Written by Anon

17 Feb 2017

A follow up on my story of yesterday.

Its monday and we have to face each other at the office.

I think to myself it's not going to help to avoid her and it's better to face her.

I step into her office and close the door. She's wearing a low cut top push up bra showing a lot of cleavage a short but proffesional skirt and I'm sure a VERY skimpy g string.

Great I think to myself I want to clear the air and here I am standing with a boner.

"Listen sorry if I took advantage with you being upset the other day. I know you are married and I don't want to screw it up for you. "

She gets up and close the blinds. Turns around and kiss me and say "it takes two to tango, I haven't had sex like that in ages and no one needs to know. Lets just have some fun for a while. No emotions. Only sex."

She locks the door and goes down on her knees and take off my pants. She rubs my cock and suck my balls. My cock gets rock hard and she licks the head her hand on my balls now massaging them. The she takes the whole length into her mouth and work my cock and balls like never before.

I feel the pressure starting to build up and look down at her. Our eyes meet and she knows I'm about to cum. I expected her to stop but no she just goes at it harder.

Its gets too much and i release my load into her mouth. Pumping her mouth full. Some off leaking from her mouth. She wipes her mouth clean and lick it up before licking my cock clean.

She gets up and whisper in my ear "I'll be working late tonight..."