Written by artsmart

07 Sep 2016

Cologne Punk

Lucy woke early, her alarm startling her out of an ever so wet and wild dream she’d been having of the punk rocker she’d seen on you tube the night before. While the band were wreaking havoc on the writhing dancefloor, Lucy had found the skinny punk guitarist who had stepped aside to catch a drink back stage. As dreams are, there was no ‘how’ of how she got to suck his hard and sweating dick which just got longer and longer as it entered her mouth until she’d orgasmed to the rhythm of her best guitar solo, and him, the skinny punk, gripping her blond locks and fucking her deep throat until she felt his punk sperm projectile, hurtling down her throat. That was her alarm clock ringing in her ear.

Time for work, there was a long day ahead. Lucy slid out of bed, her panties pushing up against her smooth and by now soaked pussy lips. Wow, nice. She took a quick shower but could not resist her magic button if only for a a minute under that hot waterfall. She played her clit hard, crying out under her steamy, soaking cascade of heat as she reached ecstasy. Damn it… how long had it actually been since a hard cock had driven her like that. Months, if not a year.Lucy let the thought die back to where it came from. Work was on her mind, and men were taking back stage, if only as a pun.

By 7:30 she was in her mini cooper, jumping from robot to robot. Skidding into her office at exactly 8, she was a tad late. She saw her colleague, glance at her legs as she slid in behind her computer and donned her telesales head gear. Time to rock and roll and drive the sales target.

Lunch time came and she took a peek preview at her dating app. Yay, some sexy player with a bent cock and nice glutes called Jakes, was trying to flirt with her as again only now he was getting rather persuasive. One of those adamant I’ll fuck you sooner or later, smooth talkers Lucy, a star flirt herself, sent him a line in response to his cute requests. So what about meeting me downtown after work. She hesitated, and found herself replying with a yes. Holy Cow!, did she actually have time for this sort of crap. Well why not she thought. It’s not like we’ll end up in bed or anything of the sorts. She decided she’d hang in her car if it came to that and being a mini, not much could happen in that. A date got set and her afternoon rolled by.

Lucy almost forgot about Jake until her dream, which had not abated and was wandering in and out of consiousness while starting her cooper before heading home again. That was when she remembered her date with Jakes. Her body seemed to want it more than her mind, but weird shit happens and she found herself heading downtown.

Pulling into the parking lot at the back of the mall, their designated meeting place, she spotted his car. Nothing to write home about and also nothing to be concerned about. He was inside when she rolled up next to him. First impression was that punk haircut. She had a double take on that one, seeing that her dream was all about punk. And then he slunk out of his machine and ambled over to her window. Tight jeans, skinny legs, open shirt and tattoos all down his arms. His Mont Blanc caught her off guard when he popped his shaven face into her wound down car window. Hello sexy. This was not possible she thought. Her body was responding like she’d never experienced. Damn… how long had it been. She should not have come here.

Should we just sit here and chat, unless you don’t feel comfortable, I know a cool lounge inside the mall. Hell yeah, why not, jump in on the other side and she gingerly leant over to open the door. She had never done such a thing before, a total stranger. Was she dreaming?...no way, this was actually happening. She felt a quick rush of adrenalin inject into her blood.

She didn’t feel aptly dressed and just as well, she had not anticipated anything.

Jakes climbed in next to Lucy and introduced himself. Music producer. Played some guitar but his main passion was mixing. His hands told the story. Lots of movement from them and Lucy felt like she was being hypnotized by a Fakir. His after shave was having a serious effect on her olfactory senses. He was a sleek mean punk machine.

No sooner had they chatted a bit than the inevitable question arose. Sex. Lucy felt a tinge of excitement grow. Things were picking up and she had no clue how far this would go. Probably not far as it was a public place. People were coming and going outside, taken by their various shopping experiences. There were some car guards about, so she felt sort of safe but more excited than anything else.

You ever had car sex? Hell, never, dude. What a question. Firstly, no space, hello didn’t you notice I drive a cooper. I like space. You’ve fucked before, just not in a car. And him, he’d done it so much he’d lost count. Safe sex, he added. Saw himself as a car cowboy when it came to cavorting. If she liked, he would show her the ropes. You mean you want to fuck me here?? He giggled at her exclamation.

Only on your consent Jake had responded, but what about he feel her legs maybe she only wanted to go that far. Well, what the hec, yes. She had come this far and no harm done. That aftershave was making her giddy. His hands were warm on her skin. He was so taken by her form and she felt her legs succumb to his touch. He leant over and she promptly raised them over the gear lever and onto his lap. She caught his gaze as he watched her legs come over and her little lace panty underneath must’ve greeted him with a whisper. Lucy closed her eyes and let him feel her thighs. He seemed to keep within parameters and she appreciated that.

She was leaning back now and for a few everlasting seconds her mind slipped into fantasyland, with her dream punk lover. Only now someone was actually feeling her up in a very seductive way his long fingers and warm palms turning her flesh into a zone of intense and building erotic excitement. Then her lips met punks, and his cologne made her pussy melt. Jakes had leant over and placed his mouth onto hers and her dream lover awakened into a real tongue entering her wanting mouth. She tasted his heat, his tongue slipping and sliding against hers. Oh and then her legs slid apart and she felt his hand slide right up but not touch her aching mound. Instead it slid around her inner thighs while they sucked into each other. The world disappeared. She pulled his shirt up and his smooth back welcomed her nails digging into his flesh as his expert fingers parted her panties to the side and pressed up against her moist labia. Not anticipating his forwardness, Lucy winced a bit. Jake noticed it and stopped. You okay hun, did I go too far for you.

Lucy kept quiet, anticipating his next move. Was he really a gentleman, or just a cologne punk. She felt him slacken and begin to pull away. No you don’t she gasped and dug her nails into his ribs. He was fumbling now…aah yes, a condom was coming into view. Lucy found herself ripping Jakes shirt off. The heat was on. Her hands were all over his jeans locating a rock hard cock beginning to peep out of the top of his skinny jeans. She touched its tip and felt slimy precum on her fingers. He yanked at his belt while she yanked at her seat adjustment lever. As his pants drove down his waist, Lucy felt her seat jerk back and that big hard bent cock from his dating profile, rode into view. Jake took both hands and slipped his condom over his manhood. It only slid down half way over what must’ve been some twenty five centimetres of hot hard flesh. With both his hands under her butt, he pulled at her skimpy lace panties off as she jiggled her hips. Her butt came up, he caught her perfume, her juice oozing all over the car seat. He wanted to get his tongue onto that clit ever since he’d seen it on her photos. Now it was in sight.

Jakes had no need to hesitate anymore because Lucy took her sweating hand smeared with his oozing precum and slid it along the full length of his hungry shaft making it stand straight up. He buckled at his waist at her touch as she came down on him sucking him into her hot mouth. He hit his head on the car roof as he thrust at her mouth. Both her hands wanking his manhood and her mouth sucking his head into a thundering frenzy. Lucy slid her fingers over his balls and down between his hairy legs, finding his sweating anus she pushed a finger inside to hit his prostrate. Jakes groaned.

Lucy took her other hand and began hitting her clit hard. Fuck me cowboy she gasped., and Jakes came down between her spread thighs, her feet pushing against the dashboard. Inserting his penis just in-between her luscious wet lips, where he could sense her heat but she caught him unawares and thrust her hips upward, grabbing his hips and pulling him onto her while whacking her clit. Jakes moaned as Lucy fucked him hard until he felt her contractions convulsing around his cock. It was so fast, he hadn’t even time to take control. No sooner had Lucy cum, that she reached up and grabbed his neck and pulled him down to her mouth. They sucked into each other and Jakes thrust his cock deep into her wetness. She felt his penis head touch her clit deep inside and the condom half way down his shaft rubbed up against her vaginal walls. She felt him thrust on and on. Deep long and fast. Her head banging up against the safety belt, the two of them drenched with passion until Jakes gasped and shot his load forcefully. She felt him shudder as his balls pumped their stuff into the condom. But Lucy was not stopping, not now, not after not having a hard cock for so long.