Written by RSI72

17 Aug 2016

Birthday Fantasy

Its my birthday, I get home and my g/f says she has a surprise for me... she leads me to the bedroom...tells me to get undressed and sit in a chair in front of the bed...she tells me I am not allowed to speak until she tells me to...she cuffs my hands behind the chair and ties me legs to the chair...she places a blindfold over my head and puts on some soft romantic music...I cant see anything...I start to feel her hands starting to caress my body...running over my chest...squeezing my nipples...moving down to my cock...she begins to cup my balls and stroke my cock which is starting to get hard...she begins to lick the tip of my cock while playing with my balls...I'm enjoying this so much when another set of hands join in caressing my chest...this has been my fantasy for ages...a threesome with another sexy beautiful lady...soon they are taking turns stroking and sucking my cock...my g/f takes the blindfold off and I see the other lady is her sexy friend from next door...they are both smiling mischievously while I sit there admiring their beautiful bodies...they move to bed and start to kiss and caress each other...this is so hot that my cock feels like it will explode its so hard...they kiss, caress, massage and nibble on each others breasts, nipples and pussies, inflaming my passions...my g/f looks up smiling and comes to let me loose...the friend lies down on the bed face up and my g/f lowers her pussy over her mouth as I enter her from the front, feeling the sensation of a hot wet pussy engulf my cock...I make eye contact with my g/f and we look lovingly into each others eyes and lean forward and kiss passionately, while enjoying the pleasures of her friend...once I am finished fucking her...we change positions...the friend moves up the bed...my g/f spreads her legs and begins to lick her smooth pussy while leaning forward...I lick my g/f's pussy from behind then finger her...there is lots of moaning and groaning as she is tasting her friends juices...ii enter her from behind and fuck her as hard and fast as I can...going as deep as I can...the g/f and friend start to orgasm and cum...I pull out before I cum and my g/f takes my cock in her mouth as I cum...she swallows every drop and licks off my cock...we lay on the bed exhausted but happy and content...we share kisses between us and soon fall asleep our naked bodies entangled and entwined