Written by Desiree_1

26 Jun 2013



Mike watched as she moved through the crowd and stopped at the table just in front of him to lean over a young man.  He could not have been more than twenty years old and this was probably his first time in a gentleman’s club.  Her moves were practiced, like a feline she rubbed her body next to his, her long silken black hair falling over his face as she pretended to kiss him then pulling away at the last moment.  She was mesmerising, all smooth olive skin and soft curves.  It was as if she had just stepped out of a Grecian Painting.  Mike could not take his eyes of her. She took his breath away.

‘I take it you like my newest acquisition?’ a voice broke into his thoughts.

It was José the clubs owner and Mike’s oldest friend.

‘Straight out of the bustling streets of Sao Bernado, a rare find’ he continued.

‘Yes, truly’ was all Mike could manage as he watched her laughing seductively at the young man, when he eagerly placed a twenty rand note in the strip of her g-string.

‘Will your lady friend be joining you tonight?’ José enquired with a wicked smile. ‘I could arrange a private viewing for the two of you.’

This finally got Mike’s attention as he turned to his friend in disbelief.

‘I thought you never allowed clients to touch your girls?’ Mike asked suspiciously.

José tapped Mike lightly on the shoulder as he burst out laughing.

‘Who said anything about you doing any of the touching?  Sarah however is different.’

Mike played the thought over in his mind the lovely creature in front of him and his mistress, a strange sensation washing over him.  Sarah had often voiced her desire to touch another woman and this would be perfect.

He watched as José moved from his side and whispered into the girl’s ear, who suddenly gazed at him knowingly.


When Mike slipped into the private viewing room she was waiting for him, languidly stretched out on a white ottoman that stood in front of a three mirrored wall. Without uttering a word she pointed to a huge dark blue velvet chair that stood across from her.

Obeying without question like a man trapped in a dream Mike took a seat and watched as she slipped one leg off the ottoman her toes barely touching the carpeted floor.

She was beautiful.  A round creamy face, full pink lips and the brownest eyes he had ever seen.  He loved the fact that she was not thin and muscular.  Her full rounded curves bordered on voluptuous but she was firm and soft in all the right places.  She was watching him now, her chocolate brown eyes running over him, finally stopping at his mouth.  Slowing she bit her lower lip and smiled as if she enjoyed what she was looking at, the action made him bite back the oath that hovered on his lips.  He could feel him self growing hard at the mere site of her.  And she clearly enjoyed the reaction she received from him.  With practiced moves she finally stood up and slipped a CD into the player next to the door.  The music she chose was soft and slow paced, and reminded him of the Far East, but he did not hear any of it as he watched her start to move.  She was standing right in front of him, slowly swaying her hips in little, small circles as she ran her hands over her body, finally sliding them up to her chest to squeeze her full rounded breasts together.  Then up through her hair as she flipped her hair forward to cover her breast under a dark cloud.  Mike sucked in his breath as she removed her bra and he saw a tiny brown tipple peeping through her curtain of hair.  She came closer to him and placed a bare foot on his knee daring him to touch her.  The smooth olive skin of her leg swayed in his vision.  When he remained still she giggled and moved away beginning her dance again this time with her back turned towards him, her full back exposed all the way down to her round bottom that moved and turned slowly to the music. It took all his self control not to bend forward and touch the smooth skin of her bottom when she bent down; legs wide spread and looked teasing through her legs at him. The g-string pulling tightly into the valley that hid all her womanly pleasures, barely showing two pink lips that almost seemed to glimmer with moisture.

Mike ran his wet tongue over his dry lips.  No touching, he had to remember no touching.

But this was becoming ridiculous, why did he ever agree to this torture.

The girl was smiling at him again, dancing around his chair her soft limbs and silky hair seemed to be everywhere.  Twice she straddled him rubbing a full breasts against his cheeks and all the while he had to remind him self no touching.

He nearly let out a sigh of relief when the door opened and Sarah’s eager face popped in.


Sarah smiled mischievously as she watched a beautiful girl with long black hair run her figures through Mike’s pepper grey trusses and knew instinctively that he was aroused passed the point of distraction.  She had seen that look of desire many times before and knew the tell tale signs of moist eyes and dilated pupils.  Giggling to herself she took up a position behind the velvet chair and watched, as the girl moved to the ottoman placing her self near the edge to tease them further, as she went down into a mini split her long smooth legs spread wide on either side the action fully exposing the v between her thighs.

Both Mike and Sarah caught their breath when she moved further onto the ottoman and slipped her hand into her g-string touching the soft skin that was hidden away from their view. Mike followed her gaze as she looked passed him to Sarah daring her to join in on the fun.  He could almost feel Sarah’s breath on his neck as she asked, ‘should I?’

With a nod Mike gave his okay and saw Sarah walking to the ottoman and slipping out of her short black dress. As usual she was dressed in a tight fitting black bra that clung to her perky breast, French knickers and black stocking that reached her thighs.

Sarah sat down next the girl on the ottoman as the girl stretched out before her placing her hands on the pillow behind her fully exposing her soft round breast and erect nipples.  Sarah had often wondered what if would feel like to caress another female and this girl was beautiful.  Lightly she ran her fingers over the skin of the girl’s leg; she was smooth and soft all at once.  Continuing her exploration her hands glided over her torso, up to the valley between her breasts. Hesitatingly she moulded the fingers to the curves of the full mould in front of her and bent down to take the full nipple in her mouth.  The girl tasted of rich coffee topped up with cream, as she sucked the tiny pebble in her mouth the girl circle her fingers into her short blonde tresses and started playing with her hair and running her figures along the curve of her neck.  Slowly she left her breast and with the tip of her tongue licked a path up to the girls chin, cheeks and finally her mouth.  She had no idea what it would feel like kiss a woman but thought of Mike as she lightly kissed her lips, biting the bottom lip as Mike always did and drawing it into her.  Her lips were soft and opened immediately under the slow torture, giving fully into the kiss she slipped her tongue into the girls mouth and tasted her fully.  Mike breathed out slowly as he watched his mistress caress and kiss the beautiful girl as he was yearning to do.  He dug his fingers into the sides of his chair when the black haird vixen took over the lead by flipping Sarah onto her back and climbing on top of her.


Sarah closed her eyes and left herself open to the girl’s expert fingers and she lay back and allowed the girl to caress and kiss her. Her warm breath tickled her skin and her fingers felt like hot bolts of lightening as it moved up her chest to release the clasp that held her bra together.  Slowly the flimsy piece of fabric felt away as the girl’s hands found her breasts and squeeze them together, moulding and teasing them with her fingers as she circled her tongue around her nipples and bit the soft skin below.  I felt so deliciously wicked having the girl there as if she could read her body language and was complying with its every wish. Sarah arched her body lifting her torso off the ottoman to give the girl better access to her breasts making her nipples shoot up in the cold air of the room.  The girl giggled at her reaction and moved away from her breasts, trailing a line of kisses over her stomach and down to her thighs.  When she reached Sarah’s legs she spread them wide taking up a position between them.  Sarah looked up suddenly ,the girl was smiling again as she slowly slipped of one stocking and started kissing the curves of Sarah’s leg licking and caress it before continuing her sweet torture on the other leg.

This was getting too much for Mike, he wanted to leave the room and find someone to relieve him of the immense hard on that was raging to break free.  But could not keep his eyes of the two girls on the ottoman.  He nearly choked when the dark haired vixen started to remove Sarah’s French knickers with her teeth and Sarah moaned in sweet agony. 

Sarah breathed heavily the girl was kissing her stomach again and a tiny figure was parting the lips between her thighs lightly rubbing her clit in tiny circles.  Every now and then she would slip her thumb further down and into the swelling depths of her womanhood.  The feeling was incredible it felt like someone had started a slow burning fire deep inside her and each stroke was fanning the flames.  Just when Sarah thought it couldn’t get any better the girl spread her open further lowering her head between her thighs to take over where her fingers hand left off.  Sarah squirmed with pleasure when she felt the girl’s hot flat tongue liking her in long slow strokes as if she was tasting her favourite ice cream.  In a moment of pure madness she grabbed the girls head and pressed her face hard against her womanhood.  The girl responded immediately taking her clit fully into her mouth and sucking it while she slipped a figure into the confines of her warm wet body.  The combination of lips and a finger sent shafts of pleasure down her body making her cringe with pleasure.  Then she felt it the sweet sensation of pure ecstasy as the girls tongue found her core and she drifted into an unbelievable daze of madness.  Her breathes becoming short and hampered as the girl slipped her tongue in and out of her in quick succession stopping ever so often to run her flat tongue over her clit.

With intoxicated eyes she looked at Mike needing him to be part of this mad journey her body was taking her on.  Never had she felt so completely drunk with the sheer pleasure of being touched.  Her clit burned and pulsated, every stroke from the girls tongue was pure torture.  She held out her hand to Mike needing him near.  She could she the desire in his eyes and knew he wanted to be part of this crazy ride she was on.  As if the girl read her thoughts she looked at him and bade him to join them as she slipped off Sarah and pulled her to her feet.  Taking her former position on the ottoman she made Sarah lean over her while she kissed her and fondled her breasts exposing Sarah’s full round naked bottom in Mike’s directions.  Mike licked his lips, Sarah was ready for him with her back bent he could see her swollen, wet lips peeking out from just below her buttocks begging him the enter her.  Releasing his full hard erection from his parts he slipped easily into her and felt her warm flesh mould over his penis.  She was so moist and hot that when he started moving the sound of her wet lips clinging to his penis nearly made him cum.  He started slowly with shallow strokes the way she liked it, follow by one hard drive that made her scream out in ecstasy.

Sarah felt as though she was dying of pleasure her senses were being assaulted from both sides. At one side she had the girl lightly kissing and torturing her with her hands and the other Mike’s rock hard erection sliding over her now sensitive clit going at once slow and then sharply into her inflamed body. 

Mike watched the different angles that the mirrors in front of him offered, as he moved faster and harder into Sarah’s body needing to punish her, as he had been punished for the last hour, watching them touch each other in front of him.  Sarah let out a loud cry of relief when he finally brought their wild journey to an end and he explored his cum over the smooth skin on her back.  The girl at the bottom smiled brightly.  José would be pleased with her performance.