Written by Flagg

03 Nov 2013

Even so, it wasn’t long before Samantha started stroking my semi-erect cock again…and obviously not long after that, that I was as hard as a steel pole again - the benefit of being young, dumb and full of cum! ‘Have you ever had sex with someone?’ Sam asked. ‘No’ I replied honestly. ‘If it feels so good having you in my mouth, I can’t imagine what it must feel like having you inside me…if it will fit, that is.’ I turned on my side and looked deep in her eyes, ‘let’s try it!’ Sam just laughed, ‘we won’t know what to do!’ Also laughing, I told her, ‘Although I've never done it, I have seen how it works lots of times.’ Surprised, Sam asked me where, and I told her about the pornographic video that we had stolen from the father of one of my buddies. She immediately insisted that I go fetch it.

My clothes were back on in a second, and I ran over to our house to go fetch it. Fortunately, my parents weren’t around to hassle me about what I was up to and to give me stuff to do around the house. I hurried back, and Samantha quickly let me in, careful not to let anybody from the street catch a glimpse of her naked body. Pushing me up against the closed door, she didn’t even bother taking my jeans off – she just unzipped it, pulled my erection through and, while getting down on her knees, slipped my cock-head back in her mouth. I interrupted her sucking before I could cum again, however, so that we could make our way to the TV room with the video in hand. I must have looked quite silly, walking around with my stiff cock poking out through the zip of my jeans, trying to get the video to work on their player! I finally managed, and while going over to Sam, already spread out on the couch, stripped off my clothes again.

Samantha couldn’t get enough of all the different positions, toys and, of course, group sex scenes. As she watched, I opened her legs and spread her still drenched pussy lips. After toying and stretching them for a while, it was my turn to give her a proper licking and sucking. Sam didn’t complain, but after a while she lifted my head. Looking into my eyes, she told me that it was time. I gently pushed her back on the couch and positioned my body between her spread legs, with my erection poking against her pussy lips. Still looking deep into her eyes, I began to rub my cock-head against her lips, separating them from each other. Sam closed her eyes and softly groaned with pleasure. Very slowly, I started rubbing my swollen head against her with increasing force. I could feel her lips part, starting to swallow and pull me in deeper. As she was already accustomed to a couple of fingers inside her, and because she was so wet, it didn’t appear to hurt her. This encouraged me to squeeze my cock even deeper until my entire head was inside her vagina. Pulling out completely, I re-inserted my head slowly, this time pushing harder so that my entire shaft entered her as well. As I started rhythmically pumping, Samantha caught her breath. Afraid that I had hurt her, I immediately pulled out again. ‘No, please don’t… don’t stop… put it back…’ she gasped, ‘…it’s not hurting me… please…’ I entered her again, this time harder and faster, and continued riding her. With my pulsing cock as deep in her as I could get it, I started feeling the contractions of her love muscles increase, trying to suck me in even further. This was enough to push me over the edge again, ejaculating over her stomach immediately upon withdrawing from her.

‘WOW… that was so intense…my first and with the guy I love…and it’s only still morning!’ Sam breathed as we lay tightly in each other's arms, me toying with an erect nipple and she with a hand on my semi-flaccid penis, still sticky with my semen and her slime mixed together. Kissing her deeply, I couldn’t help but agree. Not for long, however, as Sam soon enquired with a naughty smile on her lips what position we were going to try next…Realizing that she was even more over-sexed than me (if at all possible), I contemplated the wonderful times ahead!

‘I’ll have to take a little break before getting it up again, honey…’ I told her, ‘…promise, it shouldn’t take too long…’ But that wasn’t enough. Looking at the TV, she said that she would really like to have one of the multi-headed vibrators that the two ladies currently on screen were playing with (back in those days, decent toy stores weren’t to be found around every corner, and what did we as two teens from the middle of nowhere know in any event). ‘We could improvise, you know’ I said, jokingly, while she looked as me quizzically. ‘I’m sure that we could find something around here resembling just that, we just have to be inventive?’ Laughing, Sam got up while I was still tugging on the thick, puffy nipple capping her full beautifully free swinging left breast. Shyly, she jogged out of the room, cupping both breasts to try to hide their movement from me, while looking back at me with an evil grin – not long, however, before she returned with a cucumber in one hand and a corn cob in the other. It was my turn to laugh, actually unable to keep my eyes from her huge breasts, with her nipples dangling to just about her naval. ‘Let’s start with the tip of that cucumber, and take it from there, okay?’ Taking the ‘toy’ from her, I lightly greased it with oil before swinging it around proclaiming, ‘May the Force be with You!’ (stupid teenager shit at the time …).

Fortunately it didn’t upset her to much (also being a teen at the time), and I managed to get Sam to agree to try a new position, on all fours on the couch. I have to be honest, it presented me with the most beautiful sight ever – I couldn’t decide whether to look at her pixy face with evil smile, her soft hanging tits and long nipples scraping the couch, or those impressive lips peeking out at me from between her soft, light hair and slightly spread legs… Would you be able to choose? I couldn’t control myself, and immediately went for the pussy – understandable in light thereof that it was only the second one that I’ve seen (in any event, nothing could ever beat the beauty of a spread pussy, could it?)

Positioning myself behind her, I slowly started inserting the tip of the cucumber into her. ‘No need to be shy with that’, she replied, ‘right now, it’s still feeling a lot smaller than you… I need it, don’t hold back…’ I didn’t – ramming her with the cucumber, now halfway up her pussy, as I held open her lips with the other hand, fucking her therewith at an ever increasing speed. Just the thought of what I was doing to this beautiful young lady with a vegetable was enough to send my cock in a vertical direction. Ripping the cucumber from Sam’s pussy, with her juices running freely, I sat down on the couch beside her and pulled her on top of me. This time, she took the initiative by grabbing my shaft and forcing my cock into her stretched cunt. She started riding me with such a vigorous speed that her large breasts were bouncing everywhere, occasionally slapping me in the face. ‘Oh my God… this feels so much better than that thing that you just had in me…’ I grabbed hold of her bouncing left tit and sucked her thick, long nipple into my mouth. Sam cried out in pleasure, forcing her pelvis down even harder on my cock .Her orgasm was so intense that she trembled in my arms.

Fortunately I didn’t cum inside her, or at all that time for that matter. And with both of our private parts being red and sensitive from all the friction, we decided that it may be a good idea to subject them both, my cock and her cunt, to an alternative more kinky mode of relaxation…