Written by Redhead

18 Sep 2018

My eyes widen in shock as i stand just behind the couple in front of me. The woman who had just given me the best blowjob of my life, and who i can still taste on my tongue, just kissed her partner on the cheek. She winks at me over his shoulder, "Honey, meet Jake, we just met" she says with a friendly smile. He turns, about 40 with a handsome face and broad shoulders. "Hi, Cliff here, pleased to meet you" he says shaking my hand. "And what has Terri convinced you you need us for?" My eyes go wide in shock, first realizing i didnt even know her name, then Im confused whether he is talking about their consulting company, or them as a couple. I pause for a moment and Terri jumps in. "He is an engineer too, so havent fully convinced him yet". I laugh nervously, still not sure whether he knows his wife fools around. "Why then you clearly havent told him we are the best in the business darling" he says laughingly. "Come with us, the key note address starts soon, should be interesting" he says turning to the auditorium taking Terri's hand. I follow, not quite sure what is going on but already thinking with my dick again so im definitely not backing out.

When we get to the hall it is already quite full, we have to squeeze into the the back row on the left, me first, then Terri and Cliff.

The lights dim as the talks begin about the best environmental closure achieved at some mine in russia. I make some notes on unique strategies they used, noticing Terri and Cliff whispering to each other. By the end of the first presentation im actually impressed what the russians achieved. As the second speaker is anounced i see Cliff getting up akwardly and slipping out the door. Then Terri turns to me and i notice her cheeks are flushed. Theres a twinkle in her eye as she merely says: "comfort break number 2" and lifts her one eyebrow and gets up to leave. I notice her tight ass and remember shes not wearing anything beneath the skirt, i close my book and follow them hurriedly. An older man looks up annoyed as i walk out and i just grimace at him. Outside the door they both stand waiting for me, Cliff has his hand low on Terri's waist and in his pants a very obvious very big bulge. He grins, "Terri told me you impressed her this morning, care to get better aquainted?". My cock jumps in my pants. "Of fucking course" is my excited answer. They chuckle and we head back to the elevators, and when the doors close behind us Terri leans against Cliff and kisses him hungrily. Im mesmerised by the sight of the attractive couple they make. As we get to the sixth floor i walk out the elevator and Terri slaps my ass, "enjoyed the show?" She asks winking.

We get to their room and i walk in last unsure of how this is going to work, but already rock hard. Cliff sits on the edge of the bed and Terri is already taking off her blouse. Cliff motions me to come sit next to him, and we both sit in silence watching his super hot wife take off her bra and her c cup breasts fall free. "Fuck me" i whisper under my breath. Terri giggles and Cliff answers "well thats the plan". She gets on her knees between us and turns to Cliff, loosening his belt and then fishing his cock carefully from his pants. I say fish because the thing looks like a fucking eel with a fat angry head. Atleast 21cm and his foreskin stretched back tight. She licks her lips then runs her tongue along his length as he groans and looks up at the roof. I cant tear my eyes away from the sight of his massive prick as Terri takes it in her mouth and goes down about halfway down its lenght, all the while looking at me. She likes putting on a show i realise as her right hand reaches towards my groin and fumbles my hard cock through my pants and tries to open it. I help her and soon my pants are on the floor as she strokes my cock slowly. Cliff grunts and see him watching his wife stroke my cock while teasing his head. Terri lets go of my cock and gets on her hands to lift her ass into the air, not letting him out of her mouth for a second. Cliff pulls at my shirt, "take it off, there are condoms next to the bed" i follow his instructions and he also takes off his shirt. We both glance at one another admiring that we are both in good shape then hurriedly get to the bedside drawer and pull a pack of condoms out. I notice there are five packs and grin. I turn around and walk back to them putting it on. Terri has already wriggled out of her slirt and is bobbing down on her husbands shaft while he has his eyes closed and groaning. I kneel behind her, admiring her sexy ass and swollen lips, dripping, a wet mess. I take hold of her hips and she wiggles her butt teasingly, this woman knows how irresistable she is. In answer i slam my shaft up her slick pussy and she pulls her head up and screams/moans hard, the first time she comes up for air. She is impossibly tight, her velvet lips wrapped around my shaft i groan and start slowly pumping deep thrusts. Terri moans now but her husband pulls her head back down so she is moaning around his shaft. Watching her go down on him, the hot naked bodies, the sounds of sex loud in the room is so erotic i feel like im drunk with lust. I speed up quickly, knowing I am close, and clearly Terri too, she is now longer bobbing her head up and down, just moaning in pleasure around her hubby's thick shaft. I pound into her and she rocks back and forth against me making wet slapping sounds between our bodies. Suddenly she arches her back and i feel her pussy lips clench around my cock before she starts bucking back and forth as she orgasms. She gasps for air and lifts her head again to scream in pleasure, enough to finally push me over the edge and i moan loudly "ahhhh fuckkk" and bury myself inside her holding her hips tightly as we ride the wave together. When i finally come to my senses and look up from the goddess before me I see her master stroking his massive member. He gets up and I follow suite, apparently time to switch. He goes to kneel behind her, running his big hands over her body, she immediately reacts to him, moaning softly as he knows exactly how to touch her. I lean back on the bed with her between my legs, but forgotten in the moment. Im so lost in the post orgasm stupor i can merely watch in awe. He puts his hand on the small of her back and she looks up at me, eyes glazed over in lust and suddenly they go wider and wider, as Cliff moans and slowly slides into her. She curses and grunts and moans all together untill he is buried inside her, his veined thick length filling her up like no one else can. I see that now. She is completely and utterly his, their connection far deeper than the animalistic lust we are all experiencing. She keeps moaning in pleasure, and starts to gyrate but he pats her ass gently. As if remembering me all of a sudden she reaches up and pulls the condom off my shaft, already hard again and leans forward to take it into her mouth, covered in cum. Cliff grins behind her and starts gyrating his hips. Terri barely moves her head and i see her body shiver and start to shake. She lets me slide out of her mouth and groans "Oooohh fuck fuck fuck" as she orgasms almost immediately again. She barely catches her breath again then takes my penis into her mouth,and i notice him speeding up slightly, even thrusting a bit. Her warm mouth around my cock i suddenly realise theyve made this a game. I groan at the idea, the eroticism of it all making my mind race. As her head bobs up and down faster Cliff also speeds up,her third orgasm comes hard and fast making her arms shake as she barely keeps in doggy position. The sounds of pure pleasure and her teasing tongue makes me cum again,into her mouth. She gags as the cum shoots into her throat but keeps her mouth in place, her head now only bobbing due to the rough fucking her husband is giving her. Terri looks like she is going to pass out, she is constantly moaning now, i pull out so she can actually breathe. she falls with her elbows to the ground, but keeping her ass in the air as her husband pounds into her unrelentingly. A vein in his neck pulsing like his massive cock inside her he suddenly roars out and slams into her. Exploding deep inside her, pumping streams of cum into her as she writhes beneath him,probably her sixth orgasm now before she just collapses forward. Im just staring in amazement and lust as his breathing becomes more regular. He pulls out gently and gets up,his thick shaft glistening in their combined juices. He bends to pick her up and i get out of the way as he puts her naked sweaty body on the bed. She sprawls on her back, her legs open and her puffy lips swollen and cum dripping out. He turns her on her side and pulls a blanket over her and turns to me. "That was the hottest thing ive ever experienced in my life" i say in awe. He smiles, "I really enjoyed that too" and nods to Terri passed out "she clearly likes you, she hasnt pushed herself like that in a while". I smile feeling proud at the compliment, then notice we are both still naked with semi's. "Want a drink?" Cliff asks...