16 May 2018


White Sluts' Club: Bride-to-Be!

"Tonight you can't say no," Becka ordered, like the drill sergeant she often is.

"Yes, ma'am," I saluted sarcastically, already tipsy from three glasses of wine.

Jennie added, "It's your last night of freedom, so you need to make it epic."

"I'm just getting married, not going to a convent," I protested.

"Marriage is worse," Becka, the group slut, countered.

I shook my head as it was never worth the effort to fight with Becka.

Amy asked, "Are we really going to The Pit?"

"Of course," Becka said, "where else would you take a goody-goody like Keli?"

"I'm not a goody-goody," I protested.

"You're so pure you make Snow White look dirty," Becka quipped.

"I can be dirty," I argued, although my fantasies were a lot more sexy and naughty than my real life.

"How many guys have you fucked?" Becka questioned.

"Why does that matter?" I asked. "It's not quantity over quality."

"But it is important to experiment with a variety of shapes, sizes, positions and colours before getting a ball and chain attached to your ankle for life," Becka continued.

"She's not going to jail," Amy said, defending me.

"Marriage is the longest jail sentence possible," Becka protested.

"I'll remember that when you get engaged," Sara quipped, although she was laughing while she said it.

"Hell will freeze over first," Becka said.

"Oh Becka, you talk tough, but you are a softie inside," I teased.

"Enough talk, it's time to slut you up," Becka declared.

"Isn't this outfit you made me wear slutty enough?" I asked. I was in a striped mini-skirt that barely covered my ass, and a tight blouse that showcased rather clearly my small 34B tits.

"Your slut ensemble just needs one more thing," Becka said.

"What's that?" I asked, unable to fathom what else I could possible wear to make this look sluttier.

"Pantyhose," Becka said.

"I don't wear pantyhose," I said with disdain, I hated the feel of them. The rare time I was forced to wear nylons, I wore thigh high stockings.

"Oh, trust me," Becka replied ominously. "You will definitely want them on tonight. Isn't that right girls?"

Jennie who had been silent during the conversation agreed, "Oh, trust me, pantyhose are essential."

I had noticed all four of my bridesmaids were wearing pantyhose earlier, which was strange, but didn't think anything of it. Becka was wearing red pantyhose, which stood out with her all black outfit, but she always liked to stand out. Sara was wearing black nylons, Amy white and Jeannie pink.

"Why is that?" I asked, curious.

"Oh, that is a surprise," Becka coed, handing me a package of beige pantyhose.

"I'm not wearing these," I said.

Sara said, "You can't go in there without nylons on."

"That's the strangest club ever," I pointed out.

"You don't know the half of it," Amy agreed.

"If I'm going, I'm wearing thigh highs," I countered, "I have a pair somewhere in my dresser."

"What colour?" Becka asked.

"Black," I answered. "Why does that matter?"

"Trust me, it does," Jeannie said.

"Girls, what is going on?" I asked.

"Tonight, we are in charge," Becka said, pushing me to the couch. "Now just do as you're told."

"Fine," I said, "I'll be your fucking Barbie doll."

I sat there as Becka put the pantyhose on me while saying, "I hope this club is worth it."

Sara promised, "It will change your life."

Jeannie added, "Yes, you are in for a big surprise," stressing the word 'big'.

Amy quipped, "You will see things you have never seen before."

Becka ordered, "Stand up."

I did and she pulled the pantyhose up and over my ass.

She joked, "I bet you have never even had a good pussy lapping, have you?"

"John is fine," I pointed out, although truth be told I had never come from sex, only with my fingers after (or with the massage wand I had bought online).

"'Fine', what a flattering compliment," Becka smiled.

"Let's get going," Sara said, "I didn't wear black stockings for nothing."

"Yes, you wore them for a very special reason," Becka purred.

"Damn right," Sara nodded.

I was confused by the conversation, but often was and soon we were in a limousine the girls had hired for the night. On the ride, things got even stranger.

Becka said, "Let's play a game."

"What game?" I asked.

"Who is the best kisser?" she said.

"And how are we going to do that?" I asked, even though I should have known.

"You're going to kiss each one of us and declare a winner," Becka revealed.

"No I'm not," I protested.

Surprising me, Jeannie leaned in and kissed me, breaking my short protest. I was shocked, but her lips were so soft that after a moment I began kissing her back. The whole time my head was spinning, 'I am kissing a girl.'

"Next," Becka said, breaking the brief moment of intimacy.

I stared at Jeannie as she moved away and said, "I've wanted to do that for a long time."

"You'd love to kiss her other lips wouldn't you?" Becka teased.

Jeannie, surprising me again, her eyes not breaking contact with mine, replied, "In a heartbeat."

My eyes went big as Amy moved from her seat and kissed me. Hers was sloppier, but again I gave myself to the kiss.

As soon as she moved away, Sara moved in and kissed me as well. She immediately slipped her tongue in my mouth, making the kiss more passionate and urgent. My tongue slid inside her mouth and we explored each other's mouths.

Becka then said, "My turn."

Sara moved away and Becka ordered, "Come to me, Naomi."

So intoxicated with the kissing, I obeyed, moving to her in an almost hypnotic state. Reaching her, I leaned in and kissed her.

She kissed me back, surprisingly tenderly. Her personality is normally so aggressive that I assumed it would be raw...yet I melted into her.

This kiss lasted longer and wasn't stopped until Sara said, "Lesbians, we are here."

Becka broke the kiss and quipped, "I think we may have given you the wrong nylons."

All the others laughed at the strange statement.

"Let's go slut," Becka said, taking my hand. "Time to literally fuck you up."

I thought she meant getting me hammered, which in retrospect she did, but not with liquor as I assumed.

We walked into the club, Becka still holding my hand, and I immediately noticed there were a lot of black men. This didn't surprise me, Becka only fucked black men, something she was very proud of.

I stammered, "W-w-why are we here?"

"To have your bachelorette party, of course," Becka said, pulling me to the bar.

"A round of sex on the beach," she demanded to the black bartender.

"Sure thing, Becka," he nodded.

"He knows your name?" I asked, even though the answer was obvious.

"He knows my cunt too," Becka responded.

"Everyone here knows your cunt," Sara quipped.

"They would know yours too, if you would do more than just suck," Becka countered.

"Yes, once you go black you never go back," Amy added.

"And that goes for black cunt," Jeannie said.

I still thought they were just fucking with me when the shots arrived.

We each took a shooter glass and Becka declared, "To the bride-to-be."

We each downed our shots as a very big, built black man said, "Another round for the lovely ladies and two for the bride-to-be."

"Hey, Jamie," Becka greeted.

"Hey, sexy," he said, leaning in and kissing her. When he broke the kiss, he asked, "So who is the new girl?"

"Naomi," Becka said, "she's getting married next weekend."

"And you brought her here tonight?" he questioned.

"You can't get married and end your life without at least sampling some dark meat," Becka said, looking directly at me.

He chuckled, "That is a pretty good theory." Turning to me, he greeted, "Nice to meet you, Naomi."

"You too," I nodded, in awe of just how handsome he was.

Suddenly an older looking black woman grabbed Jeannie by the arm and said, "Come with me, slut."

"Yes, Mistress," Jeannie replied, following her.

I stared in complete shock as I watched one of my best friends walk away with a much older black woman. She was led to a table with two other black women and my shock doubled as Jeannie dropped to her knees and crawled under the table.

Becka asked, "You really didn't know Jeannie munched cunt?"

"No," I said, still staring in disbelief.

The bartender returned and we each took another shot, while Becka and I did two, Becka taking Jeannie's second shot.

Jamie turned to Sara and asked, "Ready for a load?"

"God yes," Sara nodded.

"Let's go," Jamie said, before turning to me, "I'll be back for you later, sexy."

My eyes went big again as he walked away.

I asked, "Where are they going?"

"To one of the suck and fuck rooms," Becka said.

"Or munch," Amy added, "Don't forget about our Jeannie."

"She almost always ends up under the table," Becka pointed out.

"That is true," Amy laughed.

"I need to go home," I said, realizing what kind of club this was.

"Oh honey," Becka said, handing me a coaster, "the night is just getting started."

I read it and gasped.

The Colour Code for The Pit

The colour of nylon you are wearing tells our patrons what exactly you are interested in.

Beige...first timer

Black...full face fucking

Fishnet...deep ass fucking

Pink...mouth full of cunt

Red...double or triple penetration (threesome or more some)

White...hard cunt pounding

"Holy shit," I gasped, looking down at Amy and Becka's legs.

"That is an understatement," Becka smiled, just as an older looking, very attractive, bald black man joined us.

He smiled and said looking at me, "Hi, I'm Jamal."

"I'm Naomi," I reply, instantly finding this man attractive. I then shook my head slightly, reminding myself I was engaged.

"First time here, I see," he says looking down at my beige nylons.

"Yes," I nodded, before adding, "I had no idea we were coming here."

"Well, I'm glad you did," he smiled widely.

"I'm, um, not here for that," I explained.

"For what?" he asked, as Amy sauntered away towards a younger looking tattoo covered black guy.

"For this," I said.

"Talking?" he questioned.

Becka added, "Our bride-to-be is a black virgin."

"Well, that's a shame," he said.

Becka added, "And it's time to change that."

"Becka!" I gasped. "I'm getting married."

"Which I have told you is a mistake," she said. "But tonight, you promised to do whatever I said."

"But that didn't include sex," I protested.

Jamal slipped his arm around me.

I quickly said, even though I could feel my pussy dampen on his touch, "I have a fiancé."

He laughed as he took my hand and moved it directly to his crotch. He said, "I have something your white boy doesn't."

I gasped as I felt the hardness... the thickness... the length.

I was in utter awe as I forget I was engaged, I forget I was in a public place, and I moved my hand to see how big it truly is.

He said, "Come back to my table, Naomi. You too, Becka."

He took my hand and led me to a table, the whole time I was thinking 'his dick is twice the size of John's.

As I followed, I saw a pretty redhead bobbing up and down on a much older black man. I couldn't see his cock, just her head at a table bobbing.

I glanced back and saw Jeannie's heels poking out from underneath the table.

At the table, he sat down and patted a spot beside him. For some reason I felt compelled to obey and scooted in beside him, my mini skirt riding up even higher.

Becka joined us, and more drinks arrived.

He put his hand on my leg. No more, no less, and yet it was enough to drive me crazy with mixed emotions. I felt guilty for touching his cock, even though it happened so quickly I really had no control over it. Yet, I did have control over my hand remaining there. I felt an incredible amount of lust. Feeling his big cock, curiosity and horniness took over... the three shots and drinks at home not helping the rational, logical side of my brain.

Becka explained to Jamal. "Our bride-to-be here is practically a virgin."

"I am not!" I protested, both because I wasn't and because I didn't want to seem like a prude in front of this stranger.

"You've been with one guy," she said.

"A lot," I pointed out.

Jamal laughed softly, as his hand moved up my leg slowly. "You can't get married having been with only one man. You will always wonder what else is out there."

Becka added, "Especially one small dicked white guy."

I asked, "How do you know John is small dicked?"

"Isn't he?" she asked.

I looked at Jamal and, flirting very inappropriately, said, "He is compared to you."

"I'm flattered," he said, as he moved my left hand and placed it firmly on his crotch.

My face burned red as I grabbed for my rum and coke and downed half of it.

As Becka continued talking about my apparently pathetic sex life, his hand slid underneath my skirt. I don't know why I did it, but I opened my legs wider to give him easier access to my suddenly burning pussy.

Becka saw this and smiled, but thankfully didn't say anything.

Suddenly, Sara joined us, beside Jamal, and saw where my hand was. She smiled and said, "Do you two need to be alone?"

I quickly moved my hand away, somehow feeling guilty to have Sara see me, but not Becka.

Jamal took my hand and wordlessly put it back on his crotch.

My face was burning with shame and lust.

I looked at Sara and saw she had cum on her chin. The night already surreal, I decided to point it out, "You have cum on your chin."

"Do I?" she asked, moving her hand to her chin and scooping up a gob of cum. "The last guy shot quite a load, she added, before casually putting the cum in her mouth.

"Sara loves cum," Becka said.

"Especially cum shot from big black cock," Sara added, as she moved her hand to Jamal's cock and over mine. "Oh my, this gun feels loaded."

Jamal laughed, "It's always loaded."

Suddenly, I moaned out loud as his fingers touch my pussy lips through my pantyhose and panties. I instantly wished I hadn't worn pantyhose as he could be touching my fevered box directly.

"Should we leave you two alone?" Sara asked.

"No," I replied quickly, knowing that I wouldn't be able to resist him if left alone.

Becka, surprising me totally, moved to me, put her hands between my legs and ripped open my pantyhose at the crotch.

I gasped, and asked, even though the answer was obvious, "What are you doing?"

"Just giving Jamal here access to your white box," she matter-of-factly and crudely answered.

I should have done something right then and there. This was getting out of hand, literally, and yet I just sat there as Jamal's finger moved inside my panties and to my wetness.

Sara added, "Just let go and be a white slut for a night."

I moaned again, closing my eyes, as his finger slid inside me. He said, "I think we got another white girl in need here."

I hated the derogatory treatment of women usually, but at the moment what he said was true.

Jamal smiled, suddenly taking control, "Pretty bride-to-be, you are coming with me."

He pulled his finger out of my pussy and offered it to Sara who opened her mouth and sucked my wetness. I stared at yet another shocking act.

Sara smiled and said, "Oh, Jeannie is going to love you."

I said, trying to hold onto some remote semblance of décorum, "I'm not a lesbian."

"Just a slut for black cock," Becka quipped, as Sara slid out of the seat so Jamal could get up.

He took my hand and pulled me out of the booth.

Jamal says, "I'm going to take your friend out back for a quick initiation to black cock."

My face burned and yet I allowed myself to be led out of my seated spot.

Becka said, "Enjoy yourself, Naomi."

I just hung my head, humiliation burning through me as I followed.

A guy said, "You breaking in the rookie?"

"Yep," Jamal answered.

"I'm next, sweet stuff," someone else said, slapping my ass as I passed.

Although part of me was mortified, more of me was undeniably excited.

He led me down a narrow hallway with doors on both sides. Some were open and I saw they had a bed, couch, and sink.

He led us into a room and closed the door. It was a nicer room than a few I had passed.

As soon as the door was closed, he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me down.

I didn't fight it. Instead, I allowed myself to drop onto my knees. My face was now directly in front of his crotch and I didn't hesitate. I suddenly had to see it, to feel it, to have it.

I fished out his cock, even as he laughed, "I thought you may be a little harder to break."

As I pulled out his massive black cock, so long it looked like a snake, he continued, "I was told you would be a hard one."

"This is a hard one," I said, stroking his huge cock.

He laughed, "That it is, my white slut."

Being called a 'slut', even worse a 'white slut' instantly made me feel like one. But I had to have his cock, and instead of responding, I leaned forward and took his thick mushroom top in my mouth.

"Oh yeah, you look hot with nigger cock in your mouth," he groaned.

The 'n' word sent a chill up my back. My father used that word liberally when describing blacks he thought were inferior to whites and I suddenly felt guilt at betraying my Dad. But as I sucked, his cock stretching my mouth, I thought about how wrong Dad was. This felt so right, pleasing a black man. Being on my knees for a black man. Being an obedient sex slave for a black man.

I gagged a couple of times as I thought this, and then decided to let my brain go blank and just focus on the cock in my mouth.

"This is going to be the night of your life," he groaned, as he put his hands in my hair.

I knew there was no way I could take all ten inches in my mouth, it being more than double my fiancé's four and a half inch cock, and yet I wanted to get as much as possible. I also wondered how such a cock would ever fit in my pussy... but I definitely wanted it in me.

After a couple of minutes of sucking, he pulled out and said, "Get out of that dress."

I stood back up and willingly got undressed in front of a man who wasn't my fiancé.

"Bra, too," he ordered, once my dress was off.

I obeyed, my breasts a little small and the one thing I wished was bigger on me.

He went to a desk and returned with scissors.

Suddenly nervous, I asked, "W-w-what are those for?"

"To get rid of your panties," he said, as he moved his hand to my legs, and quickly cut the fabric. "We always keep the nylons on."

"Oh," was all I said, as he pulled the panties out from the pantyhose. He moved the panties to his nose and said, "You are soaked."

I didn't say anything, as I watched him get undressed. He then said, "Ready to be turned into another white cock slut for nigger cock?"

The words were so blunt... so crude... so wrong.

Yet, I nodded, staring at his Adonis like black body, muscles everywhere, tattoos everywhere, and said, "Yes."

"Yes, what?" he asked, as he moved to the bed and lay down.

"Yes, I want your big black cock," I admitted, following him to the bed. Staring at the massive black light house that was guiding me in.

"You want to be a white slut for black cock?" he questioned, as I joined him on the bed.

I nodded, "Yes, I want to be a slut for black cock."

"Straddle me," he ordered, "I love to watch a nigger virgin realize what she really is."

Again his words were racist and inappropriate and yet it turned me on even more. I wanted to have him take my 'nigger' virginity, although there was no way I could say such a word.

I straddled his body, grabbed his pulsing missile and slowly lowered myself on it.

As it stretched my pussy wider than John ever did or even my bigger dildo, my eyes went big. I wasn't sure I could handle such a cock.

I went very slowly, watching the black magic rod disappear inside me.

Suddenly he leaned up grabbed my waist and roughly slammed me on his cock.

I screamed, an intense pleasure and pain coursing through me as all ten inches somehow filled me. "Oh fuck!"

"That's it," he said, looking up at me, as I became lightheaded. "Just allow that virgin pussy, white cock doesn't count, to get used to a real cock in it,"

"Okay," I weakly said, feeling so completely full.

Then after a minute of getting accustomed to being impaled by the huge dick, I wanted to ride it.

He said, as if reading my mind, "Go ahead, slut, enjoy the ride."

If John called me a slut, I would rip his balls off, but when Jamal called me it, it turned me on more. I began slowly riding him, as I leaned forward and put my hands on his muscular chest.

"Oh yeah, fuck yourself like the white slut you are," he groaned.

I moaned, "You love fucking white sluts, don't you?"

"Oh yeah," he groaned, before adding, "nothing better than fresh white mouth, pussy and ass."

My eyes went big at the ass comment.

"Have you ever had a cock in your ass, Princess?" he asked, as I kept slowly fucking him.

All the girls, especially Becka, always called me Princess, and I wondered how much they, probably Becka, had to do with the fact that I was currently naked and riding a black stranger... probably everything.

"No," I admitted, the idea not overly appealing and definitely not appealing with a dick as big as his.

"Well, good white nigger loving cock sluts were born with three holes for a reason, Naomi," he said so matter-of-factly I felt like it had to be true.

Yet, I wasn't a 'white nigger loving cock slut'. Well, at the moment I was a 'white nigger loving cock slut', but this was a one night thing... a last evening wild fling and fuck before marriage. I had no intention of being a regular 'white nigger loving cock slut.'

"Fuck, you are one hot white bitch," he said, as he watched me both ride his cock and likely give confused expressions as I pondered his words and enjoyed his dick.

"Thanks," I moaned, somehow liking being 'one hot white bitch'.

"You're lucky to have a friend like Becka," he said, as he began bucking his ass up to meet my slow movements.

"Ohhhhh," I moaned, before asking, "Why? That is not something most would say about Becka."

"She is saving you before it's too late," he said, as he shocked me by grabbing my hips, pulling me down again on his massive shaft, flipping me over on my back and taking control of the fucking, all without his dick leaving my pussy.

"From what?" I moaned loudly, as he began fucking me. I mean really fucking me. His ten inch cock pistoning in and out of me like a well-oiled machine.

"Yourself," he said, as he grabbed my hands, moved them over my head, and pounded my pussy.

"Hooooooooow?" I asked, the pleasure overwhelming me. This was fucking. What John and I did was k**'s play. I didn't know what getting fucked meant until now. To be forcefully taken, used and pounded.

"You were going to marry a tiny dicked white guy, have your two or three white k**s and lived bored ever after," he said, somehow able to talk smoothly while slamming into my body with such power my head banged against the headboard.

"He's a g-g-good man," I struggled to say as he kept fucking me, my orgasm rising fast like a DeLorean about to hit 88 miles per hour.

"Does he make you come like this?" he asked, as he moved my hands together above my head and held them with one hand, while he patted my clit with his other.

"Fuuuuuuuuck," I screamed as my orgasm hit and I reached another dimension.

"Come, you slutty white cum bucket," he ordered, continuing to slap my clit and fuck my pussy throughout my orgasm.

"Yes, more," I begged, now knowing that I could reach orgasm from getting fucked, I hadn't been sure I could (I'd read somewhere that many women don't) and that it was the most euphoric experience one could have.

""Never came from white dick did you, slut?" Jamal asked.

"No," I admitted, betraying my husband-to-be once more.

"Tell me how much you love black cock, slut," he demanded.

I was so far gone, so desperate to keep feeling this intense body tingling euphoria, that I babbled, "I love black cock so much."

"Want more?" he asked.

"Yes, more, more," I babbled, not wanting this moment to end. I was going to be his white cum slut for one night. I'd deal with the consequences in the morning.

As he kept fucking me, he leaned forward as if he was going to kiss me, which I didn't want, this was fucking, not intimacy, but then he pressed a button on the night stand.

"Tonight is going to be the best night of your young sex life," he said, as I wondered what the button meant.

"It already is," I moaned.

Suddenly the door opened, and my eyes went big as Jamal held my hands firmly and kept fucking me.

"That was quick," Becka said, entering the room with Sara and Amy as well as a few black men.

"Please leave," I demanded, freaking out.

"Tonight you're the party slut," Becka said, walking over to the bed.

Jamal then grunted and exploded his load in my very fertile womb, "Take my nigger cum, slut."

I moaned, always loving the feeling of cum shooting inside me, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, no," as I worried about getting pregnant.

As Jamal kept fucking me, depositing every last drop of his cum deep inside me, I glanced over and saw all the black men getting undressed.

It was then I knew I was in big trouble.

It was also then that I knew I was indeed in for the night of my life.

Jamal pulled out of me, and I felt my cum and his cum leak out of me. A young guy, about my age, moved over to me, rolled me over onto my side and shoved his cock in my mouth as he ordered, "Get sucking slut, it's party time."

I wasn't really doing the sucking. He was doing the face fucking.

As he did, I felt someone else join us on the bed and move behind me. As I felt hands on my hips, I felt a gush of wetness leak out of me in anticipation, even as I prayed he didn't try to fuck my ass.

Thankfully, he didn't, as I felt a cock slide inside my very wet pussy.

"I can't believe you were right," Sara said.

Amy added, "There was no way I thought Naomi would succumb so quickly, if at all."

"No one can resist black cock once it's in front of their face," Becka said.

And as my mouth and pussy were fucked, I couldn't deny it.

There was no way I would have dropped to my knees for a white guy. I couldn't explain it, but it felt natural to drop to my knees and serve black cock, ride black cock, get pounded by black cock.

"Sara, get over here and eat my box," Becka demanded.

"That's Jeannie's job," Sara protested.

"She is still munching black pussy," Becka countered, before adding, "don't play all innocent for our dear slut Naomi, you love cunt as much as you do dick."

"Fine," Sara said.

I don't know why, but I wanted to see it. I wanted to see Sara between Becka's legs.

"This mouth was made for fucking," said the guy pounding my face, his balls actually bouncing off my chin. His cock, thankfully, was smaller, and although I struggled to get used to the rough treatment at first, I soon relaxed my mouth muscles and focused on it. Meanwhile, the cock pounding me from behind was quite big too and creating pleasure that was stimulating a second orgasm.

"Her cunt is pretty tight too," the guy behind me said.

"It won't be after tonight," someone else said, before adding, "slut, come and get this dick nice and ready for your friend."

Amy responded, "Yes, sir."

Suddenly cum splattered the back of my throat as the guy in my mouth started coming without warning. I swallowed it all the best I could, but I did gag a bit and some cum was spit out as he pulled out. He grabbed my head and roughly pushed it to the mattress and ordered, "Lick up my cum, slut. White sluts never waste cum."

I obeyed, licking up the small gob of cum on the sheets as the guy behind me flipped me onto all fours and began fucking me doggy style which allowed him to fuck me harder and deeper.

"Oh yes, pound my pussy," I demanded, doggy style a position I loved, but which John rarely did. I loved the submissiveness of it, but John didn't understand that and always wanted to look into my eyes when he made love to me.

"Enjoying yourself, Naomi?" Becka asked.

I looked back to see Sara between her legs and moaned, my orgasm close, "God, it's so good."

"What is?" she asked.

"Black cock," I screamed, as my second orgasm was imminent.

"Only real sluts come from getting fucked by strangers in front of their friends," Becka pointed out.

"Says the slut getting eaten out by her friend," I shot back, as I began bouncing back on the stranger's cock, wanting my orgasm to erupt now... this second.

"You'll be between my legs soon too, Naomi," Becka said, as she grabbed Sara's head and began grinding her pussy on Sara's face.

"Oh fuck, fuck, make me cum, pound your white slut," I babbled, the second orgasm not breaking the dam.

"You want my load in that white baby maker?" the guy said.

I finally looked back at him. I saw he was easily in his fifties and didn't hesitate as I moaned, bouncing even harder back on his cock, "Yes, sir, fill my white box with your dominant seed."

And seconds later my orgasm hit just as he shot his load in me.

"Yesssss," I screamed, the second orgasm shockingly just as intense as the first. I had never had two orgasm in a row, even with my fingers or toys. I had no idea I could even reach multiple orgasms.

When he pulled out, I rolled onto my back completely spent and enjoyed the orgasm that continued to course through my very being.

"Yes, lick my cum," Becka demanded, as Sara apparently got her off.

I wasn't allowed to lie there for long. A scrawny nerdy looking black man with a shockingly big cock got onto the bed beside me, lay on his back and ordered, "Get riding, slut."

I weakly got up and straddled him as I joked, "I'm not sure I have much energy left."

He said, "White sluts don't give their opinion."

"Sorry, sir," I said, as absurd as it was to apologize for such a thing as I lowered my well fucked pussy on his nine inch, thin dick.

"Oh yeah," he groaned, "you're one hot white slut."

"Hotter than me?" Becka asked.

"You're different hot," someone said.

Another said, "There's slutty hot and sweet hot."

The entire dick in me, I quipped, "I know which one I am."

"Bitch," Becka shot back while laughing.

"Takes one to know one," I shot back, as I saw another black man, this one older, moving onto the bed with a bottle of lube in his hand. I instantly said, "No anal."

"Shut up, slut," he said, as he pushed me forward and poured lube on the crack of my ass.

Becka said, "Just relax, Naomi. Once you get used to it you are going to become a three hole fuck slut like the rest of us."

"For black cock," Amy added.

"For big black cock," Sara added.

"Don't forget black pussy," Jeannie said, as she came into the room.

A chubby black woman, with huge tits, said, "I'm her first black pussy."

"Of course, Big Rosie," Becka agreed. "You were all of ours first black pussy."

"Please no," I pleaded, pulling myself away from the surreal conversation and back to my own predicament.

"Oh, you will be begging for it in a few minutes," the guy said, as he rubbed his lubed cock up and down my ass cheeks and then pushed against my no entry zone.

As his dick pressed against my rosebud, I clenched my teeth and prepared for the pain.

Then it came.

As I grimaced, the pain intense, he slowly slid his dick inside my ass.

"Relax," Becka said.

"That's easy for you to say," I said though gritted teeth. "You don't have cocks in both your holes."

"I have," she said, "many times. Actually I've had cocks in all three of my holes at the same time.

Jamal said, "We should make that a reality for our newest nigger cum slut." He then moved onto the bed, standing above the nerd who I was straddling, and offered me his flaccid cock.

I thought to myself, the pain making my head spin, 'While in Rome' and took his cock in my mouth.

"Triple slut," Amy declared.

"I never would have believed if I didn't see it with my own eyes," Sara added.

I wanted to say me too, but I had a mouthful of big, juicy cock. A cock still coated with my pussy juices.

"So tight," the guy in my ass said.

"What did you think?" Becka laughed. "She is an anal virgin."

"Was an anal virgin," Amy added.

I kept grimacing, the pain continuing as his cock continued invading my ass.

Suddenly, he said, "All in."

"She's air tight," Sara declared.

"Now fuck the slut," Becka ordered, before adding to me, "Isn't this the best bachelorette party ever?"

Jamal pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could answer, just as both cocks began fucking me.

"Ohhhhhhh," I moaned, the pleasure and pain slamming into each other creating a new unexplainable feeling.

"Answer, slut," Becka ordered.

My head was mush, but I answered as she wanted me to, "Yes."

Becka, in full bitch mode, continued, "Yes, what?"

And as the double fucking continued, the pleasure beginning to override the numbing pain, I answered, deciding to talk dirty, "Yes, I love being a dirty nigger loving three hole fuck toy." I then took Jamal's cock back into my mouth.

Tonight I was a slut and I was going to play the role, enjoy the role, become the role.

"Shit, what have you done to our Princess?" Jeannie asked.

"I've awakened our sleeping Beauty," Becka said.

And for the next few minutes, three long, thick, hard cocks pumped in and out of my three pleasure holes and I loved it. I hungrily bobbed on Jamal's cock, while I leaned forward and enjoyed the pleasure that a cock in my pussy and a cock pounding my ass brought.

I would never willingly do such an act, never even fantasized such an act, yet now that I was the centerpiece of a black man orgy I didn't want it to end. Somehow knowing my four best friends arranged this, that my four best friends were nigger sluts too, that my four best friends were watching me turn black, only enhanced my pleasure.

I came a third and fourth time from the triple penetration, the pleasure intense and overwhelming as I was fucked to submission.

Then I felt both loads spray in my pussy and ass within seconds of each other as I literally became a cum deposit for black cock. Jamal followed suit, pulling out at the last second and doing something I never let John do, he came all over my face.

Once he was done, I rolled off the cocks and collapsed onto my back... this time completely spent.

"My turn," Becka said.

"Me too," Sara added.

Amy said, "Don't forget about me."

As I weakly looked up, I saw my gangbang had turned into an orgy. A couple more black men were in the room now and all three of my friends had cock in their mouths.

Jeannie crawled onto the bed, moved over me and smiled, "You look completely hot all fucked up like this."

I laughed. "Uh, thanks."

She leaned down and kissed me. It started soft and tender, but then became more lustful.

"Clean her face, Jeannie," Big Rosie ordered.

Jeannie broke the kiss and I watched and felt as she licked the cum off my face.

"I thought you were a lesbian," I said.

"I am," she shrugged, "but I'm also an obedient submissive to all black woman."

"Oh," was all I could say, that not sounding like Jeannie at all.

Suddenly Big Rosie got on the bed, and straddled my face, "It's time for you to taste perfection."

And as her cunt lowered onto my face, I had no choice but to lick.

As I did, I discovered two things:

1. Pussy, at least black pussy, tasted like strawberry wine.

2. Jeannie could really lick a pussy.

I lapped the pussy as best I could in my confined state, even as an unfathomable fifth orgasm began to build inside me at the touch of my good friend's tongue.

As I did, I heard lots of sounds of sex around me:

"Yes, slam that black cock in my asshole," from Becka.

"God, you really can suck a cock," from some guy.

"Oh yes, fill my cunt with your cum," from Amy.

Meanwhile, as I licked, Rosie began to slowly grind her pussy up and down my face. The exotic taste, the intoxicating scent had me hungry for her cum and made me realize I was no longer as straight as I thought I was.

I wondered what Jeannie tasted like. Becka too. I already imagined some of our female only gatherings were going to be a lot different now. Now that I was apparently just like them.

Suddenly I felt a full flood of cum splash on my face and I lapped as much of the excessive cum as I could, not able to get enough of the addicting taste.

When she got off me, Rosie said, "Not bad for a first timer."

I looked up at her, my face literally drenched with cum, and said, "I think I may be a lesbian now."

Rosie roared, "I think you're a bisexual cum slut."

"For black cock and pussy," I added.

"I think we have a lifer," Rosie said, as she walked away.

Jeannie kept licking my cunt and I closed my eyes and allowed the pleasure to take over. And when she slid two fingers inside my cunt and found the g-spot I'd thought was a myth, I erupted instantly. "Fucccccck, Jeannie eat my cunt you dirty fucking dyke." I lifted my ass up, grabbed her head and held her deep in my coming twat.

Becka laughed, "Even Naomi knows who is low slut on the totem pole."

I wondered where I landed then if I wasn't at the bottom.

Jeannie pulled her fingers out, moved up to me and said, "Whenever you want me, Naomi."

"You may have to move in with me," I joked.

"Ready for more?" a black guy I hadn't fucked yet asked.

And even though I was exhausted, I couldn't resist another big hard black cock. It was my day, after all.

I took three more loads in my cunt, two more in my ass, two on my face and one on my tits before the night was over.

I ate out another black woman and finished the evening as us five white girls ended in a daisy chain of pussy munching.

As I walked, bow-legged to a taxi, Becka asked, "So, enjoy your bachelorette party?"

"You know, you fucked up my life completely," I answered.

"Why is that?" she asked, as we got into the taxi.

"Because I can't marry John," I replied, knowing that after tonight life offered me so much more than John could possibly ever give me.

"Why not?" she asked, all innocent.

"Because I'm 21 and need to explore my sexuality," I said, as I leaned in and kissed her.

Sara quipped, "I think we have created a monster."

I broke the kiss and ordered, "A sex slut monster. Now get that tongue of yours in my cunt, bitch."

Becka laughed, "Trying to climb the totem pole are we?"

"Shut up and kiss me," I replied, as I leaned in and kissed her.