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14 Sep 2018

Conference fun


6 minute read

I looked around in the foyer of the conference centre as i arrived. People everywhere. Mostly international delegates. I adjusted my laptop on my shoulder, took a deep breath and waded into the crowd. Two hours later i run my fingers through my short hair as i stand to one side of the room. Technical talk has a way of exhausting you. Then i notice a woman to my left, we share the same tired smile and I turn to walk to her. "You look like you need a coffee" i say with a smile. She nods with a smile. "You read my mind". "Glad I found another South African" i say as i hand her the coffee when we walked to some chairs a bit away from the crowd. She chuckles, "If i had to hear another story of how amazing south africa is i would have gagged". I raise my eyebrow at her comment and the twinkle in her eye convinces me it was on purpose. She is slightly older than me, early thirties i would guess. Auburn hair, green eyes. Average build but swollen breasts clearly outlined by her blouse. My eyes admire them before slowly looking back up at her. "Anything else we have to avoid to prevent you from gagging" i ask mischeviously. She crosses her legs and her pencil skirt pulls tight. "No, normally its not a problem for me" she says meeting my eyes, almost challenging me. Her teasing was already getting me hard and i purposefully adjust my pants and her eyes glance down. "Want to go somewhere a bit more private?" I ask as i get up, knowing my semi hard shaft was showing through my chinos. She nods and gets up quickly to follow me. We laugh at the crowd as we sneak past like teenagers to the lift to the rooms. I open my room door and let her walk in admiring her ass. I follow her, shutting the door and grabbing her hips lead her to the long couch and letting her fall on her back. I lean down, my hands either sides of her head, my lean toned arms keeping my full weight off her. I keep my face centimetres from hers for two seconds. The glint in her eye almost makes me groan out loud before leaning down and kissing her hungrily. Our lips meet for an instant before our tongues slide against each other. I can still taste the coffee in her mouth. Her lips are so soft, but her tongue twisting and darting against mine. My hands slide down her waist and i start bunching her skirt up as we kiss. My fingers grazing her warm thighs, and she wiggles her hips till ive pulled up her skirt over her ass. She gasps into my mouth as i grab her ass cheeks and knead them against each other. I break the kiss and slide down her body, already her scent of arousal like petrol on the flames of my lust. I grin as i pull the thin lingerie gstring aside to find a short trimmed dark bush, already glistening. My hands push open her thighs wider before i lean forward and slide my tongue greedily along her nether lips. Her soft low moan is irresistable, like the taste of her against my tongue. She lifts her hips as i push the flat of my tongue against her lips and lap up her juices. Sliding my tongue up and down on the outside of her puffy lips before pushing my tongue slowly inside her. I slide up till im slowly but firmly pushing my tongue against her clit. She wraps her legs around my head and starts moaning louder, im buried in her taste and scent. I keep the pressure of my tongue on her clit as she rides my face till she suddenly spasms uncontrollably and my tongue welcomes the addedwetness as she creams on my face. I stay still until she releases her legs and look up to her flushed face. Grinning as my face glistens with her juices. I slowly get up next to the couch and loosen my belt. The outline of my hard shaft making a tent of my pants with a massive wet spot from precum. She bites her lip as I drop my pants and my hard shaft swings free. Only 16cm in length, but nice and thick with a bulbous purple head glistening. Her eyes focus on my shaft, the thick vein along the length throbbing with the trimmed red pubes surrounding it. She licks her lips and gets on her knees and reaches up to tenderly hold my hard shaft in her hand and squeezes it. I groan as a droplet of precum oozes out and she leans forward. Her warm tongue feels like velvet on my head as she teasingly just licks the droplet before smiling up at me. Then, still keeping eye contact opens her mouth and in one motion takes my entire length into the warm velvet of her mouth. "Uhhhh fuuuuck" i groan at the intense pleasure, she wasnt lying about not gagging. Her hands caress my thighs and ass as she bobs her head and i already feel the throbbing in my shaft speeding up. I look down at this amazing woman who i just met, giving me the best blowjob of my life, still fully dressed. I groan not able to hold it off anymore, "uunnnh Im going to cum". Her response is to speed up and squeeze my ass cheeks. She gets her desired result as my cock spasms and explodes into her mouth, thick ropes of cum spurting into her throat. She keeps the mushroom head inside her mouth and milks my length with her hand till the last drop oozes into her mouth and swallows with a smile. She gets up and i hold her tight against me as she leans up to kiss me, her warm mouth tasting salty. Then she wiggles her gstring off and throws it on the coffee table. I look at her questioningly. She shrugs "its already soaked" and smooths her pinched skirt back in place. "I assume we are going back down to the conference?" I ask still out of breath. She smiles "Dont worry i plan on taking many, Comfort breaks". I chuckle as I follow this amazing woman into the elevator. We passionately kiss as the elevator goes back down. Then when the doors open she straightens her clothes and leads me into the crowd. She goes to a man with his back to us and reaches around his waist to kiss his cheek. "Hi Honey"...

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