Written by Nerdyguy

23 Jun 2013

Her hands were shaking, she was trembling with excitement and anticipation. When a cool breeze tickled her wet lips she let out a soft moan. Liz was standing up against a wall, her naked body covered in goose bumps from the cool breeze but it only heightened her craving for pleasure. Her wetness was evident to him while he sat on the bed. Her lips were glistening and a river of wetness ran down her left leg.

Their rendezvous had been planned the day before. She would be naked, leaning up against the wall in her bedroom and the door to her flat would be unlocked. She had blind folded herself at his instruction. She had heard him come in and lock the door but how long had he been there? It felt like hours. Her nipples were hard, her pussy was wetter than she had ever experienced but he hadn’t touched her. His name was Michael, the rest of the details about him were a blur, she couldn’t think, her whole body was on fire with hunger. Hunger for him to touch her, to take her, to make her moan.

He was seated on the bed wearing a black suit with a blue tie. His cock was semi-hard, he knew this was going to be a long night and he would need to control himself. He stood up and walked up to her, his socks allowed him to move quietly. He leaned in and whispered “Good evening”. She jumped, he had startled her. His voice in her ear had sent a new wave of excitement through her body and her pussy released yet another stream of warm juices down her leg. He took off his tie and put it around her neck, tightening it enough to illicit a small moan from her. He stood behind her and pressed his body against hers. She first let out a little moan and then she realised that he wasn’t hard. Disappointment started to enter her mind but then she felt it. His manhood was growing with every second, with every breath he took. She thought it would stop, but it kept growing and growing. Anticipation grew into worry, would she be able to take it all.

She heard his pants drop to the floor. She felt it touch her bum… the warm precum left a trail on her right cheek and he guided it to her wet flower. She felt the tip between her lips, her hips and legs spread instinctively – her body was not under her control but rather his – he reached round and cupped her breasts. She knew that with one thrust he would be inside of her. She was afraid, her pussy was telling her that the tip was massive; would he hurt her? What if she told him no? Would he force her? Then it hit her, his hand had found her nipples, he knew how to play with them. The warmth was growing, her hunger was growing. She couldn’t take the anticipation and fear any more, she needed him inside her even if it tore her. She trust her hips towards him so hard his entire manhood entered her and filled her up. She could feel her entire body screaming with pleasure. She had gotten what she wanted. But then it was gone. He had pulled out. He wasn’t touching her any more.

“I am very disappointed in you Liz,’ his voice, out of the darkness, reminded her of her fathers. “I am in charge for a reason, I know what you want, what you need and you disobeyed me.” She felt him grip the tie and pull her up, he used it like a leash pulling her towards the bed. She got on all fours, her mind told her to, and she knew how she should behave. He gripped her bum with his left hand and guided his cock to her pussy with his right. He slowly penetrated her, she felt her body stretch to allow him in. Her pussy was tight, it was squeezing his cock but it was also welcoming him in further. He stopped half way, gripped her hips and rammed it in deep. She screamed with pleasure as his cock hit her cervix. He held her there, gripping her tight as she naturally tried to pull away. “Did I hurt you?” He asked. “Yes,” came a teary reply. “But I want you to do it again.” With that he let loose his hunger. He delivered one thrust after another, each one sending his cock to the limits of her pussy.

She felt it building, the unmistakable feeling of a man’s cock getting ready to shoot its load into her. Was he going to cum in her? Did she want him to? She wasn’t sure. But then she felt it, the warmth filling her up, his seed was being pumped into her and she wanted it all. He pulled her up and held her body against his. His cock was still shooting hot thick cum into her and she was having an orgasm because of it. He whispered into her ear, “Now you are mine.”

She collapsed onto the bed. Her heart racing. She went to take off the blind fold but he stopped her. “You will ruin the experience,” he said. He gave her a deep passionate kiss and then got dressed and left. It wasn’t the last time he came over but she never did see who he was and that made it all the more exciting. He could be anyone.