Written by GGE

15 Jan 2018

My wife and myself decide to take a break from the kids and head down to Ballito Caravan Park to do a little camping. We arrive on the Friday late afternoon, we set up camp and shoot off to the local pub for a few drinks. One turned in too many and we eventually head back to the camp at 10 o clock. The camp is alive with activity and looks like a tour bus had just arrived with some rugby team from a local varsity. We head back to the tent and my wife, Zel decides to take a shower. Zel is a voluptuous woman with some lovely large tits on her, 38DD. These puppies get her a lot of attention. She was wearing a pair of long tights, which really showed off her pussy, but she liked it that was and a tight-fitting top which was really revealing which she loved as it got her some nice attention from the men and some woman who probably were envious. Zel didn’t like to wear bra’s either or panties which got her a lot of male attention.

As she is heading up to the showers she sees some of the rugby guys are heading off to shower after their long trip. They pass her as she enters the ablution and take a good look at her rack and being boys make a comment- nice tits on that lady , they comment bravely and they give her a whistle. She turns around and walks up to them and thanks them for the complement. I bet your girlfriends don’t have big tits like mine, she says to them confidently. How would you like to have a good look. Yeh man, we would they shout. Quiet now guys, people will hear you. She looks around to see if anyone is looking and lifts her top to reveal a lovely set of tits with erect nipples. She gives them a shake and they just sway from side to side. They guys are amazed. Those are such nicest tities, the one guys comments. I’m glad you enjoy them. She tucks her puppies back into her shirt and continues to the showers.

She finds the showers empty and most people have finished and are braaiing or sleeping. She proceeds to undress and gets into the shower . She can hear the boys next door all excited and chatting amongst each other. How’s that lady’s tits guys, hell she was not scared to show us and her nipples were really hard. I would love to suck on those hard nipples. The one comments. Did you guys see her pussy through those tights, hell that was fucking cool. I would love to shag her so hard, says the other, hey they all agree.

Hey guys I can hear everything you are saying and suddenly there is silence. What, you all shy now, she says. Who would like to come wash my back, Zel says. Silence and some quick thinking. I will, I will erupt. Well come on over here and join me. There is a lot of shuffling and next minute 6 guys are knocking at the shower door. Zel opens up and she is totally naked. She has just shaved her little pussy and its looking so inviting. Come on guys you can’t wash my back with your clothes on, get them off and join me in the shower. The showers were rather large, luckily.

They all come in and strip down. Zel comments- I’ve never seen so many boners at once before and has a good look. What is your name Big Boy, looking at the team’s captain, I’m James, he says. She grabs his cock in front of all his mates, bends over and starts to suck his dick.

What am I doing, she thinks to herself? I have six horney, naked young men in my shower and they are all going to want to fuck me before they are done. You guys better watch out for my husband at the camp with the blue car. You don’t want to be caught fucking his pussy.

Zel grabs two cocks which are nearest her face and starts wanking them, the others are playing with her pussy and tits. Wow, you have a lovely wet pussy Lady says the guy stroking her crack. Put you finger in there boy and finger that wet pussy. I haven’t been fucked in days, she says to them to note. And he obliges. He finger fucks her with passion. Zel is sucking James cock so hard that he shoots his wet load into her mouth, it is the larges load of cum she has ever got and she swallows. The guy fingering her pussy takes his very hard cock and slides it into her pussy. Zel groans with pleasure. That is nice, now fuck me hard big boy. He starts pounding her. Zel takes another cock in her mouth and starts to suck him hard. This carries on for an hour or so.

I’m sitting at the camp having a beer and wondering what happened to her. I decide to go and see what is taking her so long and maybe she had fallen or something. I peer into the showers and hear the shower going and the room full of steam. Zel, I shout, are you OK, yes Honey just finishing up. I decide, hell there is nobody around let me sneak in and fuck my very wet wife. I surprise her and find the door unlocked. She is startled and says, oh, it is only you. Who else were your expecting then, oh, nobody she says coyly. I strip off and she sees my hugh Bonner. I thought I would fuck that lovely shaven pussy for you seeing that you haven’t been shagged for a while. She is uneasy. Well come on then fuck me. I slide my cock into her and think, this is a very wet pussy and very slimy indeed. I pull our and see my cock is dripping with cum. Baby who’s cum is in your pussy. Oh, Honey a few young student’s needed some pussy and I offered mine. Oh, that was so nice of you to share your pussy. I slipped my cock back into her pussy and ejaculated in seconds finding it rather sexy that someone had just fucked my wife. I hope they had fun.

We finish showering and dry ourselves. So Baby, I think you have been a very bad girl so I’m now going to punish you for being a slut. You can walk back to the camp in the nic. I take all her clothes and head off to the tent, she looks around and trots on behind me, not even trying to cover up. Let them look if they want too, Zel says. This is really making me horny, Babes, can I have some more young cock. They were so horney baby they just came in my pussy within seconds. The guys I was wanking just came in my hands after a few strokes. We get to the tent and Zel gets in and prepares for bed.

I thought well we only live once and make an excuse I’m going to the toilet. I arrive back at the tent with James and his mate, they thought I was going to kill them, but invite them to fuck my wife.

I go into the tent and Zel is still naked faffing around. Babes, I have someone here who wants to fuck you. She looks at me confused. James and his mate come in. She notices that the is still naked and opens her legs to give them a good look. Looking for this pussy again boys, she says. Well get your shit off and fuck me, damit. They fucked my wife twice each and Zel just laid there enjoying every moment as two young men funk her. I just sat there and enjoyed watch my wife enjoying being fucked without a care.

Zel shagged me every night for a month after that, she was so appreciative.