Written by Keen_One

26 Dec 2015

It started out like any other day, it was early, the cold Highveld morning greeted me as the crisp air washed over my wet body causing goose flesh to appear. There are few things which beat the feeling of a hot shower and shave, I was ready to part on an adventure to Botswana. After collecting Lynn, I would be using my GPS to get me across the border. I had a meeting scheduled and then I would be tracing my journey to orgasmic pleasure armed with a bottle of Rose, gentle music wisping through the air, a hot candle and a bottle of baby oil.

As I picture her warm body slipping beneath mine I remember I need to hurry and I must definitely collect Axel and Katie. Last time I went to Botswana Katie joined me, Axel had remained at home to care for the children, this time we are making it a foursome.

The trip to Botswana was going well. We had grabbed a cup of coffee along the way, stopped in quaint little town for some eggs on toast and everyone was awake and chatty. Katie has this unquenchable lust for locations, if it is something different, she needs to try it, a building, a pond in the hotel gardens and even an odd shaped tree in the bushveld. We were about 9 kilometers from the border post when there was this squeal of delight from the back seat. Katie was clapping her hands and pointing out of the window.

“Look! Look! Look over there.” She yelped. We looked, staring across a tree filled landscape, short trees, short thorny trees, dry, green and beautiful in its starkness, but there was nothing.

Axel, who was busy fumbling with Katie’s breasts at the time was less than amused, muttering he asked what the fuss was about. Un-phased by the grumbling she simply pointed out; “look there is a large pointy one in the middle”

Lynn smiled and then chuckled as she leant across and stroked Axels crotch, “Large and pointy could be interesting once we get into our room in Botswana, I am looking forward to some attention.” Lynn said.

As quick as a flash Katie responded; “Why wait, there in the distance is a large pointy tree, why don’t we take a stretch break and see what that tree looks like with our naked breasts pushed against its trunk?”

Axel grabbed Lynn’s wrist and pulled her forward kissed her on the cheek and sighed; “Naked breasts on a trunk, well I guess that is something I cannot resist.”

I indicated a sharp left turn and in an instant we were on an old dirt road, rough and bumpy I drove, slowly to avoid damage to the car and sure enough along the road there was a signed foot path: “shady Tree”. Deserted and obviously part of an old trading route we approached the tree. There were two wooden tables and some chairs made from local wood, rustic, private and very quiet. I pulled over and parked. Clapping her hands like a school girl Katie was first out the car, she ran towards that tree, it was like watching a Superman movie, her clothes were flying off, no super woman outfit was replacing her suburban clothes, she hit that tree hard, her full breasts crushing into the trunk, it was a sight of beauty, Katie clad in her “Horny Woman” outfit

Axel grabs me arm and tells me just to leave Katie, “I have seen this before, we could be here for some time, go get your camera, this could get quite raunchy”.

I do expect him to know a little about his wife’s sexual exploits, so I obey and get out the camera. It is then that I notice a bemused Lynn looking on in amazement. If I could read her mind…… Lynn left JHB chatting and comfortable with the company, Axel, His usual self was entertaining in his vocabulary and sentence structure, his badgering of the waitress at breakfast brought friendly smiles and laughter. I think Lynn’s main thought is “crazy”, followed by “interesting”. There Lynn stood looking as Katie was prancing around the tree, titties bouncing and giggling like a school girl.

Lynn was perched against the table, arms folded and legs spread apart a little further than shoulder width. There was a smile on her face as she watched Katie. Katie had pulled two leaves off the tree and was standing with her back against the tree, her legs were crossed at the ankles, Katie was a short woman and blessed with these full large breasts. Her breasts still produced milk, a delight to all our sexual encounters. Axel was proud of those breasts and they were often a topic of discussion. Axel had theories about draining milk form these breasts. I thought to myself, buddie you haven’t drained those in the last twelve hours. Her breasts were round and full, it would be best to say they were shaped like tear drops, just about to break free from a person’s chin. They looked appetizing. I am standing there thinking to myself how I would like to walk across to Katie right now and lift her breast to my mouth, squeeze and drink the warm sweet milk which is ready to flow from those silky white shaped breasts.

Axel nudges me and whispers; “don’t stand there perving Buddie, take photos. You will get more than just a shag if you get her to disengage from reality”.

As though I have been struck by lightening I leap into action and start taking some photos, I will Photoshop out faces later. Naturally Katie notices the camera and the attention she is receiving. She takes the leaf and starts tracing her breast. She is driving the leaf in a figure of 8 crisscrossing over her nipple, the first few laps are slow and deliberate and then her nipple starts responding. Her nipple starts filling with blood as she starts becoming aroused, the color of her nipple is changing to a crimson brown and they start swelling. Rounder and fuller they become, puffing out like a peacock with his tail feathers in full bloom. Then as if by magic a little bead of milk appears on the tip of her nipple. Katie is now teasing me as she has noticed I am no longer taking photos but I am staring at her erect nipple. She traces my stare and sees the nipple I am fixated upon, she blushes and is shy as she sees the droplet of milk, she pauses and then she starts to tease me. She changes the pattern of the leaf and she starts to trace circles around her nipple, she makes sure she does not disturb the milk. The effect to the leaf is amazing.

Slowly and slowly making the circles smaller until the leaf tip, pointed and sharp, is at the base of the protruding nipple and she strokes, the nipple now full to bursting and drip, the droplet of milk falls to the floor. Erect and excited. This is the droplet of milk which has burst the dam wall. Instantly another droplet appears and then another. Katie is stroking the nipple more vigorously now and with each stroke another droplet forms and drips to the floor. I notice a stiffening in my pants and I wonder how much longer I can keep my clothes on. I have drifted into my own private space now the silence is over whelming.

I am startled back into reality by the sound of a kiss and a turn around to see where the sound is coming from. Axel has positioned himself behind Lynn and has parted her hair so it is draping over her shoulders and hanging over her breasts. His lips were working the nape of her neck. Gentle kisses, dancing across the base of her hair line like butterfly wings dancing on petals in full bloom. Then I saw the activity which made my heart pound, Axel was undoing the buttons running down the back of Lynn’s top tracing the line of her spine. Axel had positioned his hands in such a way that the pressure of his pinkies along her back would mask the fidgeting with the buttons, coupled with the action along her neck line there was almost no chance she would notice the undoing of the buttons. I was amazed with the cunning technique Axel was executing.

The top was not tucked into Lynn’s shirt and was draped loosely over her waist. I though his objective was achieved with the undoing of the last button, but no, I was watching a master at work and as I was to discover this was only the tip of the iceberg. Axel placed his hands on Lynn’s shoulders and slid his hands down the length of her arms dragging and placing her hand on her knees. Axel had leant forward now and was nibbling the base of her left ear lobe. He was walking his fingers across her body he moved his hands back to the small of her back, his palms placed tight against her back he slid his hands up her body, his fingers slipping under her bra and his thumb sliding over the top of the strap.

Clenching his hands into two fists he pulled the bra tight against Lunn’s breast, crushing her lungs she exhaled, almost a sigh with vigor as she arched her back smacking her shoulders into his chest. With swiftness of a lion pouncing Axel thrust his hands forward and upward removing the bra and the top in one smooth action. Lynn’s breast broke free and bounced on her chest after the constrictive release. The sight reminded me of two bunny rabbits fighting in a pillow case.

Lynn’s eyes were wide open, she was liberated and weary, her mind fighting both emotions, shall I cover up or grasp for my top which had now been flung meters away? Poised in a position of imminent action, time seemed to stand still. I was watching the thought process, each thought like the cog in a gear box clicking over. I suddenly remembered the camera, I pointed it at her forehead, wrinkled in thought and I started snapping pictures. Click; Click; Click. There she stood her back pressed firmly into Axel, his hands had moved swiftly, not to the grabbing of her porcelain smooth breasts, but to her hands.

He had wrapped his fingers in hers and had pulled her hands to her side, her breasts were heaving with each breath, her chest swelling deeper and deeper she gasped for air, her nipples had been scratched vigorously with the aggressive removal of her bra and with the gentler cool breeze blowing over the scratched nipples, the erotic sensation had sent her nipples into to a spiral of expectation, they were swelling and growing in front of my eyes, without Axel needing to touch them.

With the focus firmly having switched to Lynn, Katie was missing the attention. She strode forward right into Lynn’ s personal space and took a nipple between each of her fingers and thumbs and lifted each breast skywards. Lynn’s breasts had now risen as high as possible and Katie kept pulling. She had a firm grip on each nipple and the skin was taunt.

The silence was deafening as Axel began unbuttoning Lynn’ skirt. I cannot remember what happened immediately after the silence was broken by Lynn’s squealing as her nipples reached breaking point. To me it was a simultaneous reaction as her nipples broke free and her breasts crashed onto her chest like the smashing of waves on a beach or the snapping of the one button Axel did not undo as he ripped off her skirt. As quickly as it has all started it was over. Silence returned, deathly silence. Lynn’s breasts continued to quiver with the momentum of the fall, and the two ladies stood their staring into each other’s eyes. I thought there would be a slap emanating from Lynn, but no. Lynn reached out and grabbed Katie breasts. She held them like a farmer picking an orange from a tree, her hands and fingers grasping the entire breast. Katie’s nipples huge and full, milk droplets on each nipple and Lynn grabbed for those nipples with her index finger and thumb.

I wondered if Lynn was going to perform the same lift and break free technique Katie employed. As I stood there thinking of what could possibly happen. Nothing could have alerted to me to the events which would unfold. Katie’s fully loaded breasts exploded, streams of milk squired like a fire hose on to Lynn. Lynn’s reaction was unexpected, she pumped those breasts, she stepped into Katie, squeezing and tweaking and pumping, the only sound was the clicking of the camera. Milk was dripping off of Lynn. Running down her breasts and dripping onto her tummy and trickling between her thighs. It was getting difficult to stand there taking photos, my cock was well aware of the activity my eyes were enjoying. There was a growing stiffness inside my pants.

Axel, where was Axel. I saw him out the corner of my eye. The truth about Axel is his OCD regarding his clothes and the floor. Yes, he will rip off a ladies clothing and toss it all over, but his clothes, neatly folded and placed on the back seat of the car.

Axel strode forward. Erect penis sticking out from his hair covered body like an elephant’s trunk, he earned the nick name for the axel on a truck, it rolls on and on and on. He walked right into Lynn’s ass. Dick first. Well she lets out a frightened gasp, not sure what was attacking here in the bush. Lynn spun around and looked straight into his eyes. He leant forward and kissed her on the tip of her nose, she tilted her head and kissed his lips. He slipped his hands around the base of her ass and lifter up the ass cheek exposing her ass and the entry to her warm womanhood.

Katie slipped to her knees and started nibbling Lynn’s ass cheeks. She kissed and licked and nibbled. Axel was now holding both ass cheeks apart and Katie was licking. The tip of her tongue dancing across the entrance to her vagina and then a firm slow dragging of her tongue up and over Lynn’s anus and then a little beyond. This carried on for several minutes and as Lynn reached her first orgasm Katie increased the activity around the anus. She was darting her tongue in and out, not deep, just enough to stretch the opening. Lynn’s first orgasm was a mild tremor and a little purring. Her second was large, she shook a little, paused and then shook again, this time she bit into Axels neck. He groaned and Lynn said; “what a treat, but I want your cock Axel.”

Like a reacting to an air raid siren, Axel broke free and stepped back, taking Lynn’s hand he led her to the table and got her holding the edges he bent her over and slipped his cock between her legs. He pushed against her anus and as she started to open he skillfully slipped his cock a little south and enterer her hungry pussy. Axel drove hard and I cannot give a detailed description of what took place because as I was photographing the tantalizing boobs belonging to Katie’s were thrust into my lens.

“Put that down” she instructed. I obeyed. “Drain these tits, Axel did not remember last night and I have squirted milk everywhere, I hope Lynn is ok with this?” Katie exclaimed.

Like a suckling lamb I did my best. The taste of Katie’s breast milk is one of life’s finest experiences. I drank all she had to offer and still I longed for more. Katie was quick to show her appreciation and was working my cock in her mouth when I heard Lynn; “Make some space for me Katie, I also want some of that.”

Well what an amazing suck session, I can’t remember if I was in a mouth when I came or how they managed to extract my hot sticky cum but it was an orgasm I will remember for many years. I saw the two girls smile at each other and rub noses.

Katie took charge and instructed Axel and I to pack the car as she wanted a hot shower. We had another 65 minutes of traveling until we would be able to feel the warmth of running water.

We drove into the parking lot and were greeted at the automatic doors by the Doorman. We were travelling light, besides a roll of drawings and a few clothes most of our luggage consisted of sex toys, lubes, oils, candles, music, a blind fold and a few ropes, I wonder if there will be time for those ropes, perhaps not, well at least I brought my pegs.

In the bottle holder in the car I had transported a pink carnation along the journey. Katie’s eyes had sparkled when she saw the carnation as she had heard about this amazing tool for some months now. She had never been in the same room as a pink carnation and you could sense the anticipation was exciting her. I took out the carnation and trimmed the stem and inserted the carnation in my button hole. At reception we booked to double rooms with the inter leading door function, we were not sure how the events of the evening would happen, one thing was known for sure, there would definitely be lots of orgasmic sweat dripping sex after diner.

I had a mid-morning meeting so I set up the sound system in our room and we shared a few greetings and tit squeezes through the inter leading door with Axel and Katie. I was smiling as I saw Lynn locked in a tongue twisting kiss with Axel. Well the girls made short work of the pleasantries and decide a shower was in order whilst I went to the meeting. Like two mother hens the ladies separated us men from their sexy bodies and closed the doors. Off I went to the meeting and returned an hour and a half later. I opened the room door and entered, the curtains were drawn and the air conditioning was running there was a bite in the air and I saw the wine had been opened. Sitting in the corner of the room on the soft recliner wearing only a towel was Lynn.

She stood up without saying a word and strode towards me. Beauty was a word rushing through my mind. She was wearing a pair of strapped stilettoes, her toes painted to perfection the light from the flickering candle dancing off the gloss finish. It was only eight paces from where she was sitting to her standing in front of me. She strode as if in slow motion, the wine glass cocked between her fingers and half full of pink rose it swished in the glass to the rhythm of her stride. My eyes traced her long tanned legs starting at her toes I shifted my gaze up towards her ankles and then over the tattoo on her left leg, I need to hear about the significance of the tattoo, I made a mental note to make that a topic of conversation at dinner time. Her knees winked at me as she strode forward, gracefully she took another step, the flickering of the candle flame dancing on the silky sheen of her legs and I watched the muscles in her lower thigh flinch and pulsate as they carried her forward.

My view was destroyed by the stark white hem of the towel, I blinked. Oh what’s this, no upper thigh, no naked love triangle, what about some perky breasts. This can’t be happening. My eyes shot up to her face and I discovered to my horror that ……….

Lynn had wound the towel under her arms she had pulled the towel tight and low just across the top of her breasts. Although squashing and disfiguring her breasts there was still noticeable cleavage and I was imagining those breasts freed and responding to my touch. The towel was tucked into itself neatly under her left armpit. Glancing back down towards her thighs I noticed her the towel parting with each stride and revealing enough inner thigh to tease. She was really close now and she smelt amazing. The freshness of the shower lingered on her skin, she had shampooed her hair and had left it to dry, un-brushed and bushy her hair cascaded over her shoulder, wild. She had penciled her eyes in, pitch black and she had complimented this black lipstick and combined with her dark toes she looked like a Goddess. She stood there without saying a word, her legs slightly parted and she lifted the wine to her lips and took a sip. She looked straight into my eyes and said: “Get yourself into the shower, get clean and get out here dry, scrub yourself and make sure you are dry. I will be naked on this bed and you need to massage me. I want to feel your hands on my body and I want to experience all the razzmatazz I have heard about. Then I will decide for myself if you are any good”.

I turned and went straight to the shower. I did not think there was any need for further discussion. I obeyed her command, I scrubbed and dried myself and entered the room. I had a little time and a lot to get done. Lynn was lying face down on the bed her hands tucked under the pillow and her ankles crossed. Perfect I thought. This is more tightly wound than a fresh sea oyster. I needed to prep the room, the first thing was the subject. I needed to take control and start lifting the expectation. Expectation is everything in the massage. You need to be bold in your technique. You need to get right on the money avoiding any sexual contact. You need her body to be begging for your touch. So that’s the place to start the preparation.

I got close and placed my middle finger on her back at the top of her spine where her hair line met her neck. Only the pad of my finger was on her skin. I slowly dragged my finger down her back, firmly feeling the muscles along her spine squishing under my touch. Down into the dip of the small of her back and up the slope to her ass. I paused at the entry to the valley between her ass cheeks, I waited a moment, I wanted her to know there was an assault about to take place on her sensual area. She reacted as expected, a deep exhale and she uncrossed her ankles. Pressed harder on my finger and moved into the valley as I approached the top of her anus I moved my finger to the side of her ass cheek and pressed hard to the left, my finger glided past her anus without touching her personal space heading between her legs. I can imagine her mind racing wondering if I would be so brazen as to make the first erotic touch into her vagina and as my finger was positioned in no-mans-land I moved around the bed. My finger rotating whilst clasped tightly between the base of her butt cheek and vagina.

Standing at her feet I moved my finger further south into the space between the top of her thighs and ass cheek. There is space there, a sensual gap between her toned thighs, space enough to insert all my fingers, I slipped my palm in as well. My thumb facing her feet and my pinkie her vagina, I was close to touching her now, very close, I could feel the warmth of her inner core washing over my pinkie and how I wanted to slide my hand up and brush it against her warmth.

I pressed my left palm against her inner thigh and pressed into the flesh of her left leg, this created sufficient space to insert my right hand against my left, both palms pressed into her inner thighs. The warmth of her womanhood encapsulating my pinkies. This is the first moment that I struggled to stick to the trusted technique. My finger anxious to explore her love triangle, anxious to the point of lingering a little too long, Lynn lifted her ass a little and only a swift reaction prevent my hands from accidentally caressing her vagina. I moved my hands down her legs and applied sufficient pressure on her legs to spread them. I climbed onto the bed and leant forward placing my nose between the valley in her ass cheeks and I slid my head upwards and kissed the small of her back. Moving back south again I bit her right butt cheek and got off the bed.

I walked towards my music selection and chose the massage folder and turned up the volume a little. The ambience needed some enhancement with gentle and suggestive music setting a relaxed atmosphere. I moved the burning candle to the bedside table and added a few pegs and the carnation to the arrangement. Walking back to the music I increased the volume an extra notch. As I strode back to her right side I placed my left fingers on her right foot and traced a line from her toes to her heel. The massage was about to start and the touching was gentle and smooth. At her heel I moved down toward her ankle and then traced a line along the inner calf, across the knee and inner thigh. Steady and slowly, I noticed goose flesh at the base of her ass and I smiled to myself with the inner knowledge that this body had never been here before. As I approached the joining of her ass cheeks she lifted her ass, exposing her vagina almost inviting me to explore her smooth shaved pussy. I ran my finger onto her ass cheek, I was definitely accepting that invitation and across the perimeter of her ass I moved. Her ass curved into her vagina and at that curve I skipped onto the opposing ass cheek. She lifted her ass higher her lips although still closed were inviting. I paused and moved my finger back. This time they travelled down the curve and were heading to touch the target, the warmth was cascading along my finger the warmth contained moisture it was warm and moist and tempting. Millimeters before the fingers could touch silky smooth skin I released the touch and replaced my finger on the opposing ass cheek and went back to her leg.

The tracing continued across her ass, I was drawing “S” shapes across her back higher and higher up to her shoulders and I stopped. I leant forward and kissed her hair, the fragrance enticing. There is something special about the smell of freshly washed hair. I find it so erotic, hard on material for sure.

I was sitting next to her now. My thigh against her rib cage. From this moment onwards I will have continual contact with her body until she is rocked by orgasms.

I pour the hot oil from the candle into the palm of my hand and rub my hands together. This is an amazing candle which produces massage oil not wax. I place my warm hands on her shoulders and I hear a murmur of delight. As I move my hands across her back I continue to add oil. Hot and slippery I add. With the softest of touches, I seek out tired muscle tissue and with my press and release technique I ensure these knots dissolves and tranquility replaces tension. Into the small of her back I work and the time is right to get on her. I straddle her ass, my balls fit snuggly in the base of her ass and perhaps as I lean forward they may brush her vagina, mistakes happen, this would not be a deliberate attempt to touch the vagina too early but you never can tell what takes place as two oiled bodies touch. I am fully erect now and the sight of her glistening back is visually stimulating.

I move my hands up her back to her shoulders and her neck. I am fully stretched out and slide my hands over her shoulders and down her fore arms, again and again I apply this technique. As my hands slide down her arms I am in full body contact with her back my belly on the small of her back and my chest on her upper back. My erect penis is snuggly between her ass cheeks and I employ a few short sliding motions rubbing my shaft against her anus. The warmth is erotic, hot almost burning and I wonder if there is a fire starting in her womanhood. The next full body slide I employ a different technique, same as the last but the penis stroke is longer I force my balls between her ass cheeks. They willingly part and my balls massage her anus. I spend some time on this activity. Each time I apply more pressure with my balls, more sliding, in fact I am trying to press my balls into her anus, an impossibility, but a save genital contact with erotic effect for both parties.

Then I lie flat on her and slide all the way off. My chin follows the line of the spine, it parts her but cheeks and is positioned in the anus. I press hard and deep trying to get my chin to enter. The stretching of the anus is creating nerve ending sensations with breath taking reactions. I drag my chin lower and I open my mouth as I pass over her anus. I linger and breathe out slowly making sure hot air is expelled from my mouth, the air dances on her anus and little goose flesh appears. I trace the walls of her ass cheeks with my tongue and I make sure not to touch her anus. Warm breath and ass cheek licking is all for now, I need to spark her interest.

I retract and bend her leg so that her foot is perpendicular to the bed and facing the ceiling. I am liberal with the application of the hot oil and I massage this into the foot. I pay attention to the ball of her foot. The pads get divided into segments and I use small circular motions to inject pleasure into an area so often over looked. The heel is assumed to be a dead part of the foot, not so in my hands. The correct pressure, firm and gentle exerted along the perimeter of the heel can release years of tension. I notice the relaxing of the muscles in the foot and I rotate her foot such that her toes are pointing skywards and a massage the muscles between the bones between her ankle and her toes. The shape of her foot is changing, no longer constricted, she is relaxing. The effect of this massage to the foot cannot be overvalued, the sensation totally unexpected and soothing. Each toe is massaged individually. In my mind her toes represent my penis. I offer a full blow job to each toe, I lick and suck and nibble as if I am able to extract a hot load of sticky cum being shot into my mouth. Perhaps I am a little more aggressive than the action my cock receives, but this is about the toes. Naturally every masterful blow is always complemented with a decent hand job, or in this case a good finger job.

Now sitting on the bed with her leg resting along my chest I start to work her calve. Oiled and massaged the muscles are amazing to touch, years of high heels have toned these calves into independent pillars, the muscles slip and slide as I full them with nourishment from the oils. I place the leg back on the bed and I apply hot oil to Lynn’s thighs. Thighs are the most technical part of the body to massage. These thighs are the gateway to orgasmic pleasure. Treated without respect can have disastrous effects. My mind abuzz with possibilities and fresh swelling in my loins I apply the hot oil. The oil splashes on the base of her thigh just above the back of her knee and I spring into action. My thumbs are interlocked and I have my fingers wrapped around her leg. In a swift, firm and slow motion I push up until my hands reach her ass. My fingers are poised to caress her vagina, her anticipation at a level whereby she moves her free leg away as to allow me more access, although tempting I think it is still premature to enter the cave of erotic pleasure and I slide may hands back down to her knee. The rhythm continues. Each time I reach the base of her ass I edge a little closer to her cave, I ensure I have positioned my index finger such that I drive her own flesh into her puss. I notice the increased breathing and the slow release, back down my hands glide.

I am happy with the expectation level and this time at the top of her leg I release my thumbs and tilt my hand such that only my index finger is touching her skin, my hand is placed like a blade and it navigates the passage between her ass cheeks the edge of my finger presses against the no-man’s land piece of her body, the smooth pink skin between the entry to her cave of erotic pleasure and her anus. I press here, like a boring raccoon. She must think I have missed the hole, my intentions more devious than that, I press on. I move my hand pressing into her ass cheek and then around the edge of her anus, my finger nail scratching the tender flesh so carefully guarding the entry to taboo eroticism. I exit the tomb of her womanhood and caress the small of her back. Leaning forward I kiss her gently and let her relax as her back was extended and arched in expectation. My hands head bock to inflict more teasingly tantalizing pleasure. Into the ass crack they proceed and trace the path just followed with one slight deviation, they glide down the other leg. This leg is hungry for oil and I oblige by supplying a dollop of hot moisturizing oil.

The smell of her inner being is driving me crazy, I fight every urge to ravish her body. I am content with the reactions to my touch, her anticipation has long since been replaced with hunger and desire, her once gentle breathing has been replaced with purring and sighs of appreciation as she receives stimulation in strange and erotic area in ways unknown to her. I reposition myself between her outstretched legs, modesty has evaporated and her legs are spread eagled, her puss id pressed shut and anticipation my touch, I notice it glistens in the flickering candle light and warmth now unashamedly radiates, her scent is inviting and I notice teardrop of fluid on the tip of my cock, how I long to insert that into her love triangle.

With a hand on each leg I run my hands up each thigh with my thumbs touching at the base of her pussy and for the first time they touch her private space. They drag along her sealed lips. The outer lips of her puss are puffy and tightly pressed together, carefully hiding the flower of her inner beauty. My thumbs move into no-man’s land and then onto her anus. I decide this anus needs a little attention. This is a body part filled with nerve endings protected from birth, void of contact and definitely regarded a taboo. Alas once stimulated and teased into arousal, forbidden pleasures can be deeply enjoyed. I decide to add an unexpected activity and I lean forward and lick her anus. My hands grip her ass cheeks and I pull them apart and I lick her. I place my tongue in no-man’s land and stroke my tongue up over her anus. The action is similar to that of a cat scraping its fur to remove an unwanted item. There is no time for pleasantries here. The action is firm and determined, my tongue spread flat and wide, the licking aggressive and short, I count the strokes; one; two; three; four; five; six; seven; eight; nine, and then the pace changes the tenth is slow gentle and soft. She purrs as my tongue passes over her anus. As I pass over the entry to this tightly guarded opening I turn the tip of my tongue into a spear point and trace the valley between her ass cheeked to the small of the back where I pause and bit her back, reposition my tongue into the spear shape and re-trace my path back to the anus. This time my tongue rests on the opening and starts to bore into the opening with a soft murmur of appreciation the anus parts and my tongue wrestles into the protected tunnel. I am encouraged and excited as Lynn lifts her buttocks into my face trying to get my tongue deeper into her ass, she sighs deeply and collapses into the bed.

I remove my tongue and tease her anus with my thumb, gentle and firm I penetrate the anus, just enough to encourage a response and to see how she enjoys, this is the first time is venture into this area and a delicate approach is required, although the possibility exists to find erotic area seldom explores there also exists a possibility of rejection, tact is required as this body beneath me contains erotic energy which I crave to release, energy which could explode into orgasmic bliss and the release of tension and stress. Sex is the ultimate stress reliever and the exhilaration of a prolonged orgasm can be as intense as an earthquake.

My thumbs like tag team wrestlers move down to her pussy. They press into the puffy lips and with no interest in parting those lips they stoke her triangle of passion. The move to the edge of her thighs and pushing into her body move together forcing her pussy lips closed. They grab and wrestle those lips and when tightly closed they pull away from her body, dragging the lips with then until the pop out of the tight grip. The pressure is constantly increased to ensure stimulation of a well-hidden clit. This panicle od erotic nerve endings can be so sensitive to direct touch that utmost care must be taken not to turn it into an angry beast that I am determined yet subtle about the arousal thereof. I am liberally adding hot oils and my middle finger is constantly straying over her anus, probing and penetrating and prying open. In response the anus has now started welcoming my middle finger and allowing and positively responding to accept access up to the big knuckle. I withdraw my hands from her sensual area, now much larger than a simple triangle and I place my chest on her ass. I lean forward squashing her ass cheeks up towards her back. This stretches the entire vagina, pulling the skin tight I hear the outer pussy lips part for the first time and the squishy release of the moisture of her fluids as they smack open.

My cock is positioned ready to enter her and I deliberately press down to ensure contact with her clit and I miss the opening to her puss. I drag my chest up her back and the top of the shaft of my cock glides between her moist pussy lips and they part hungrily. I fee Lynn beneath me frantically trying to reposition hers sell for me to enter her, this is not my plan and I continue to slide up her back. My shaft now meets her anus and she groans, her anus is hot, very hot and I drag the shaft along this hot now gaping area. The head of my cock comes into contact with the opening to her anus which is sufficiently stimulated and aroused to open like a baby’s mouth seeking a milk filled breast. Her anus wraps around the head and is inviting I proceed up her body, as my cock passes over her ass into the small of her back it has sufficient space to spring into its designed erect position and I pause. I nibble on the base of her earlobe. Her head tilts and her warm mouth is inviting me in, she is hungry now, and only half as warm as I want her, I smile to myself and kiss the corner of her lips, she frantically darts a tongue out and licks my cheek as I start to slide away from her mouth.

My balls start to enter the ass crack, her cheeks spread easily and the pass over her anus. My shaft again is hungrily welcomed, it rubs and as the head is about to reach the entry opening I pause and slide back up. Looking at her face I see she is biting her own lip and I wonder if I can rub her anus with my shaft to orgasm, I slide down. She can’t wait for any more sliding and prodding and as my cock heard gets close to the anal opening she wriggles it into position and raises her ass and the tip of my head slips in. I press a little deeper and she groans and I measure the outcomes and slide down. “No” she growls. Suddenly she notices the action in her pussy, there is a slippery cock passing past a welcoming tunnel and she wriggles frantically only to be a little too late and end up jarring the head against her clit. The first of a mini orgasm sends an involuntary response through her body as my cock is again position at the wrong angle between her thighs and I start the deliberate movement towards kissing her ear again. Through the moist valley of pleasure I travel, my cock head slides over her clit and her body tremors, her pussy opens with ese and the head slips in just a portion as it drags out following the shaft over the no-man’s land area and the shaft rubs the anus. When the head reaches the opening she has prepared herself for action. She lifts her back and holds her shoulders up by her elbows. I was not prepared for this and my sliding is halted. In fact, I slide back a little and cannot prevent myself from entering her, deeper than I expected and she shrieks in delight collapsing back onto her chest.

Since I am in I decide to see how far I can go. I press a little deeper, fortunately all the hot oil has provided all the lubrication required and I slide in all the way to my pelvic bone and I wonder if this is the first anal entry. Making sure she is comfortable I supply a few slow strokes and each change in direction is met with sounds of delight. I employ a movement she would not expect, I push into her as deep as possible and I place as much body weight into her as I can and I rotate to my left. The oil on our bodies is the perfect lubricant and I am using my cock as an axel and I rotate around until my head is between her feet. All this rotation and repositioning took place whilst my cock was still in her ass, I proceed to fuck her. There is no need for thrusting. Holding her ankles, I slide up and down, slowly at first and then I increase the speed. Slow again and then I increase the speed. I am cautious not to cum as there is so much more to explore in her body, I have not even kissed her yet, no nipple action, don’t cum I scream in my mind. She convulses and shudders as she explodes into orgasm. Her anus tightly squeezing against my shaft. I pull out just in time. My cock remains fully charged with cum.

I slide up her body, her head between my legs and my cock is between her neck and her collar bone she grips it tightly. I sink my head between her legs and lap up the dripping wet pussy juices. She is hungry for more cock and rotates herself under me. I am now face deep in pussy, her full breasts are pressed against my thighs and I can feel her nipples like pebbles pressing into my thighs. I pull those protective pussy lips apart and reveal the pinkest inner lips imaginable, they are erect and inviting, I run the tip of my tongue between them and enjoy her inner taste, moisture appearing as if by magic, her clit is large and protruding from the protective hood and I twirl her clit with me tongue the mother load of orgasm erupts, she convulses and shudders, my cock is in her mouth and I am hoping she get me to cum, how badly I want to full her with hot sticky cum. She convulses again and she sucks, I am real close now. Suck, baby suck, she shudders and groans, she sounds like an old oak tree crashing down in the forest and my cock is at boiling point, she shudders again and with death defying determination Axel bangs on the door. “Fuck guys let us in that sounds awesome!”

I never got to cum, what shit timing from Axel.

He better get these girls seriously horny for this evening.

To be continued . . . . . . . . . . . .