Written by artsmart

05 Apr 2016

After reading what another member had to say about her changing room experience, it left me thinking about how I myself have often been in those cubicles and heard subtle sounds and had never considered that maybe someone was into or onto something ‘moist’ inside there. Well it just so happened that while doing some business in PE the other day I decided to pop into a well know clothing shop to get myself another pair of trousers. I had selected a pair and went to the changing cubicle. It was busy in the shop so I had to wait a bit for a cubicle that was available. Like I said, after reading that other juicy lil story the other day, had put me into another mode when I had walked down the change rooms isle. So I was standing about when I thought I heard a muffled yelp coming from one cubicle. Low and behold I thought I could just make out a light slapping sound. But I was probably imagining things after reading the story on this website. I laughed quietly thinking that maybe I had met the twin angel of the pussy slapper of the kitty story. Anyways, a minute later the door opens and this stunning medium build middle aged lady with curvy hips steps out walks passed me and I catch a whiff of her perfume. So I went straight in where she had just exited and closed the door behind me. I hung up the trousers and proceeded to undress. Then I saw it. A pair of black panties rolled up in a tight ball in the corner of the cubicle. The floor was also black but I guess I just have a sixth sense for this stuff. I was standing there in my undies when I unraveled that little jewel, imagining that it was the lady’s pair, the one whom I’d seen exiting when I entered. Once unraveled, I looked at the crotch and it was well creamed and there were a few pubic hairs embedded into the still damp yet partially crusted love juice. Looked like they had been ridden right up her slit. Maybe she had slapped her puss right there. I could imagine her ‘moist’ lips softly rubbing into the gusset. Fuck, I was so glad I’d read that juicy lil story on this website! The cream was still damp, so it must’ve been hers. Anyways, I took the panties and stretched them out over my head so that the creamy crotch nestled on my nose. I took out my hard penis and began rubbing it, imagining that she was doing it for me. I inhaled her perfume deeply into my lungs. I played myself long and slow. Enjoying every moment. Then just before I came I took them off my head and put them onto the bench in front of me. Like this I fuckt them until I came all over them.