Written by RenJayKay

27 Nov 2014

She awoke with a start, at first unsure of where she was. The room was darkly lit by the early morning sun sneaking in behind the closed heavy curtains and she glanced around sleepily. Just another boring motel room. Nothing special about this one either.

She picked up her cellphone and checked the time. Still early, not yet 6. She snuggled back down in the covers, reluctant to get up at all.

She felt an ache deep inside and tried to turn off the hurt but it wouldnt stop and she found herself crying into her pillow, the way she hadnt done since she was 16. Dammit to hell, she thought. Why even bother making this arrangement if he wasnt gonna show? That made her cry even harder still and she didnt hear the knock at the door until it was repeated a little louder.

Yes? she called and a muffled voice replied that it was room service. Strange, she thought. I didnt order any room service. Getting up and covering her nakedness with her gown, she wiped her face quickly with her hands, ran her fingers through her short hair and opened the door.

She must have stood there for all eternity, just looking at him. She thought she had stopped breathing. He smiled a small smile and spoke her name softly as he stepped inside the room and closed the door softly behind him.

Its been a long, long time without you, he said softly and wrapped his arms around her shaking shoulders. Sssshhhh. Im here, he said, and she thought she heard a tired, infinite sadness in his voice. She clung to him as the sobs wracked her body violently.

He held her tight and stroked her hair, rocking her slowly and gently until she calmed down. Holding him close, she breathed in the smell of him. So new and yet so unforgotten. His voice hadnt changed and she looked up to see his smile shining down at her.

It IS you! she said and he laughed at her tone. Yes, Jo … its me. Im sorry. I couldnt. I didnt know how. I sat up all night and thought about this until my head hurts. I shouldnt be here. Its wrong on so many levels, and yet … I just couldnt stay away now that I know where to find you.

She blinked, hardly daring to swallow and opened her mouth to answer him. Leaning his head down, he took hold of her mouth with his own, softly tasting her and then savagely claiming her lips for himself. He broke off the kiss and muttered throatily, Jesus woman, he said. You always knew how to get me going! and she smiled. That was indeed true.

He stood staring at her and she drank in the sight of him. His eyes, once so full of mischief, now older and wiser, but still him. Age had done well for him and she glanced up to see him watching her as she scrutinised what she saw. Like it? he asked huskily and she turned away as the blush spread up from her chest, making her nipples harden.

He reached out and grabbed her shoulder, intending to turn her back to face him but the gown came away in his hands and she stood naked in front of him. Her chest heaving she stared up at his face as his eyes narrowed and he growled as his hands pulled her up against him.

Fuck sakes Jo he said. You make decisions that I make awfully hard to keep. Have I ever told you that? She swallowed hard and whispered … only once before. So long ago honey. I thought you had forgotten your promise to me.

He didnt answer, only pulled her in closer and dropped his mouth to hers, tasting her, stealing her breath away. Her hands crept up his chest and started to undo the buttons of his shirt with a will of their own. Slipping the shirt down off his shoulders, she broke the kiss to stand apart and took his hand in hers. Come she said. Its time. Ive waited 32 years for you. Not one more minute please.

Jo, he said. Im 50 next week. I dont know if I can do this. She smiled softly and pulled him in closer still. Ssshhhh she said. Let me show you what you lost so long ago and her hands undid his belt and slid his pants down his legs, her eyes roaming his body. She knelt on the bed and he stepped in close as she leaned forward. She ran her tongue up his scar, her hands on his hips. Leaning closer still, she moved to lick his nipple, his skin puckering at the feel of her in the early morning air.

His cock reared its head and she slipped his jocks down over his hips, her tongue slipping lower, trailing a path down his skin. She rested on her legs and slowly licked the head of his cock, smiling inwardly as he bucked hs hips up to meet her mouth. She slipped her lips down over his cock, sucking softly, swirling her tongue around the slit and he groaned out loud. Oh god he said and grabbed her shoulders, pushing her back down on the bed as he knelt between her legs and she sighed, her eyes closing in expectation. Fuck she remembered him, his kiss, his smell, the way he felt, how he liked to give pleasure before taking his own.

She arched her hips up to his tongue, two of his fingers slipping into her open wet cunt and she cried aloud at the invasion, even as her hips bucked up to draw his fingers deeper still. She moaned his name and pulled his face away from her body, drawing him up the length of her to taste him, to kiss him, the smell of her pussy juices all over him now. She tasted his tongue as he slid his cock into the space his fingers had just left void and she groaned into his mouth.

He slid as far as he could go into her, resting there for a moment, and broke the kiss to sit up on his knees. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and he waited for her to find her position within his space. He raked his eyes across her skin, taking in the site of her, naked, here, with him. The air was magical, with fairies and elves playing in the background, unseen, causing butterflies in his stomach. He breathed in her smell, his brain flooded with old, old memories of her.

Jo, he whispered and her eyes flew open to look into his, a thousand unanswered questions laid bare in the sadness reflected there. Im here, he said. Please. Take me Jo. Love me again? No more waiting. Please?

She opened her arms and brought him close to her as the tears slipped quietly into her hair. He stroked her pussy slowly, his fingers teasing, tweaking her nipples, and her hand stole down to her clit, the fingers searching for, finding the bud nestled there. He glanced down at her shaven pussy and swallowed hard again as the site of her fingers on her clit nearly drove him over the edge.

He felt her pussy tighten around his cock, her hips pushing up to take all of him at every stroke. She opened her eyes and looked up at him. Now, she whispered. Feel me, my love, feel me cum all over you, only for you.

He felt his sanity slipping away as she washed his cock in her warmth, her muscles stroking him to the edge of his own orgasm and he slowed his strokes to prolong the bittersweet agony, his brain taking mental pictures, more memories, another lifetime ahead without her.

She sobbed openly as her orgasm ripped through her and he continued to stroke her pussy slowly until she had finished completely. Still crying, she turned her head away and he withdrew from her pussy, moving up to lie beside her. Cradling her gently in his arms, he felt time slip away from him, another lifetime, another aeon, another age. Old memories flooding his mind, new memories stealing in to take their place and his heart broke a little as he kissed her forehead gently.

Please dont cry he said. We both knew this would happen. Its why I laid the ground rules down 10 years ago. You have always been there in my thoughts, even before I found you again. Always. And until the end of my days, I will carry you with me always Jo. He leaned in and kissed her mouth softly.

Without another word, he stood up and dressed, not once looking at her, as the tears found their way down his own cheeks. He never looked back as he left the motel room and she fell apart where she lay.


This is one of my own short stories.

Feel free to copy it, but please give credit where it is due.