Written by wildchildtammy

20 Jul 2015






The wedding of Jimmy and Sue was a spectacular affair, an opportunity for both sets of parents to out-do each other in the most extravagant arrangements.

If Jimmy’s parents arranged for a well-known pop band to play at the reception, then Sue’s parents arranged for the string section of the State orchestra to play at the pre-wedding rehearsal.

If Sue’s parents arranged for a top European designer to hand-make the bride and attendants dresses, then Jimmy’s parents flew Jimmy and his best man to London to be fitted out by the tailor to the Royal Household.

And so it went on - the wedding day itself was a great success. The three hundred guests were treated to a banquet fit for a king, and the happy couple left in the bridal Rolls Royce at a suitably early hour to go to the hotel, and the next day for a short holiday in Hawaii - the actual honeymoon to follow a year or so later when they had set up a home.

Jimmy could not keep his eyes off his new bride all night as she danced with a succession of friends and relatives. Her dress was stunning, the long train having been unzipped, leaving her with a very sexy, low-cut dress, with a long slit at each side which showed her slim, toned legs to perfection as she danced. Jimmy spent the evening thinking about finally fucking her - no more blow-jobs and fingers in her (admittedly beautiful) pussy - tonight was the real thing!

As the chauffer drove them to the hotel, Jimmy slid closer to her in the back seat. He kissed her long and hard on the mouth, and stroked her thigh under the dress. Sue parted her legs a little bit, and his hand quickly slid up to her warm moist cunt - he was delighted to find that she had taken her panties off at some stage, and his fingers found her hairless smooth pussy, opening her lips and poking a finger deep into her.

She lay back in the seat, content to let him play. From where she sat, she could see the chauffer trying hard to have a look at what was going on in the back seat. Without alerting Jimmy, she turned slightly in the seat so that her legs faced the driver’s mirror, and then pulled her skirt up a bit more. The driver could now see Jimmy’s fingers deep in her wet cunt although Jimmy, who had his face buried in her hair, did not notice this.

She lifted one knee, exposing her pussy even more, and Jimmy drove three fingers into her, while the driver nearly ran them off the road looking at her smooth cunt!

At the hotel, once changed, Sue was as good as her word. She bathed and put a musky perfume on, and once she was sure Jimmy was in bed, she came out of the bathroom wearing high heels and a smile. Jimmy had never seen her stark naked - he had played with her boobs and pussy endlessly, but always with her partly clothed. He sat up in bed and stared - she was gorgeous - slim, tanned, pert firm boobs and the wonderful smooth girlish cunt.

She pulled back the bedclothes, to reveal his rock-hard cock. Straddling him, she took his cock and guided it to her already-wet cunt. Opening the pussy lips, she let the head enter her, feeling for the first time a real, warm, hard cock spread her pussy wide. She lowered herself on him, inch by inch, until she felt the head pressing against the resistance of her hymen. She paused, took a breath, and squatted suddenly, his rigid cock piercing the thin membrane, and sliding all the way in. She gave a brief cry, then started moving up and down as his cock filled her cunt, feeling her smooth lips touch the base of his cock with each thrust.

It would take too long to detail each of the ways they fucked that night - her on top, him on top, doggy, reverse cowgirl, standing, sitting - on and on they fucked until he had cum three times, and his cock would just not get hard enough anymore.

Eventually she lay back, her cunt red and swollen. She smiled at him.

"We must get a book to look at other positions" she said. "There must be a lot more!”

Sex was a central part of their lives - they shared all their previous experiences with each other, leaving nothing out. What became clear to both of them was the fact that they both liked watching sex, not only participating in sex. In many ways they each got more aroused looking at other people fucking, than when they actually did it themselves.

This was brought into reality one weekend when Jimmy was invited to a friend’s bachelor party. The party was to be held at a local strip-joint, renowned for its beautiful strippers, who were not shy to give blow-jobs or fuck for a little extra cash. The venue was out of town, so the plan was for the guys to drive down in rented limos, spend the night at the club, and maybe take a few of the strippers back to their hotel to continue the party to the next day.

The guys duly went, watched, fucked and came home. Sue was intrigued by this - she wanted to know all the details, who did what with whom, what the club was like and so on. Eventually Jimmy said “Instead of grilling me like a cop, why don’t we just go there and you can see it for yourself.”

No sooner said than arranged. The couple set aside the next weekend, and on the Saturday night, they drove in Jimmy’s new Porsche to the club. Sue wore very sexy, very tight jeans, which not only showed off her cute little bum to perfection, but also showed a nice camel-toe, which Jimmy stroked as they drove, making her horny and wet.

They got to the club, gave the keys to the parking valet, and went in. Sue looked around, never having been in a strip club. It was nicely decorated, dark and elegant, with tables laid for dinner, and a bar along one side. In the centre was a small stage, with a shower cubicle at the back of it, a pole, and 2 chairs.

The tables were full - mostly guys, but there were a few women also. Sue asked Jimmy who the women were.

"Many are hookers, hired for the night by the guys at the table. They come here, get horny and drunk, and take the hooker back to their hotel, or to a room provided by the club upstairs for a few hours. Others are some of the strippers who are not going on stage soon - they try to get the guys interested in them, so that when they go on stage, the guys pay more. Others are like you, wives or girlfriends of guys at the table.”

"What do you mean 'they get the guys to pay more'”? She asked. “Don’t they all strip?”

"They all strip nude" he said, "but that’s all they do unless someone pays more’’.

"What do they do if someone pays more?”

"Anything - it depends on what the guy or guys ask for, and how much they pay. For example, for an extra $50, they will let one of the guys touch them all over. For more, they will let a guy put his fingers into their cunts. More and they will give him a blow-job. Still more, they will fuck him, in a private booth. Then there will be a fee for a lesbian show, a fee to join in a lesbian show, and a fee to let more than one guy feel them, get a blow or a fuck. It’s a menu.“

Sue sat and thought about this. She had never considered sex for sale on such an open and commercial level.

"So how do you know how much to pay for what?” she asked after a while.

"You just ask" said Jimmy. "Tell then what you want, and they will tell you how much. If they won’t do it at all, they will say so right away. You don’t need to hint or be subtle - this is how they make money, so they don’t have time for the guy to beat around the bush and be coy.”

"What might they not do?” asked Sue.

"It varies from girl to girl. Some might not allow fucking without a condom, some might. Others might not allow the guy to cum in their mouth or cunt, others might. Most won’t allow the guy to cum over their face or hair, because it’s messy and they have to go shower before they can be back on the floor, and it wastes their time. Very few will allow anal. The guys get too rough when they fuck the girls in the ass.”

Sue was amazed; it really was like a sex supermarket, with the goods on display.

They ate and had some drinks. Then the lights were dimmed a little, the music got louder and faster, and a voice announced “Yolanda, a stunning former college girl” as the first stripper.

From behind the shower a girl emerged onto the stage. She was indeed young, maybe 18 or 19, with long blonde hair and a pretty face. She had very long, slim legs, and was wearing a short mini-skirt, and a sequined top, with high heels.

To the rhythm of the music she gyrated around the stage, waggling her bum and her considerable boobs at the audience. After the first song, she took off her top, to reveal a tiny bra. After the next song, she took off her skirt to reveal an equally tiny thong. The following song saw her take both of these off. She had lovely, large and natural-looking breasts, big and very firm, with small pink nipples. Her pussy was shaved; a thin slit between her outer lips, like a child, the large darker triangle showing the pubic hair area before she shaved.

She paraded around, showing her boobs and pussy to the audience, stroking her boobs, and running a finger along her slit.

One of the guys at a table near to the stage held out a $50 bill. She leaned forward, and talked briefly to the guy. Then, putting the note into her bra on the stage, she squatted in front of that table, knees apart, letting them see her cunt up close. She put her hand between her legs and parted her pussy lips, and then put one finger into her pussy, playing with herself. She stayed like that for a minute, then stood and moved around the stage some more, looking at the tables. At another table, a guy called her over. She got off the stage and walked over to the table, spoke to the guys, took some dollar notes from them, and sat on the one guy's lap. He fondled her boobs, playing with her nipples and making them hard. She put her hand on his crotch, and felt his cock. He put his hand on her pussy, which was open a bit because of the way she was sitting. She moved back a bit, and Sue saw his finger go deep into her pussy, in and out, masturbating her with one hand while feeling her boobs with the other. She sat like that for a short while, then got off him, gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and got back onto the stage.

Sue could see that her pussy lips were now engorged and open a bit, and her nipples were hard. The girl danced around awhile, and then, when there were no more calls from tables, walked off behind the shower cubicle again to loud applause.

The next girl was older, maybe late 20’s. She had dark hair, and huge brown eyes with a cupids-bow mouth and full lips. She was wearing a black full-length evening gown, cut low in front with a slit up each thigh all the way to her hips, and carrying a small evening handbag.

Her hair was gathered on top of her head, giving her a very sophisticated and elegant look .She danced slowly to the first song, then as the second song started she let the straps of her gown fall from her shoulders, at first holding the top over her boobs, then letting it fall. She had huge, firm boobs with large brown nipples. The gown fell to her waist as she fondled her nipples, letting them grow hard and erect.

Turning her back to the audience, she slid the gown over her hips and let it fall to the floor. She had a g-string on, and when she turned back they could see through it that she had a dark triangle of pubic hair, trimmed into a bikini shape.

She gyrated around the stage to the second song, and then stepped out of her g- string in the pause at the end of the song.

Without waiting for the next song to start, she sat on the chair facing the tables. Spreading her legs wide apart she stroked her pussy with one hand, playing with her nipples with the other. She reached into the evening bag and took out a large dildo. Placing it on her pussy lips, she looked at each table in turn. One of the men at a table near the back held up a $50 note. She nodded, and he got up and stepped onto the stage.

She handed him the dildo, and opened her legs even wider. The man knelt in front of her, and pushed the dildo slowly into her cunt. She wriggled a bit as he did, then he slid its length into her, thrusting it in and out. His one hand was on his cock, rubbing himself. The girl let him play with the dildo in her cunt for a while, then took his hand and put it on her cunt. He pushed a few fingers into her, as she moaned and licked her lips. He was rubbing his cock hard now, and she whispered something into his ear, and he nodded, taking out another $50 note. He stood up in front of her, and she reached for his pants and unzipped his fly. Taking out his cock, she stroked it, spitting on her hands to make them wet. She reached into her bag again and took out a bundle of tissues. Now masturbating him harder, she bent forward and licked the head of his cock, still jerking him off rapidly. In a moment he began to buck his hips. She placed the tissues at the head of his cock, and he came in long jets of cum into the tissues, and onto her hands. She kept going till he was done, then dropped the tissues and encouraged the audience to give him a round of applause.

He walked off the stage zipping his pants up, and she danced till the song ended, showing her wet and gaping pussy, then left the stage.

Sue was turned on, and curious.

"The girls only seem to make $50 or $100 each time” she said. ”Why don’t they stay longer and do more?”

"No idea” said Jimmy, “maybe they have a rule about how long each girl can stay on stage.’’

"Will they fuck on stage?’’ asked Sue.

"Not usually. They go into a private booth. I think it’s more that the guys don’t want to fuck in public, than that the girls have an objection’.’

Sue was getting hornier by the minute. She took Jimmy’s hand and put it between her legs, pressing it to her cunt. When that did not do enough, she unbuttoned her jeans, and pushed his hand under the zip. His fingers found her soaking wet slit, and he tried to insert a finger, but the jeans were too tight.

"Fuck this” said Sue, and wriggled a little way out of her jeans so that her pussy was available to Jimmy’s probing fingers. Jimmy looked around the room as he slid a finger into her cunt. Some of the guys at nearby tables had noticed Sue wriggling, and were nudging each other and moving their chairs a bit to get a better view.

A large man came over to their table. “Hi” he said, ”I am Buddy, the manager here. You guys are putting on quite a show. Does the little lady not want to do that on stage so all the guys can see? - she may even earn some cash.”

Jimmy looked at Sue.

"Sure” she said, ”I don’t mind. But not with my husband. He can watch.”

"Whatever you want" said the man. ’’I’ll just get some music on. When I announce you, you can go on stage and do what you want. When you are done, just go to the backroom behind the shower. You can freshen up there.”

Sue pulled up her jeans, and had another drink.

Soon, the man announced that a new and amateur girl would be on stage as a special that night. The lights dimmed a little, and the music started.

Sue got up, and walked towards the stage. Everyone was clapping and whistling, and she felt energised and great, and a little drunk.

She danced around the stage to the music, and then slowly lifted her T-shirt, revealing her small, firm boobs encased in a flimsy white bra. As the music carried on, she unclipped the bra, and put it on a chair. The audience hollered and cheered. Fondling her nipples, she made them hard, licking her fingers and stroking them. Turning her back to the audience, she unzipped her jeans, and slowly drew them down her long slim legs. She had a very tiny G-string on, and her pussy and arsehole were clearly visible to the guys as she leaned forward.

She stepped out of the jeans, and faced the room. Putting one hand under the G-string, she stroked her cunt, parting the lips.

She sat on a chair, facing the room. Hooking her thumbs under the elastic, she slid the G-string down and stepped out of it.

At first she kept her legs together, touching her cunt with her hands between her thighs. Then, slowly, she opened her legs, her hand still there, wider and wider, until her legs were stretched out in front of her, as wide apart as they could go. Now she inserted a finger into her cunt, deep, and began to masturbate herself, her eyes closed and her nipples rock hard.

After a few minutes, she opened her eyes, as though surprised to find herself in the room. Beckoning to a very well-built young guy at a nearby table, she motioned to him to come onto the stage. His friends cheered and jeered at him as he made his way forward. She showed him to stand in front of her. Taking his hand, she put it against her cunt. He was tentative at first, but she pushed his fingers against her harder.

She felt his finger open her lips a bit, then slide in, his finger big and rough. He let his finger go all the way in. Suddenly he began to finger her hard and fast - she jerked about, his hand slamming into her cunt. She felt his finger probing for her g-spot, finding it, rubbing it. She rubbed her clit, making it hard and erect.

She reached for his jeans, undid the zip and pulled them off him. Then his boxers. His cock sprang into view - very big and very hard. She jerked him a few times, feeling the thick cock spasm under her hand.

She stood up, turned her back to him and held onto the chair.

"Fuck me now, hard!” she gasped.

He grabbed her hips, positioned his cock at the lips of her cunt, and with a slow thrust drove his large cock deep into her. She felt her pussy stretch, felt his cock fill her, ramming into the side and the end of her cunt, his balls hitting her pudenda with each stroke.

"Cum like this?” he gasped between thrusts.

"Yes, now!”

He rammed his cock into her a few more times, then, as she heard and felt him starting to cum, she too came, her legs quivering, the warmth rushing through her.

He came in her cunt. She felt the warm jets of cum squirt into her, again and again. He kept fucking, seeming to cum forever. She felt the cum starting to drip back out of her cunt as he slowed.

He took his cock out of her cunt. Standing up, she turned, and stoked his cock, slippery with cum and her pussy-juices. She kneeled in front of him, taking his cock into her mouth, licking the cum and juices off it, fondling his hairy balls.

The audience was cheering wildly, standing, as the guy picked up his jeans and walked to the back area behind the shower.

Sue sat back down on the chair, her legs wide open again, fingering herself, letting the audience see the cum coating the baby-smooth lips of her cunt, her finger thrusting in it into her gaping hole.

She stood, bowed, picked up her clothes and went to the back to get dressed.

It was the first of many public-sex adventures the young couple would have.