Written by Aquarius29

17 Dec 2016

We have been chatting for months on the site and now even on bbm.... sharing hot thoughts and fantasies of what really turns us on. Each of us having orgasms to the erotic ideas and fantasies of pure lustful pleasures which touch every single aspect of your sexual being.

We both finally agree to meet...the sexual tension and craving to feel those words turn into actions is too great....we want this so badly.

We agree to meet during the day.... At at quite coffee shop in Pretoria. I can't wait to see u....and have asked that u wear a red thong..short sexy skirt. U arrive before me order a cup of coffee and wait in anticipation....unsure what to expect. It all feels so wrong but thinking about the conversations we shared over the last week's makes u so wet and horny. U momentarily forgot the guilt....u need this to play out. U want to feel this.

I cannot wait...been planning my fantasy with u for so long on the chats....I want to pleasure u till ur toes curls and ur eyes roll back..hearing u moaning on we chat has left me with wet dreams every night!! Want u so bad.

U sip ur coffee short red skirt with red underwear...trying to be relaxed but the anticipation has u so horny. I arrive in casual wear....I look you and I'm stunned at how gorgeous u r. I gulp....unsure of how to start this conversation as ur beauty has taken my words away. I'm struggling to maintain composure.....knowing at the back of my mind....this is the same hot gorgeous women who has rocked my mind and body for days!

I manage a hello and order a still whiskey....u smile lovingly.im so shy...unsure what to say. I need that whiskey bad!.we start idle chat how are u doing, how's work etc etc.....in meantime I can help but stare at your smooth sexy legs crossed. Ur cleavage I popping out and my cock is stirring in my pants. Just in time my drink arrives....u laugh. Knowing well and true how awkward things are....after a few sips I'm alot bolder. I ask u about all the sexy chats u have shared....u blush!! Gettn abit flustered I move closer to u. I'm reminding u about the request I made. You tell me that u have a red thong on....I mention that's ok I have a small present for u.

I take out of my pocket a small egg and place it into ur hand. Confused....u ask me. So what's this all about. I move up to ur ear and say.....go to the bathroom...remove ur thong and slide this egg into ur pussy and come back and site next to me. Don't think about it....trust me just do it.

Hesitantly....I go to bathroom remove ur partially wet thong and place it into ur bag. Not sure what to expect u walk back out and sit down next to me....I take out from ur bag ur thong and place it in my hand. It's done....u say to me and smile.

I move right up next to u. Place my hand on ur thigh and whisper in ur ear.....do not moan too loud, I am in control. In my pocket I turn the remote on to a low vibrate and the eggs inside ur pussy begins to pulse. U jump abit at first but I hold u down and soon u r biting ur lips...trying so hard not to show what u feeling.

The vibration sensations are still low and ur already so wet. Ur thighs are actually beginning to become a bit sticky as u have ur legs crossed. I turn up the setting for the egg to 2.

U Lean back on the seat trying sooooo hard to maintain composure...the waiter comes over asks us if we need anything. Looks at u and sees the slight drops of sweat on ur brow. I tell him we are all OK and smile.he leaves not asking anymore questions. The pulsing in ur pussy has ur clit so hard. u trying to feel my cock in my pants...but I push ur hand away and hold u back into the seat. I whisperin ur ear.....not yet baby Im in control.u try to rub ur pussy under the table but I hold ur hand back. I whisper in ur ear. Can u feel that pleasure in ur pussy...? Can u feel that clit getting hard for me? Grind ur legs together...make that pussy wet. Feel that vibration in ur juicy hole and imagine I'm fucking u with my cock. U lean into my neck and beg.

Please stop....I'm going to cum so hard. I can't take this....I really want to fuck u now...give me that cock.

I want u to go to another level of pleasure....

Since the shop is relatively empty... I purposely turn the egg to its highest pulse setting. Ur breathing is heavily laboured....u cannot take it anymore. I can sense u are going to come.... very hard.. ur eyes are rolling back.

I can see u going to scream!!!

U body is just starting to shudder as a powerful orgasm overwhelms u..... I grab ur face and kiss u deeply.

Your orgasm is muffled as u scream into my mouth as I kiss u deeply

I can feel ur entire body shaking......ur hands on my face are shivering.... I cannot speak.

The seat u r on....is wet....I kiss u deeply and say.....this is wat I wanted u to feel....

Out of breathe u cannot speak but just lean bk into the seat!!

Your face is glowing and radiant ...u have had such a powerful orgasm. Ur hand is still relaxing on my thighs as u try to regain urself. I turn off the vibrating egg to allow u to recover as u try to clean up the wetness between ur legs. U ask me to get the bill as u go off to the bathroom to freshen up. I still want to feel my throbbing member inside u..craving to feel wat the egg was lucky to taste.

I pay the bill as u return to the table egg In purse. Ur clit is still beating and that tingling feeling has not left....u want more and I can see it.

I slide my hand gently up ur thigh and whisper in ur ear as I bite it softly...I need to fuck u!! Let's go..

Your eyes light up! We walk hand in hand to the car, u wondering were are we goin. I tell u to sit back and enjoy the ride but listen to my instructions.

U sit in front seat. We start off on the road heading to a nearby city lodge....I tell u. Do not touch my hand and u cannot touch my body till we arrive. U look into my eyes....droopy eyelids heavy with lust just nod accepting my instructions.

I slide my 4 fingers inside ur soaking wet panties....and I'm rubbing ur pussy up and down gently as we driving

Ur clit is being massaged so nicely as my flat fingers press up into u. the wetness still there as u bite ur lip and hold on to the door handle. we stop at a traffic light and the guy in the car next to just stares at the expression on ur face. seeing u biting ur lips and gasping... he soon realises what I'm doing and smiles and drives off when the light turns green.

We reach the city lodge and I already have our keys... I lead u up to the room as u trying so hard to feel my cock through my pants. open the door and all hell breaks loose

I pull up ur skirt... as u busy pulling down my shorts. drop to ur knees u free my wet dripping cock....precum leaking from the head visibly beating and throbbing as u lick the tip looking up into my eyes... watching me... seeing how I am loosing myself as u start to suck the head of my swollen cock. I reach down and play with your tits as u sucking my cock head. those nipples r so rock hard as I squeeze then in my hand...then the entire breast.

U mouth is sucking my pink head and u can feel my cock throbbing as ur tounge is expertly wrapped around my helmut. ur free hand is gently massaging my balls and u then lick me from the balls up the shaft to the head... looking up at my face making sure ur every action Is driving me insane.

U start to suck one of my balls in ur mouth as u stroke the shaft in ur hand..then slowly move over to the other.. my legs r shaking...I am going to cum soon if u don't stop

I pull u up and push u to the bed. I need to fuck u hard now. Cannot take it any longer. I open ur legs as u lie flat on bed and I slide on tounge from the bottom of ur pussy to ur clit....in one slow motion! U moan loudly.. and taste so good.

I gently push ur legs around my neck and first rub my wet cock head on those lips....before..... sliding.... inside.....u...deeeeeep!!!. Your eyes roll back and u moan loudly as I ease my entire cock inside u. gently I start to slide in and out and u moaning so nicely....loving every sensation in ur pussy...the throbbing cock inside ur pussy is causing waves and waves of indescribable pleasure.

I move faster as I suck on ur neck softly and u can now hear the slapping of our wet bodies as my cock slides in and out of ur wetness.....u r so juicy the bed is already having a damp spot. U nails are running up and downy back....pulling me to be deeper inside u. Soon u move to my ass and tell me to go harder....u going to come soon.

I fuck u harder now....my cock is so hard inside u as I can feel ur pussy clamping down on it as ur orgasm I mounting.... U arch your body back in one motion screaming fuck I'm cumming!!! I'm so turned on hearing u say that I pull out and spray my cum all over ur tummy.....u still grinding as I shoot thick streams on warm cum on u....out of breath and exhausted....u lie back on the bed glowing with satisfaction..