10 Nov 2017

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But

a man who knows how to feed his girl is definitely a keeper.

My curvy figure, full chest, and thick ass are enough proof that I’m the type of girl who’s not afraid of pigging out. No wonder Justin and I hit it off instantly. I met Justin in the restaurant he owned. He approached our table, introduced himself, and asked if we liked the food. Justin looked more like a football player than a chef. I used to wonder how he managed to maintain his toned physique despite his wild appetite. Every time I would eat at their restaurant, I would feel his lustful gaze bore into me. In return, I would tease him with my knowing smiles and tight dresses. I made it a

habit to flirt with him until finally he asked me out on a date. That was a year ago. Justin and I have been inseparable ever since.

Soon enough I learned that Justin’s a sensitive and shy sweetheart while I’m more outgoing and straightforward. He’s a wizard in the kitchen whereas I don’t even know how to cook eggs properly. Despite our differences, our relationship survived over time. I was a pampered girlfriend. Justin constantly spoiled me with food and little gifts.

.....Take this morning, for instance. I woke up to the smell of fried eggs and brewed coffee. I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was Justin carrying a breakfast tray. “Good morning, baby,” he planted a kiss on my forehead and sat beside me on the bed. He helped me up and fed me a forkful of sunny side up eggs. The yoke was very wet and runny, just how

I like it. The warmth and saltiness exploded in my mouth. It was perfect.

“Do you like it, babe?” Justin asked, watching me eat. I nodded as his thumb traced my lips wiping some of the yoke left. I took his hand and kissed his palm. I put his thumb inside my mouth and sucked on it. “Baby girl,” he sighed deeply. “How can you cook so perfectly?” I asked while I leaned forward to kiss him. His hot and hungry tongue invaded my mouth. I sucked his bottom lip making him groan in pleasure. But before the kiss could get any deeper, Justin slowly pulled away and went to the foot of my bed positioning him in front of my legs. I whined and reached for his face. “I thought you wanted me to show you how I cook those perfect eggs,” Justin teased as he pushed me back to the bed. He took off my panties and threw them aside. He spread my legs apart exposing my already glistening pussy. ‘First, you heat the pan,’ he said before licking my knees all the way up to my thighs. I bucked my hips closer to his face but he pushed me down gently. He paused when

his tongue reached my shaved pussy. “When it’s hot enough, you take some butter and swirl it around until it melts.” Justin’s tongue circled on my lips hovering but still not making contact with my clit.

“Just do me already,” I pleaded. Justin ignored me, “Then you crack the egg wide open.” His fingers spread apart my pussy lips and his tongue grazed the insides of my folds in one swift motion. ‘Then wait until it sizzles,’ he said before his mouth attacked my swollen clit. “Fuck, baby,” I moaned as Justin’s tongue built up speed. He squeezed my thighs as I grabbed a fistful of his hair urging him to go faster. He pinched my clit while his tongue moved downwards to my cunt. ‘You taste great babe, I could eat you all day,’ Justin growled. I let out a scream as the first wave of cum streamed out of me. Justin

took ahold of my hips and I fucked his mouth senselessly. I pulled his head harder and screamed for more. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Justin inserted his middle finger inside me while his tongue flicked back and forth my clit. ‘Holy shit! Ugghhh…fuck!” Seconds before the second wave of orgasm hit me, Justin inserted two more fingers

causing me to squirm in pleasure.

I pushed back into his fingers forcing them deeper inside of me. “Uggghhh fuck !” I screamed . “yeah! Cum for

me baby!” Justin said as his fingers pinched and rubbed my clit. My cum shot straight into Justin’s face, filling his mouth with my juices. I couldn’t even feel my legs. “Best breakfast ever,” Justin said licking his lips. I pushed him to the bed and took off his boxers. I cupped his balls and sucked the tip of his head. He let out a loud moan.

“My turn to eat,” I said with a smirk.....