Written by Secret_Fire

03 Nov 2014

Sitting in the cold entrance hall, Cassandra's hands shook nervously as she gripped the crisp sheaf of papers tightly. The contract she had always dreamed and fantasized about having, one that would see her desires lived out at last.

Her new owner walked in, slacks and white cotton shirt hiding a powerful, large frame. Wispy curls of black hair showing underneath the open collar, piercing blue eyes staring at her small shaking form crowded onto the corner of the small red leather ottoman. "Have you signed the contract yet? We need to get on with your introduction, and I would rather have you marked sooner than later. It's easier to cut the ties to your old life, that way." he said quietly, voice carrying through the mostly empty room.

Eyes lowered, she held forth the contract for him to inspect, talking in a quiet, throaty tone. "Signed on all three pages, Sir. As requested, I have already donated all of my belongings to The Estate. All I have, now, are the clothes on my back..."

"Good!" He drawled. "Timely obedience is something expected of all servants on the Estate grounds. You are also expected to obey without question when commanded by anyone of a higher rank than yourself, unless the command contradicts a previous command from myself or my mate. You will spend your first week getting acquainted with life here, and within the first month start receiving your modification therapy. Wait here, your guide will be along presently."

Pacing the rosewood-inlay parquet floor, her thoughts raced ahead as she waited. What would her modification involve? She had caught glimpses upon arriving at the gates of red-tailed post human hybrids, and something darkly scaled moving through the undergrowth, crowding thickly on the sides of the long cobbled drive.

The Estate, known to the outside world as the Chateaux of Dreams, was almost impossible to join as anything more than a servant. Having come into existence at the end of the 23rd century during the beginning of human awakening, it was one of the first and most extreme post-human modification houses. One could, of course, if money was no issue, simply pay for modification and leave, re-enter society as an idol, a model of perfection to those without the means to fulfill their desires. Positions were much in demand and fierce competition existed between the masses of aspiring humans. Females were more often than not selected over males for the symmetry of their bodies, the gentle curves and soft skin favored over the coarser male figure.

The soft slap of bare feet against the wooden floors brought her out of her reverie with a start. Her guide, Shorn, had arrived to lead her into the bowels of the large building. The time had come for her to leave her memories of the outside world behind and start again, begin a new existence.

There were no obvious differences between Shorn and those outside the estate, if one looked past the slight grey fur covering his exposed skin, the strange liquid look of his figure and the depth and clarity of his violet eyes.

His voice was as a stream in high summer, flowing and melodic. Hinting at hidden eddies and rapids. He stood behind her, talking with a slight amused lilt. "Cassandra? Follow me, please. And... Congratulations on your successful application. At this late stage, many aspirants for the position turn back."

Whirling around, Shorn quietly made his way towards the teak doors at the end of the hall. Cassandra followed, stumbling in his wake as the spicy scent of cinnamon roiled subtly off his skin. Neglecting to ask the obvious question, she thought quietly to herself, "The position serves me... As I serve it. Pleasure isn't my hobby, it's my talent".

Led down a red brick staircase hidden behind the doors at the back of the entrance hall, the slightly muggy air cooling as the distinct smell of clinical grade cleaning chemicals wafted up from below, she watched with fascination as the lower halls slowly gave way from crumbling brick and old mortar to clean steel walkways and opaque glass doors, lit with recessed lighting in the high ceiling.

Shorn stopped suddenly, facing an unmarked door. Taking hold of Cassandra's arm, he pulled her gently into the crowded room, the door swinging shut with finality behind them. Cassandra stood in Shorn's shadow, staring meekly at the tall man sitting on a tall stool in the far corner of the room.

Glittering, blue scales covered the heavily muscled, waspishly shaped form. Slight but lithe, seemingly capable of moving with an electric grace. Fine, chiseled face surrounding eyes hiding a hooded strength.

He uncoiled slowly, standing before them as a dervish smile formed on his fluid features. "Shorn... A new one? She has the look of a frightened deer" He said, leering at the girl hiding in the shadows. Finding her eyes with his, following every nervous twitch, he scratched absently at the dark outline of a sinuous snake showing through the scales on his upper arm. "Step forward, lass. Strip for us, you won't be needing those clothes anymore".

Cassandra edged forward into the room, standing between the two tall men. Suddenly in her element, she began gyrating to an unheard beat, spinning in place as she pulled her worn, pale green tight fitting tank top off over her head. Her long auburn hair whipped between the men crowding her as a strong hand settled around her hip and pulled her roughly towards the scent of cinnamon, soft lips nuzzling against her nipples as she struggled out of tattered blue jeans, fingers brushing against a growing bulge in Shorn's cotton trousers.

Clad only in her thin panties, she leaned into him, hand rubbing Shorn's growing erection as he pushed her down onto a cold steel tattooist's chair. Wreath, the azure scaled tattooist, pinned her arms at her sides, securing her hands in vice-like manacles as Shorn shrugged out of his trousers, sitting squarely between her spread legs, fingers circling against the wetness of her loins, soaking through the thin undergarment.

The shocking drone of an electric tattoo gun broke the lust-like scene unfolding in the room before her as Wreath crouched over her prone form. "Pain and pleasure mixed is the ultimate achievement of post-human ascendency... And for myself, work before play."

The gun bit into Cassandra's neck, carving the outline of a lifelike human-fox hybrid dancing under misty moonlight as Shorn ripped away her underwear, forcing two long fingers into her wet sex, grinning as his large member dripped precum along the inside of her thighs. Lining the massive head up with her tight tunnel, he reached forward, digging nails into the tight flesh of her perky tits, pulling her forward to impale herself as the tattoo gun left ink-filled furrows in the skin of her neck.

Groaning in pain and gasping in pleasure, Cassandra wrapped her legs tightly around Shorn's waist, pulling him into her. He began thrusting, her hips creaking as he penetrated her, juice dripping from her tight pussy, making the steel chair slip under her as Shorn struck out with his left hand, fingers wrapping into her hair with an animal lust, holding her still whilst Wreath concentrated on her neck, purposefully oblivious to her precarious situation.

Cassandra writhed with the swollen member filling her as Shorn beat out a fast tempo with his cock, sliding almost all the way out of her before driving back in with fierce joy. His face contorted as his thrusts became shorter and stronger, pumping her full of his seed.

Cassandra blinked owlishly at Shorn, eyes full of needful lust as he began wiping his dripping member off against her legs, pussy stretched as cum slid down her legs in large gobbets. "P...Please Shorn... Sir... Finish me off... I need to cumm... Please? I was so close..." She gasped out between deep breaths.

Shorn laughed scornfully as Wreath finished the tattoo, the fox dripping crimson from the depth the gun was forced into her skin. "You are nothing, to us. Satisfy our pleasure and we will make sure you are well cared for. Make us angry, and we will leave you with the horses come breeding season..."

Shorn stood, cock already shrinking as he pushed it gently back into his pants. He walked towards the door, ready to leave the forlorn girl with Wreath. "I have other duties to manage, this afternoon. Wreath, when he is finished with you, will show you where to go." He said softly, as he left the room.

Unclipping the flesh-warm manacles, Wreath helped Cassandra up as she stared into the mirror on the opposite wall. The fox seemed almost alive, moving with teasing allure as she shifted her head from side to side. Wreath caught her gaze with greedy eyes. "On your knees, girl. You know what I want from you..." He whispered, stepping back and sliding down his black leather shorts.

Cassandra looked up at the man towering over her, confusion etched onto her face. He looked androgynous. Where she expected to see cock, eager for her warm mouth, there was a simple slit. Carefully, she ran her tongue along the slit, leaning backwards in disgust as a pale, fleshy and vaguely penile shape shot forward, slapping against her lips.

Grunting, Wreath took hold of her head, forcing the cold, slimy thing between her teeth. As it touched the back of her throat, she struggled to control the urge to vomit. Wreath spoke softly, menace clear in his voice. "So that's how it's going to be, is it? Fine."

Clapping both scaled hands to the sides of her head, he began to skull-fuck her. Cock moving like a piston down her throat, he giggled softly as she struggled for air. In desperation, Cassandra started stroking the underside of the reptilian member with her tongue, urging him to finish with her, urging him to let her go.

Pulling out of her mouth, Wreath shoved her face down onto the cold floor. Moving behind Cassandra, he lifted her hips effortlessly, spreading her taut cheeks without mercy as he drove deep into her rear, dry. Screaming, Cassandra tried to pull away as the cock reamed her insides, forcing her sphincter muscles apart with uncaring force.

Wriggling and unable to get away, Cassandra sobbed as Wreath used her. He came deep inside her, gushing warm torrents of cum into her shaking body. Groaning with pleasure, he spoke to her loudly, booming voice echoing off the walls of the room. "You are a servant! Your place is below me. You will satisfy me, whether you like it or not. You are marked, now. You belong to the Estate!"

Cassandra stood on shaky legs, the reek of cum rolling off her in waves. "Where must I go now?" she asked fearfully, determined to make it through what remained of the afternoon. Wreath answered her softly, "Upstairs. Out of the clinic areas. Take the third door off the main hall, to the servant's quarters. No doubt someone there will find you and put you to work, slut."

Cassandra wandered towards the servant quarters in a daze. Cum still slipping down her naked thighs, she walked with her eyes downturned, ignoring the interested stares following her softly swaying body. Moving between neatly made beds and piles of soft furs strewn around the floor in the servant's area, she slipped unnoticed into the communal showers.

Sobbing quietly as the steam laden water struck the tattoo on her neck, smarting from the pain and humiliation of her earlier fucking, she began to wash herself halfheartedly. Scrubbing the flaky, dried cum from her body, she gasped at the tender, feminine hands suddenly kneading the tension out of her shoulders.

Lips pressed playfully against her ear whispering softly to her, "The first day is always rough. Looks like Wreath got his rotten claws into you, too. My shift is over; I am off to sleep after this. Join me, and the others won't notice you until morning. You can face the world again, then. "

Cassandra turned slowly, careful not to slip on the wet tiles. Wrapping her arms gratefully around the unknown stranger she asked, "What... who... are you? You look human... Unchanged. I don't even see a mark!"

The stranger leaned forwards, wet breasts pushing firmly into Cassandra's small, perky tits. Running fingers through Cassandra's hair, the stranger began to talk slowly. "I am human, and marked, as are you. Your mark is fresh, and done with bright colour, whilst mine is older and done with ink the same tone as my skin... You will have to work to find it, to see what I will become."

Wordlessly, she began to wash Cassandra's hair. Working the knots out, wincing as her fingers ran over the marks left in her scalp by Wreath. Leaning forward, she kissed Cassandra softly, tongue tasting the wetness on the new girl's lips. "My name, is Lace..."