Written by artsmart

07 May 2016

the following story has an age restriction on it.

Billy was waiting. Sitting on the line-up. He’d been here now for a half hour and still nothing worth the ride had come up apart from a younger model looking surfer with a super-hot body. He was waiting for her to catch a wave, just to see her pussy from behind as she mounted her board. There was no such luck on the horizon. Not for now, that was. He was beginning to feel like a single male sitting around waiting for a date. All the other fellas had made attempts but nothing enjoyable for longer than five seconds had come up. It was a hot day. The sexy surfer was even beginning to show signs of going home… alone?. He’d be so lucky. To his left were a flock of gulls diving bombing the surface. To his right the breakers were rolling in onto the golden brown sands of Bum Cheek Beach.

Contemplation....masturbation....Fook Island!.

Surfs up kiddo!..it was Suzy!. Whooppeee, Suzy, howzit baby how's that big booty?. Suzy sighed, did a flip roll and landed a wet fish slap right across Billy's Bong. "Ouch", cried Billy, his bong whobbling from the slap. "I'll get Sharkie onto you you sultry babe" and Billy kick started his surfboard, dropped it into second gear and dropped the clutch. The reader can just imagine what happened next. Billy popped a wheely and landed on Sharkies back. "You mudderfucker...what are you doin man, I'm trying catch a wave!". There was nothing to do but gobble Billy up and spit half his surfboard out onto the beach.

Everyone laughed at the story. "Shoh, Billy, you sure have some big fishing stories to tell", said Fanny. "Tell them about the time you found my fish". Yah, yah," all the little penguins cried, "tell us Fanny's fishy story". So Billy said "before telling it, I'l ask Fanny to come over here and show us her fish!" Fanny giggled and came over, ripped off her tank top and let her huge melons dangle where every Tom, Dick and Matilda could see.

The Billy put on his best voice, strung his biggest ballbag around his half naked body and took a deep breath. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH---stchoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! and he sneezed a huge blob of snot straight between Fanny's titties. "Argh sies man", cried Fanny, "I'll feed you to the Sharks", and Billy just laughed and laugh and laughed. He laughed so much that he did not see Fanny taking his big cock in her hand and begin pulling it. She pulled it so far, tugging it as she pulled and then she tie it to the window frame and closed the window. That, my friends, was the moment that Billy really woke up.

He sat up in bed, rubbed his eyes, looked over to his left where Fanny was laying sleeping peacefully next to him. Wow, what a wild dream that was. Thank heavens it was not real.

Billy relaxed back in bed. He felt the warm body of Fanny next to him. His hand slipped under the sheets and he found her soft round butt. Stroking her lightly and feeling her feminine curves. Fanny moaned softly and moved her butt closer to Billy. She felt his fingers begin to caress her fanny from behind. Her lips tingling at his stroking touch. He touched her lightly until he pressed and she felt her labia parting.

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After reading the notice, Billy took his big Fook and slipped it into Fanny's fish. It slid right in and then slid right out because it had gone as limp as piece of unraveled string. "Darn it" said Fanny, and Billy took his limp fook and darned it into a big strong and straight fook. He then straddled Fanny again and fucked her for three hours. After she had squirted fifty times and had had one million orgasms, he took his fook out, tied it up and went back to sleep.

This was when Fanny decided to go get herself some cock down the road.

to be continued....