Written by Anon

17 Feb 2017

As she said she's working late tonight. I make sure everyone is gone and lock the office.

I go the her office and see her standing with her back to me. I go from behind and kiss her in her neck and let my hands wander. "Today felt so long and i kept wondering how i can repay you for this morning"

I push her skirt up and massage her clit through her skimpy g string. She turns her head and we kiss. I continue rubbing her clit making sure to get her wet. I slip of her gstring and bend her over her desk. I take my cock out and rub it against her pussy teasing her.

I slowly slip my cock in her pussy and fuck her slow and gently. Not wanting to this to be over too soon as this is just the start. I take off her shirt and brawhile fucking her and play with her nippels. She moans softly and say don't stop.

But I've got other plans and pull out. I turn her around and kiss her and pick her up putting her on her desk.

I go down and start to lick her clit, her pussy clean shaven. I smell her sweet juices and suck her clit. Nibbeling on it ever so gently slipping in one finger into her pussy that so wet by now so I slip in another one and another one. She moans and grinds into my fingers.

I keep this up till she cums and lick her juices up. She tastes so great that i stick my tongue into her pussy and work while my hand massage clit. I catch a glimpse of her playing with her nippels.

She cums quiker this time flooding my mouth. I go up and kiss her. She kiss me eagerly with her taste still on my lips.

I go sit on her chair and she kneels by me and takes my cock into her mouth she sucks me for a while to get me nice and hard.

Then she get on my lap and slide down on my cock and ride me. Her boobs in front of my face i suck her nippels circling her nippels with my tongue.

Be both feel our orgasm coming closer and she starts to fuck me harder.

We kiss and cum together hugging each other. She gets of and lick my cock clean.

As we dress she says "Next time we take a chance we with a quikie during work hours." Winks at me, kiss me and leave.

If you the readers want more of this story please tell me. I don't want to bore you guys by continuing with a story that has run its course.

I'm planning on writing more fiction stories over the coming weeks. But what I need to know is what you feel i can and should do different. I'm still new to this

Till next time