Written by Anon

16 Feb 2017

This is the first time i write a story so it might not be the best. Critism welcome.

Coming into the office after working at a client one saturday i notice that my one colleague whom I find very hot is at the office.

I step into her office and notice immediately she's upset.

I ask her what wrong but she just say nothing. I don't know why but the next moment i hug her. She cries on my shoulder for a while. She lift her head and our eyes meet. Our lips close and we kiss.

We kiss passionately our hands exploring each other bodies. We both must have realized that this won't be enough and start to undress each other. Completely naked i suck her nippels and gently massage her clit. We kiss again and i pinch her nippels softly.

She starts to play with my cock making my cock rock hard. She goes onto her knees and lick the head and play with my balls. Then she sucks my balls. First the one then the other while wanking my rock hard cock.

She then takes my cock into her mouth and give me an amazing blowjob. She goes on like this for a few minutes the stops.

She gets up and kiss me again. I pick her up and let her lie on her desk. I open her legs and start to suck and lick her clit and finger her pussy. Her pussy smells like heaven to me and makes me want more. I stick my tongue into her pussy fucking her with my tongue my hand massaging her clit. I keep this up untill she cums. Flooding my mouth with her sweet juices.

I come up kiss her again as i lift her onto my cock and i start to fuck her gently. I break from the kiss and suck her nippels. Nibbling on them hearing her soft moans. I look into her eyes and me keep on looking. I go faster and faster she starts to moan more.

Finally as I cum pumping her pussy full of my juice she cums to with loud moan.

We kiss again knowing we just shared a great experience. We get dressed in silence and go home.

Not knowing will this happen again.

Well i hope you liked it. Please give feedback good or bad.