Written by Slowvelder

22 Sep 2016

I heard the sound of the key in the door too late. I was sitting in the folding chair at the desk with my back to the front door, my pants and boxers pulled down to my thighs, with my right hand wrapped around my 7” erect penis and my left hand fondling my testicles. I was watching a slideshow on the computer screen in front of me of still photographs of “Brooke,” a blonde stripping off her bikini outside, showing her patch of brown pubic hair and size C breasts.

My wife’s sister, Tara, opened the front door and managed a stuttered “Oh…shit…sorry…” as she slammed the door and ran through the living room into the guest room. It all happened so fast I never got my pants pulled up, although she was behind me and probably couldn’t see too much. But she certainly saw the close-up photos on the screen of the blonde bent over exposing herself.

I was mortified and embarrassed beyond belief. I quickly pulled up my pants and zipped up, closed the slideshow on my computer, opened up a web browser on Sports Illustrated, and sat at the computer, unsure what to do next.


My wife and I were living overseas, and she had invited her younger sister Tara to come live with us for a couple of months to experience the “international” lifestyle. Tara was almost 10 years younger than myself, and about 5 years younger than my wife. Since the day I met my wife, I had always been attracted to her little sister.

Of course, my wife Samantha was nothing to be ashamed of. She and I had a perfect personality mix, and her body always turned me on. Her nice white skin, sandy-blonde hair, and blue eyes were a nice mix, and I loved my wife’s large B-cup breasts and pink nipples. She carried her weight well, and had a plump rear and curvy hips that looked good on her.

But Tara seemed to have just a little bit more, and perhaps it was simply the “grass is greener” syndrome. Yet Tara’s body seemed a little more curvy, her breasts a little bigger, and weighed just a little less than my wife. Tara’s dark hair and brown eyes went well with her giggle and personality. We got along well and often spent time together without my wife around.

And that made her desirable beyond belief.

Having Tara in the house made it hard to concentrate – I found myself constantly fantasizing about her. I would catch glimpses of her walking from the shower with a towel around her, and wondered what she looked like under the towel. I would try to hide my gaze when we had late-night talks over tea, while I wondered if she was wearing a bra under her nightshirt. I listened to her in the shower and wondered if she was shaving her legs…or her pubic hair. And all this seemed to build even more since my wife and I hadn’t had sex since Tara arrived.

Tara had come to live at our house about 3 weeks earlier. She was volunteering at a nearby school and doing some tourism, and since my wife and I both worked day jobs, we didn’t see her much during the work week. But I usually had an hour or so in the afternoon after I got home from work, and that was my “private” time. My wife usually didn’t come home from work until late in the afternoon. I typically came straight home, locked the door, flipped on the computer, and found a photo set from my pornography collection to masturbate to. Sometimes I managed to get two sessions in if I got home early enough. And of course, I was now looking for girls in my photo sets that looked like Tara.


So there I sat, embarrassed, ashamed, and unsure what to do next, as I surfed through rugby stories to make it look like I was doing nothing improper. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten to lock the door. Fuck! I was screwed! My wife had no idea that I looked at pornography – nor that I had such an extensive collection of photos and videos on my computer. What would the conversation be like between my wife and her sister? How would Tara tell her what she saw? Would she tell her? What would my response be?

I sat there in shock for about five minutes before Tara ventured back out of the guest bedroom.

“Is it safe to come out?” she asked with a giggle from the hallway. That was a good sign – laughter. At least it meant she wasn’t horrified by what she saw.

“What?” I said innocently. “It’s fine. What are you doing?” I hoped to change the subject quickly and ignore what had just happened.

Tara came out sheepishly from the hallway and looked at me with a smile. “I’m SO sorry,” she said. “If I would have known…I would have stayed out…or…something.”

Damn. She was going to broach the subject. “What are you sorry about?” I said, trying to reassure her. “I’m the one who’s sorry. I feel completely embarrassed.” I turned my head away to avoid her eyes. It was too late now – I had just admitted it…even though she clearly knew what was going on.

Tara stood there and leaned against the doorway in the hall. She was wearing blue jeans and a purple short-sleeve top. “No, it’s your house. I should be respectful of that. I know it’s difficult with me staying here. I’m really sorry – I feel embarrassed.”

“YOU feel embarrassed,” I said laughing a little. “Think of how I feel. You have no reason to be embarrassed.”

“Yeah…well…” she trailed off, unsure of what to say.

“So….uh….what exactly DID you see?” I asked bashfully. I didn’t know if I was asking to know how to approach this with my wife, or if it was turning me on that my wife’s sisterr had seem me masturbating.

Tara smiled again. “I saw….enough,” she said and giggled again. “Don’t worry – it’s normal and natural. I don’t think different of you, I swear.”

That response caught my attention. She didn’t seem to be put off by it. I pushed a little further. “Could you see…uh…could you see, you know…me?”

“No,” she said, and then started to laugh. “At least not the front. All I could see was your butt and I realized that…well, you know, your pants were down. And then I saw what was on the computer.”

I smiled back at her, embarrassed. “Oh. Well, at least you didn’t get the whole show” I said with a laugh. “You know, I just look at those pictures as a visual aid of sorts. I don’t mean any disrespect by it. I certainly don’t disrespect those women. I’m sorry I embarrassed you.”

“No, it’s fine – I’m not embarrassed. And I know you don’t disrespect women. I know how you treat Samantha. I guess I’m just…well…” she trailed off and didn’t finish.

“What? You guess you’re just…what?” I liked where this conversation was going – and realized now that I was turned on by it.

“Well, I guess I was just a little curious. I saw a couple of the photos, and realized what they were, and now I find myself wondering what kind of pornography it was. I mean, now I’m trying to picture what kind of guy you are.”

“I’m a normal guy,” I said. “It’s pretty tame stuff – mostly just a set of 100 photos of a girl undressing for the camera, with some, you know, close-ups and stuff.”

“Stuff?” she said. “What ‘stuff’?”

“You know, sexual poses. Maybe touching themselves, showing themselves, bending over. That kind of thing. No S&M or bondage or crap like that.” I hoped I wasn’t taking this conversation too far.

“Does Samantha look at them with you?” Tara asked.

That was the question I was trying to avoid. Now it would come out that this had to remain a secret. Fat chance of that – sisters told each other everything. I replied quickly: “No, Samantha doesn’t even know I have them. I think she would be upset if she found out.”

Tara smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t say anything. I promise.” She walked closer to me and sat down on the chair next to me at the desk. It excited me to know that she was already comfortable enough with me to sit down next to me, right where I had just been masturbating minutes before. “You should probably tell her sometime,” she said. “You might be surprised by how she reacts. You shouldn’t have to hide this – there’s nothing wrong with it – every guy does it.”

“How do you think she’d react?” I asked timidly.

Tara shrugged. “I’m not sure. She probably would be turned on by it. That’s the normal response.”

“How would YOU react?” I asked. “I mean, if you caught your boyfriend doing…well, what you caught me doing.” She was sitting so close to me that our thighs were touching. I was started to become very aroused talking about this with my wife’s sister.

“It would turn me on,” she said nonchalantly.

That surprised me. Not that she said it would turn her on, but that she admitted it so freely and openly to me. I decided to push further and ask a potentially dangerous question. “Did it turn you on when you caught me?” I asked, and averted my eyes to avoid embarrassment.

Tara nodded and said with a bashful grin: “Yeah, it did.” She waited for a response.

“Really?” I was surprised she admitted that, too. “Do you look at porn when you, um…you know…”

“When I play with myself?” she finished my question for me. “Yeah, I do. Not ALL the time, but I do look at it a lot. I have my own little collection.”

I was now very aroused. “Really! No way. What do you have in your collection? I mean, what kind of stuff?”

“Hmm…” she said thoughtfully. Tara seemed very comfortable talking about this with me. I knew she was a little more sexually liberated than my wife, but had no idea she looked at pornography when she masturbated. The thought of her looking at porn while fingering herself….it was too much to think about. “I guess the same kind of stuff. Mostly still photographs. Though I probably have more of guys than girls.”

“You like to look at girls, too?” I asked flabbergasted.

“Yeah. I like to look at both, and, well…you know, both men and women together…”

“Wow. I had no idea, Tara.” I shook my head and laughed. “No idea…”

“So…” Tara hesitated. “Did you finish when I went into the room? I tried to give you a few more minutes…”

I swallowed hard and couldn’t believe she had just asked me such a direct question. “Uh…did I WHAT?”

“You know….did you finish?”

I’m sure I turned bright red. “Um….no. It was a little traumatic, you walking in and all…and it sort of killed the mood.”

Tara shrugged her shoulders. “Well…do you want to finish now?”

I couldn’t even look at her – I just kept staring straight ahead at the sports webpage I had open on my computer screen.

She continued: “If you’d rather, I can go into the room for a while. Or…maybe…”

“Maybe what?”

“Maybe we could look at some of your pictures together.” She waited for me to respond, but the blood rushed out of my brain and into my crotch. I felt my penis twitch as it started to swell in my pants. What was she really asking me? Did she just want to look at the pictures together? Did she want me to play with myself in front of her? Or was she going to play with herself, too? I turned and looked at her to try and read her thoughts.

“I don’t know if that’s such a good idea,” I said. “If Samantha found out, it could cause problems – for both of us.”

“My sister doesn’t have to find out,” she said firmly. “Plus, I want to see more of the photos in your collection. Now you’ve got me curious to see what turns my brother-in-law on.” She smiled wryly.

“Well…” I grabbed the mouse and opened the file on my computer that held my collection. I had more than 1,500 separate folders, each with 50-100 photos of a girl getting naked for the camera in explicit poses. “They’re all labeled by name,” I said, scrolling through the folder.

“What kind of girls are they?” Tara asked.

“Natural. Mostly natural girls, no plastic surgery crap,” I said. “Mostly young, though I have some of older women, too – you know, in their 40s or 50s maybe.”

“Let me see some,” she said, setting her hand on my knee and tapping it. “That one there - Lydia - let’s see her.”

I clicked open the folder labeled “Lydia” and started a slideshow. The first picture was of a young brunette with shoulder-length hair and a red dress that showed off her cleavage. I started to skip through the pictures with the arrow button on the keyboard, and as I did, “Lydia” began to show some suggestive poses as she began to pull down the top of her dress. She showed her pert, young B-cup breasts as the camera zoomed in for close-ups of her pink nipples. Soon the model was completely nude, sitting on the ground next to a sofa, her legs open and exposing her pubic area, her pink flesh peeking out through the long brown pubic hair. The model switched poses, turning over to show her rear end and glimpses of her vagina below her butt between her legs. Looking at the nude photos of this girl with Tara sitting by my side had given me a raging erection, and I shifted uncomfortably in my seat so it wouldn’t be noticeable.

Tara leaned closer to the computer screen. “This is pretty tasteful,” she said, examining the model on the screen closely. “She has a nice body – very natural.”

“Yeah, I prefer natural, for sure.” I didn’t mention that I thought Tara might have a similar body underneath her purple shirt and jeans.

“Let’s see another one,” she said. I clicked back to the menu. “That one—Polly – let’s see her.”

I clicked on “Polly” and a slightly plump, black-haired woman in her late 20s wearing a blue sundress came on the screen. Again I started skipping through the photos as Polly began to pull her dress down, and two large, D-cup breasts with big areolas and nipples popped out. Then the model hiked her dress up to reveal she was not wearing any panties, and exposed her dark, hairy love patch between her legs. I had an urge to touch myself, but held back.

Tara leaned back in the chair. “Wow, she has a gorgeous body,” she said, and then laughed as she added: “I wish my boobs were that big.”

I couldn’t believe Tara was jealous – I thought her breasts were the perfect size, although I had never seen them exposed. I decided to be bold. “I think you are just right,” I said. “It fits your…your body.”

Tara touched my knee again. “Thanks, but I still wouldn’t mind being a little bigger.” She smiled at me. “Let’s see some more…this is turning me on. Do you have any of couples together?”

“I think so,” I said. I couldn’t believe she was getting turned on, too. I wondered what was going to happen – would she play with herself in front of me? Would she mind if I did? I clicked through the folder looking for one labeled with a girl’s and guy’s name. I found one marked “Beauty & friend” and clicked on it. There was a photo of a good-looking young black woman wearing a pink halter-top and a jean mini-skirt, with a white man behind her dressed in a button-up shirt and pants.

“Oh, she’s pretty,” Tara said. “Do you like dark girls?”

“I like all girls,” I said laughing. “What do you think about him?”

Tara frowned. “Hard to tell so far,” she said. “His face is okay, but I’ll have to see his body. Skip through and let’s see them.”

I skipped through and the man began to take the woman’s top off, pulling it down and letting her big, D-cup breasts with dark nipples fall out in front of the camera. They were immaculate breasts – perfectly shaped and sized, and still pert and firm. The girl must have been in her mid-20s, about Tara’s age.

“What do you think of her?” Tara asked.

“She’s hot,” I said, as I skipped through the photos and the man began to undress the girl fully as he kissed and sucked her breasts. He got her naked and sat her on a chair with her legs open, exposing a dark, hairy vagina. He pulled her lips apart and showed the camera her pink hole. Then they switched positions, and the girl pulled his pants off. A semi-erect, circumcised penis with neatly trimmed pubic hair sprung out of his pants, which the model immediately grabbed and began to stroke. I slowed down skipping through the pictures, admiring the man’s cock and thinking that it was about the same size and shape as mine. The model quickly got him fully erect and then took his member deep into her mouth.

“Well,” I said, “what do you think of him now?”

Tara smiled faintly and didn’t move her eyes from the screen. “Very nice,” she said with a low voice. “Very nice. Keep going…”

I skipped through some more and soon the man was lying on the ground in a spoon position, with the girl in front of him, and he began to penetrate her from behind. The photos showed graphic visuals of him entering her as she spread her legs and fondled her breasts for the camera.

Tara shifted in her seat and reached her hands between her legs. “That makes me wet,” she said softly. “Oh my god…” she started to rub her crotch through her jeans.

I skipped through the photos until the man was over the model in the missionary position, and soon he had pulled out and she gave him a handjob until he had an orgasm, letting it dribble on her pubic hair.

Tara sighed. “Another! Another! Let’s see more!” she said giggling. “Show me one of your favorites.”

I clicked on “Debora” and a picture of a brunette in a pink bikini came on screen. She had big D-cup breasts, and a body that was just plump enough.

“This is one of your favorites?” Tara asked. “Why?”

“I don’t know, really,” I said. “I think I just like her body, and her proportions. She’s not too skinny, but not fat. She has nice curves and…well…her hair is how I like it…” I felt embarrassed openly talking about pubic hair.

“Are you going to play with yourself?” Tara asked.

Was she inviting me to masturbate in front of her? I couldn’t believe it!

“Uh…is that…uh…okay? Would it bother you?”

“Not at all – I want you to. Don’t worry, I won’t watch you…you can keep covered up mostly. Would you mind if I played with myself, too?” she asked.

My jaw dropped. I felt like I would shoot my load right there, just thinking about my wife’s sister masturbating next to me. “I don’t mind at all…but I can kind of cover myself. Can you…well, I mean, are you okay with me being here?”

Tara nodded. “Not a problem…I can do it without taking my pants off, if that’s what you’re asking,” she said.

“Okay…” I started to flip through the pictures of Debora in her pink bikini, and Tara quickly focused her attention on the screen. Then I noticed that Tara very subtly unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled the zipper down, pulling the flaps to the side. I tried to look out of the corner of my eye, so she wouldn’t notice, and could see some white flowered panties beneath her jeans. Her shirt was pulled up just slightly so that I could see her belly button and the lower part of her smooth, taut stomach.

The photos showed the model as she pulled at the strings of her bikini. She had perky large breasts, and they hung perfectly inside the cups of her skimpy bikini top. Then the model pulled her top to the sides showing off her breasts. She had big pink areolas with a nice little pink bud in the center.

Sitting next to me, Tara had her right hand down her jeans and was rubbing her crotch through her flowered panties. I decided to go ahead and make my own move. I leaned back in my chair slightly and unzipped my pants. I inserted my hand and began to rub my erection over my boxers. I glanced over at Tara – she didn’t seem to notice, or didn’t mind. So I went ahead and reached inside my boxers fly and grabbed my hard penis, pulling it out of the fly. I kept my hand grasped around it, so most of it was covered up, but my purplish head was now clearly visible sticking up above my thumb and index finger. I began to jerk slowly, careful not to finish too quick.

I skipped through more photos, and now the model had pulled off her bikini bottoms. She was very sexy with her big breasts hanging out, and a dark triangle of brown pubic hair between her legs. I stroked a little harder and glanced over at Tara out of the corner of my eye.

My sister-in-law now had her hand underneath her panties and was rubbing herself faster. I could see some of her own black pubic hair sticking out of the top of her panties around her hand. I saw that she, too, was looking at me out of the corner of her eye. She watched my penis head as it throbbed between my hand as I stroked and squeezed my erection. It turned me on to know that I now had shared something intimate with my wife’s sister – I had seen her pubic hair and she had seen the tip of my cock while I masturbated.

I skipped through some more photos and now the model was bending over for the camera, showing her most intimate parts, spreading her pussy lips and butt cheeks, and letting us see her clit.

Tara moaned softly next to me, and I glanced over – she was looking back and forth between the computer screen and my stroking hand. She rubbed herself furiously, and I got some good views of the top of her dark, natural hair between her legs.

I couldn’t take it anymore – I grabbed a Kleenex from my other pocket and put it on top of my penis head and jerked harder. I felt the orgasm come on, and my penis throbbed as I shot spurt after spurt of hot semen that was caught by the Kleenex. Quickly a wet patch appeared on the tissue, and Tara watched in awe. She moaned again and flinched in the chair, then her rubbing slowed until she finally pulled her hand back out of her panties.

I exhaled deeply and grabbed the tissue, trying to get most of the cum, but it was difficult. I had shot so much that it was running down my hand, all over my shorts and jeans, and had made a mess. I saw from the corner of my eye that Tara was watching and probably had a couple glimpses of my full cock as I tried to clean up. I quickly shoved myself back into my pants and zipped up.

I looked at Tara’s face, wondering how she would react and what we would do now.

She smiled back at me. “That was hot,” she said. “Thanks, I needed that. It’s been a while for me, living here, you know, so I had some pent-up sexual frustration I needed to release.”

“That was fun…” I said. “You know, we can’t tell Samantha…”

“Don’t worry,” Tara said. “It’s our secret. Plus, what did we really do that was so wrong? It’s not like you’re cheating on her. We were just masturbating – and happened to be in the same room at the time.”

“Yeah, you’re right,” I said. “And we didn’t even see each other naked.”

“Uh…” Tara said laughing. “I admit – I took some peeks. I couldn’t help it – it was hot watching you next to me.”

“That’s okay,” I said. “I peeked a little too…”