck one of the big balls into

her mouth, her fingers working desperately to fit in the second

one as well!

Scorching torrents of erotic need lapped at Ken Chester's

mind and body as he watched the two passionate females working,

sucking and swallowing his fiery cock and testicles. The muscles

of his stomach flexed until he was certain they would snap from

the intensity of his pleasure as he arched his back higher and

higher to receive the maximum benefit of the warmly sucking

mouths. God, what a brain-reeling sight! The full red-stained

lips of Barbara's mouth pulling out from her face as she bobbed

up, her mouth sucking on the upstroke and clinging avidly to his

swollen cock. And his heatedly tingling balls now out of sight in

Laurie's wide-stretched young mouth, almost suffocating her

despite the fact that she tickled and swiped with her lizard-quick

tongue at the sperm-filled sac.

Will was rabid with lust as he watched the party taking place

just a few feet from where he stood. He licked his fever-dry

lips, grimacing when he saw Barbara jerk the thick wet cock from

her sucking lips and bend it toward Laurie, who released her hold

on Ken's scrotum and closed her sensuous little mouth over the

pulsing shaft of hard male flesh. Once again, the young girl

almost choked from the sheer size of the penis disappearing

between her wetly ovalled lips. She sucked at it madly and could

feel the ranchhand's reaction to the fresh mouth over him. She

was wholly involved in her performance and now pushed to the back

of her mind any reservations she had had about sharing Ken with

the other woman.

"Grab my cock, baby, and put it in your cunt," Laurie heard

the wheezing Will command. She had not noticed his return from

the campfire, let alone sensed him creeping on his hands and knees

up behind the upraised circles of her naked ass-cheeks. The older

man delivered a sharp slap to her smooth fleshy buttocks to show

that he meant business, and then, hesitantly, but fearful he would

carry out his threat to call her uncle and tell him about Ken, she

reached behind her to seize his hotly throbbing hardness, aiming

the bloated tip at her tiny vaginal opening up between her

slender, tapered thighs. Will's cock leaped eagerly in her hand,

and he pushed forward as Laurie began to rub the oozing head up

and down the full length of her hair-lined pussy slit, lubricating

his big cock-head further with the copiously flowing juices from

her cunt. There was an outward pressure on her ankles, and she

did not resist as the panting older man pressured her legs open

wider ... until the insides of her calves grazed his knees.

"Damnit, go on, Will--fuck the hot little whore like a dog,"

Barbara goaded as she shifted her stimulated torso higher on Ken's

body and took hold of her own right breast, squeezing the

resilient flesh to bursting fullness as she offered the wide dark

brown ring of the nipple to the ranchhand's mouth.

Damn, what a beautiful sight, Will thought, his body shaking

in excitement as he leered at his wife's full naked breast in the

stranger's mouth, at Ned's kneeling teenage niece sucking Ken's

huge cock with her pretty little pussy so vulnerable and open

right there before him, but his lust-hardened penis pressed up

against its trembling wetness. He had waited a long time to fuck

this smart-assed teenager, and now it was his turn, by God,

whether she was ready or not. He wanted to ram into her as deep

as possible, further than she could take, to show the little bitch

that Will Ross was by no means too old to fuck.

Lowering himself a little; Will spread Laurie's firmly

rounded young buttocks wide apart and then pushed forward until

she felt a stretching at her moistly heated vaginal entrance ...

and then ... a spasm of pain as the bloated cock-head popped

inside her tight pussy opening. Her naked buttocks began waving

like a flag in a stiff wind, thrashing in all directions, but her

movements only helped to drive the abnormally thick penis deeper

up inside her painfully stretched vaginal cavity. She could feel

the weight of the passion-crazed older man's body pressing down on

her back with a pulverizing strength, flattening her lower torso

as he continued to drive his long hard wedge of male flesh up into

her wetly yielding pussy. She bucked up at him, trying to throw

him off as she bucked, but he only rammed harder, embedding

himself all the way up to his sperm-filled balls in the hotly

quivering sheath of her tight young cunt.

"Nooooaaaahhhhh! Eeeeaaaaaah!" she moaned in pain, her cries

muffled by the equally thick cock fucking in and out of her

ovalled mouth as she continued her useless struggle against the

perverted attack from behind. She no longer felt human with the

huge rigid organ ripping far up into her cringing cuntal passage,

pushing against the sensitive mouth of her cervix. She felt as

though she had been reamed open up there by a huge log, mutilated

forever by the brutal fleshy pole sunk in her from behind. Then,

moaning with resignation, her strength failed, and she collapsed

in a limp mass beneath the powerful body of the animal-man behind


Her loathing of Barbara returned when she saw the older woman

leering sadistically at her, watching her husband's depraved,

cruel rape.

"How do you like having it like a dog, honey," Barbara hissed

as Ken continued to suck hard on her breast.

That lewd question increased Laurie's feeling of degradation

a thousand-fold, to know that the dark-haired woman was watching

it all and enjoying her humiliation at the hands of this man old

enough to be her grandfather.

"Just relax, honey, and it'll hurt less," Barbara went on.

Her instructions were a mockery to Laurie, and the girl set her

teeth to prevent another cry from escaping her lips. Gradually,

however, the pain in her cock-stuffed vagina eased a little. She

still felt torn and stretched wide there, but the short time Will

had lain on her, not moving, had given her wetly-throbbing pussy

an opportunity to gradually adjust to the forced entry. Defiled

as she was, she would call on every last reserve of her courage

and show that brunette bitch that even a fourteen year old girl

could play this sex game as well as she could.

Will groaned unexpectedly as he felt the skewered teenager's

vaginal muscles tighten and relax, tighten and relax around the

pulsing length of his buried cock. He could hardly believe his

eyes when he saw the nakedly kneeling girl actually rise to her

knees and begin to rotate her firm young ass-cheeks in a slow

grinding motion in front of him. He flexed his penis deep in her

hotly clasping cunt as an answering signal, still not thoroughly

convinced that she was really responding to him. He groaned as he

felt it, felt her now slippery vaginal passage tighten around his

pulsating hardness like a warm fitting glove. Holy Christ, he had

really conquered her--she was liking it! Gasping and moaning in

fresh delight, he grasped her hips with his hands and pulled her

back more snugly against him, beginning a rhythmical fucking

motion far up into the hot flesh confines of her cunt. He watched

with trembling delight as the blood-infused lips of her milking

little cunt drew back with his lust-thickened cock, clasping to it

as firmly as a baby's sucking mouth on a mother's breast.

In the meantime, Ken snarled at the loss of Laurie's warm wet

lips around his impatiently throbbing cock. He reached down and

seized it, aiming the expanded cock-tip at his young mistress's

open, gasping mouth. The girl did not have to be encouraged

further and bowed her head once more to lock her softly-rounded

lips around the fleshy staff. Laurie was obviously feeling no

pain now, actually feeling nothing but unadulterated pleasure, for

she was wantonly thrusting and squirming back to meet each obscene

impaling stroke of the naked older man's cock, then diving forward

to suck as much as possible of the huge throbbing penis up into

her mouth.

Barbara was observing with bulging eyes the double fucking

from both the front and back the girl was getting and could not

tolerate for another instant her own passive role in the orgiastic

scene. Cramming more of her melon-like breast in the ranchhand's

mouth, she reached down with one hand and grabbed one of Laurie's

provocatively bouncing breasts, pulling and clutching at the

swaying mound of firm rounded flesh as though she were milking it.

Her sharp fingernails then scraped harshly across the naked young

girl's stiffened nipple, causing a muffled moan of pleasure-pain

to issue from Laurie's cock-filled mouth. For a fleeting moment,

Barbara found herself thinking of how wonderful it would be to

suck the breast, not as a lesbian, but because the vibrant young

mound of creamy flesh was so sensuously beautiful and appealing.

But now her moist pussy was screaming for attention, for a cock, a

tongue, anything.

She withdrew her own bruised breast from Ken's mouth gasping

as she tugged the nipple free from his sucking lips, and shifted

her body up, raising herself to her knees and then swinging around

to straddle the ranchhand's lust-twisted face in a position where

she could still see Laurie and Will.

"Hurry, lick it ... lick my cunt," she said, lowering her

steaming wet vagina down to Ken's mouth. Laurie watched out of

the corner of her eyes as the ranchhand gazed up into the eagerly

palpitating opening of Barbara's cunt, then snaked his tongue

along the hair-fringed pussy furrow, finally pressing his mouth

over her clasping slit.

Laurie saw Barbara Ross's mouth fly open at the first contact

and remembered how the handsome writer had mouthed and licked at

her own little pussy before entering it with the long thick cock

that she was now sucking with all her intuitive skill and

enthusiasm. Behind her, the impassioned and raging Will gurgled

and grunted each time he surged up into her wetly clasping vagina

and she, too, was in breathless ecstasy under him, twisting and

grinding the lush whiteness of her firm rounded buttocks back at

him in a lewd invitation to fuck into her harder and deeper. He

increased the power of his long, smooth strokes, ramming the

entire length of his plunging cock into her sensitive cuntal

depths. Her beautiful long red hair spilled down, covering Ken's

thighs and occasionally swirling as with a sudden or particularly

hard thrust she bucked forward and choked on the lust-thickened

cock that was fucking impossibly far up into her slavishly working

throat. Will inched his hands from her hips to grasp her naked

ass-cheeks, yanking the smooth fleshy moons wider apart to allow

him to fuck deeper. Abruptly she felt him deliver an extra deep

stroke and pause, then slowly and deliberately withdraw the full

measure of his hotly pulsating cock out of her until only the

lust-swollen tip was in her. With a loud groan, he slammed it

home with the force of a jackhammer, only to once again slowly

pull it almost all the way out.

"Oh good, yes, fuck me that way! Oooohhhhhhh!" the kneeling

fourteen year old cried in delight as he ploughed into her and

filled her smooth, rubbery vaginal walls with his blood-heated

shaft of thickened flesh. Becrazed now, she locked her warm wet

mouth around Ken's penis and sucked hungrily at it with a zeal

that brought a shudder to his writhing flanks.

Laurie felt the older man's long thick penis in her cunt

jerk, stretching and expanding her tormented vagina even more, and

she knew what was about to happen, knew that Barbara's husband was

swelling and on the verge of filling her ecstatic little pussy

with his spewing hot cum. Then she heard a gruff, passionate roar

behind her and felt his tremendous throbbing rod of flesh burst

like a dam as he gave one last buttock-flattening lunge into the

yielding softness of her cunt, emptying his pent-up load of sperm

in spurt after spurt deep up into her belly. Laurie thought the

wildly ejaculating cock would never stop spurting in her, and she

could feel the hot sticky fluid overflowing and trickling down the

insides of her trembling young thighs. Oh God, it was glorious,

she thought, to have a male's, any male's, hot cum filling her

pussy, swelling her stomach, running out and down to trickle

through her flame-seared cunt lips. She uttered a deep sigh of

disappointment as she felt the thick jerking cock inside her begin

to deflate and grow limp. There was a lewd wet slurping sound as

it slipped out from between her cuntal lips, and she felt a sudden

shock of cold breeze rushing over her sweat-streaked buttocks.

Still, though, she sucked hungrily at Ken's stone-hard penis

in front of her as he massaged Barbara's clitoris with his tongue,

tracing his tongue-tip down her greedily contracting cuntal lips

to the vaginal opening and then fucking far inside her succulent

flesh. He was now reaching up with both hands and gripping

Barbara's nakedly swaying breasts, clinging to them as though they

were life-rafts that kept him afloat in his sea of erotic madness.

Barbara was also nearing orgasm, grinding her wildly

quivering cunt down to receive every iota of erotic pleasure she

could get from the ranchhand's voraciously licking tongue.

Abruptly she stiffened, her eyes fluttering in ecstasy, her

long firm thighs trembling. "Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm

cummmmming!" she moaned and reached down beneath Ken's head to

tangle her fingers in the tousled thatch of his blond hair.

Savagely she yanked upward to bury the masculine face hard into

her wetly heated cunt, rolling and pressing down her thighs in

pure abandoned pleasure.

Laurie could not restrain herself from pausing to watch the

exciting display of orgasm, envious that the older woman had cum,

and yet she had not been brought to completion. As Barbara lifted

herself from Ken and collapsed nakedly beside him on the quilt,

next to where Will had also crawled to lie heaving and exhausted,

Laurie felt the ranchhand's wildly throbbing cock in her throat

pulse faster and grow to such a size that she feared her lips

would tear painfully apart at the sides of her mouth.

"Suck it, baby, suck it up! I'm cumming, cummmmmmming!" the

muscular man chanted insanely. Laurie gagged and choked as her

virile lover's mighty torrent of cum shot into the back of her

mouth, welling up to fill her bloated cheeks until she was forced

to swallow rapidly to keep up with his volcanic gush of hot sperm.

But it was more than she could handle and thin trails of cum

trickled out of the comers of her mouth and down on the now-

depleted balls that she was in the process of sucking dry.

The satiated ranchhand-writer cast an idiotic smile toward

Laurie as she raised her head from the spent, deflating cock, her

mouth smeared with his male sperm and her own saliva. She was

still wild with the need to achieve an orgasm just as the others

had, but both men were seemingly useless now. Her frustration was

too much to hold back, and she rose, turning away to hide the

tears of unfulfillment streaming down her cheeks.

After awhile, she gained control of herself and picked her

way carefully among the others, gathering her clothes, saying

nothing about the desire still smoldering up between her legs.

She knew that it would be senseless.

She walked quietly back to the cache of gear to get her bed

roll, spread it out a dozen yards from the glowing coals of the

fire, dressed for warmth, and climbed in. It had been a long,

hard day. She was tired, but it was a long time before she

drifted into restless sleep.

Chapter 3

Laurie awoke the next morning with her brain still dazed and

reeling from the extraordinary orgiastic experience of the night

before. She lay there wondering if it had all really taken place

as she remembered now. Every vivid detail flashed like neon in

her mind, making her dizzy even as she lay flat on her back in the

down-filled sleeping bag.

"Oh Lord, how can I face the others?" she asked herself when

she heard sleepy snatches of conversation around the breakfast

campfire. Peering out from the bag, she saw her uncle and Ken

huddling across from each other at the fire, each man applying

himself to the preparation of the morning meal. Barbara was

nowhere in sight, but turning her head a little, she saw that Will

was busy reloading the pack animals with bed rolls and sundry

pieces of gear they had used to make camp.

"Hey, honey, did last night tire you out that much? Aren't

you going to get up?" came Barbara's voice from behind. Startled,

Laurie whirled around and saw the handsome woman standing a few

feet away, already fully dressed and holding the reins of two

horses she had saddled.

"I--I guess I overslept," Laurie heard herself apologize,

hating the timidity of her words even as she spoke them.

"Well, it was quite an evening, I admit," Barbara said

softly, ignoring the girl's discomfort. "I hope like hell we

don't find that damned horse today ... so maybe we can all get

together for more of the same tonight."