27 Jun 2017

We met online and there was instant chemistry, I could tell immediately that there were going to be no games, we just wanted to get to know each other as well as we could when we were separated by such a long distance.

We were both married to great people, it was just so exciting to connect sexually with someone else and to be appreciated physically again.

The flirting was fantastic, back and forth, back and forth. Telling each other what we were doing, what we were wearing, how turned on we were. It was awesome.

Then we started sharing pics and were blown away at how attractive each other was. Wow she blew me away with her sex appeal. She took obvious care of herself and I appreciate that.

To cut a long story short, we started planning a meeting. More a sexual encounter if you like.

She decided to visit Cape Town, fortunately she got an opportunity to travel with her company so flights and accommodation were taken care of.

She sent me a message to say she was here safely and we agreed to meet at a close by restuarant.

It was summer and it was a beachfront cafe...I arrived to see her from a distance taking in the stunning scenery. My God she was gorgeous, everything her pics showed and more. Her dark hair caught the breeze and framed her face perfectly. It crossed my mind that even if I wasn't there to meet her I would still desperately want to get to know her.

She was wearing a sexy summer dress and her arms and legs were flaunted as they should be.

Before I reached her our eyes met and there was this sexual spark that I felt in my groin. I groaned to myself with want for this woman who had traveled so far to see if what we had was real.

I lent down and gave a her a sensual soft kiss and then we smiled at each other like idiots.

We ordered drinks and a starter and the conversation just flowed like it did when we were online together.

Every now and then I stopped to think how lucky I was to be face to face with such a beautiful woman, the one I had dreamed and fantasized about for so long.

We both decided to pay up and go for a walk along the beach, the sun was setting and the breeze had dropped off. We walked for a long time, leaving our trail of footprints along our path.

We reached a cluster of big boulders and I helped you climb the few difficult sections until we dropped down into a sizeable space where we were all alone.

I took you in my arms and kissed you hungrily. I let my hands move down your back feeling your bra strap and eventually the line of your panties.

I stepped back from you, our eyes locked and entwined with mutual lust.

I asked you what panties you were wearing and you flirtatiously pulled your dress up to show me. It was those Jenny Meyer ones you were always going on about. They hugged your pussy mound beautifully, I could see the shape of you and I wanted you like nothing before.

I dropped to my knees in the sand and engulfed you in my mouth, I could feel your heat on my mouth through your sexy underwear and you moaned greedily as you pushed down against me.

I pull your panties to one side and hold back just for a moment to take in the gorgeous sight of your smooth glistening pussy, before sucking in one at a time each of your pussy lips. The tugging of my mouth drives you wild and you beg for me to touch your clit.

I circle your gorgeous button with my tongue and slide 2 fingers inside you, reaching for that rough patch that I know will send you over the edge.

This is too much for you and I am so turned on when I can feel you contract on my fingers. Your juices coat my mouth and my chin and you taste delicious.

I stand up and drop my pants, my cock springs out and you say in a very husky voice, I want you inside me now. You turn around and lift your dress up onto your back and spread your legs, arching your back so that you are at the perfect angle for me.

I slide the head of my cock up against your soaking lips until you open for me and I plunge in as deep as I can. We both groan with pleasure as its something we have wanted for so long.

I tease you a bit with short slow strokes both of us loving the feel of the entry and exit and each other warmth. Every now and then I thrust fast and deep inside you until you are fucking me and I am just giving you my thickness and length to enjoy.

I lean over to your ear and whisper that you are the sexiest woman on earth and I am ready to cum.

You turn around to me and whisper back the hottest words I have ever heard, "I want to taste you".

You drop down in the sand and I barely make it into your mouth when I explode.

You greedily gobble my load whilst looking up at me with those sexy eyes.

It is the most satisfying sex I have ever had and I can't wait for the next time.