Written by Plugged

15 Jul 2013

Being a well developed young lady already well through puberty, Juliet could observe quietly as the young girls on the school playground went about arching their backs to try and show off their “bigger” boobs as the boys passed by with the inevitable sarcastic remarks so typical of boys on a testosterone high. Juliet kept to herself because her boobs were already a beautiful firm size 34C at the age of fifteen, but she had been taught to hide them. Only her guardian Johnny, encouraged her to show off and be proud of her “assets”. Some of the kids on the playground attracted her attention and she enjoyed watching them move around and socialize. Sometimes she felt the stirring of desire in her loins while busy with her observations and this was a very pleasurable experience that soon started her imagination running wild with sexy scenarios.

What was a little disturbing to young Juliet was the fact that she found herself watching a sassy and very sexy girl called Tracy with more than mild interest. Tracy had a milk coffee complexion with ringlet curls in her long brown hair. She had the most beautiful firm athlete’s body with well developed muscular thighs and small breasts with nipples that always seemed hard and aroused. On one beautiful summers day Juliet watched Tracy, dressed in her short sports shirt, applying lotion to her firm muscular athlete’s legs. When Tracy bent forward to reach her ankles, Juliet could not resist the urge to bend down so that she could study those sexy legs all the way up the knickers. Juliet was shocked to see that Tracy was obviously wearing a G-String and her butt cheek curved seductively above her thighs. Juliet quickly averted her eyes and admonished herself for being such a tart. She got up and moved away but her imagination was firmly locked on the seductive curve of that milk-coffee colour butt cheek. She returned to class and she became acutely aware that her knickers were soaking wet. Juliet then discovered that if she sat bolt upright on the hard school desk seat, straightened her legs and put her firm thighs tightly together she could massage her pussy by tightening and releasing her thigh muscles. What a beautiful feeling and none of her friends around her knew what was going on even though she occupied the front row where the teacher could observe everything. She had to fight the urge to drop her hand onto her lap where she could apply even more pressure to her sensitive pussy lips because this would surely be noticed.

On arriving home after school, Juliet changed her clothes and found that the crotch of her black cotton knickers was covered in a thick coating of her silvery smooth pussy juice. Juliet was shocked and she threw the knickers in the laundry basket with disgust while admonishing herself for her slutty and unclean thoughts. This was so contrary to her early conservative religious upbringing back home.

Some months went by with Juliet keeping a rigid control on her rampant imagination. It was so difficult because every time that she saw Tracy, the crystal clear image of that sexy, brown curvaceous butt cheek was foremost on Juliet’s mind. Juliet decided that she would look for a nice young boy to focus her attention on because this is what is expected of a young lady. She looked for a long time and while there were some good looking and appealing boys around that she liked – none of them had a sexy curvaceous brown butt! On another day Juliet was surprisingly included in the gathering of the “cool” girls seated, as usual, on the steps leading down to the playground where everybody had to step over and around them. The conversation became ever raunchier as the minutes ticked by with one girl after another describing her latest sexual experience. One of cool girls proudly proclaimed that she was definitely “Bi” because she had passionately kissed her older brother’s girlfriend and she hinted that there was more to her story. Another girl said she had gone for a Brazilian and had found Tracy at the salon chatting to one of the “Dykes”. She claimed that she had heard that Tracy was “Bi” if not a full lesbian and seeing her at the salon surely confirmed this.

Juliet was suddenly aware of a strange buzzing in her ears. Her mind was in turmoil. She excused herself from the group with the lame excuse of going to the toilet and stumbled up the stairs to try and clear her mind. What was a Brazilian? Was Tracy really a lesbian? No, that cannot be because she has gone out on dates with several boys! But yes, Tracy has a large circle of girl friends and the general gossip amongst the boys is that one of these girls is a confirmed lesbian. Juliet had always thought that this was merely a case of “sour grapes” on the boy’s part because he couldn’t get a date with this girl. But now ....... Oh Gosh! Juliet couldn’t wait to get home where she could close herself in her bedroom to think this through.

The turmoil in Juliet’s mind persisted for another two weeks while she went about her business in a semi-daze. She had during this time searched the internet and found out that a Brazilian was a full removal of all pubic hair. Johnny was very observant as usual and he had picked up immediately that Juliet was troubled about something. His persistent questioning about the cause of Juliet’s apparent confused state of mind was really getting on her nerves. How could she explain this situation to him and her "unacceptable" desire to touch Tracy’s vagina? After all, he was a man, a considerably older man and he was from another culture! How could he ever understand what she was going through? Every time Johnny opened his mouth she would flash her most gorgeous smile at him and promise him that everything was just great.

Then, she walked into the school toilets between classes to find Tracy standing on tip-toe in front of the little mirror while she inspected a little bump on her nose. Her short skirt was raised up to the point that Juliet caught sight of Tracy’s white knickers and her eyes automatically locked on to the sight of the beautiful, firm, muscular brown thighs where every muscle was clearly defined. Juliet made a conscious effort to look away and she moved to the last basin in the corner while mumbling a greeting. Tracy responded by greeting Juliet with a big smile saying that Juliet looked so good and that she had the most stunning and appealing smile. Juliet felt her mouth go bone dry and her knees started to tremble. She managed a terse word of thanks as Tracy left the room and she had to hold on to the basin for support. With her heart pounding Juliet looked in the mirror and smiled. She had to admit that her super white teeth showed of very well against her dark complexion and she really was quite attractive. She raised herself on tip-toe so that she could study her bust in the mirror. It looked very good and she was mildly surprised to see that her nipples were hard and erect straining against the fabric of her brassiere. She smoothed them down with a little shiver of pleasure before returning to her class.

The last two subject lessons for the day seemed to finish very quickly and Juliet had absolutely no idea what had been discussed during these lessons. All she could remember was Tracy’s glossy lips moving slowly as she mouthed the words “stunning and appealing smile”. That looked so very sexy! Walking from school to the train station, Juliet again became aware of the warm wet crotch of her knickers. This time she made no effort to control her rampant imagination as visions of forbidden sexual liaisons flashed through her mind. Boarding the train she sat in a corner seat far away from the other passengers. She positioned her school bag on her lap and pushed her hand down the front of her skirt to place her fingers over her throbbing wet pussy. It felt so good and she gently moved the elastic to one side so that her fingers were now in full contact with the heat emanating from her highly aroused vagina. She could feel the curly mat of pubic hairs and the thought crossed her mind that Tracy must definitely be sporting a Brazilian. Juliet resolved to remove all her pubic hair the minute she arrived home.

Her hand was still positioned over her throbbing vagina and for the first time she became aware of her very swollen and aroused clitoris. It pushed up against the palm of her hand and it sent shivers of pleasure through her body when she applied downward pressure and gradual circular motions to her sensitive clit. More passengers boarded the train and a young gentleman came to sit on the seat across the aisle from Juliet. What was she to do? Her hand was still cupping her exposed vagina with her legs spread a little way apart. She did everything possible to keep a straight face so that this guy opposite her would not notice. She slowly curled her index finger and it slid effortlessly in between her swollen labia. It felt good so she continued flexing her finger while looking idly out of the carriage window. Then she flexed two fingers and they both slid effortlessly between the wet and swollen labia. This carried on for another two stations before the passenger opposite her left the train. Juliet thankfully retrieved her hand as she was concerned that her state of arousal would become obvious to the other passengers.

She raised her fingers to her nose and savoured the amazing smell of her love juice coated all over her fingers. She slowly licked each finger while thinking that Tracy’s love juice would taste and smell even better than her own. If only the fingers she was licking now had just come from Tracy’s sexy vagina! Wow! With a shiver she composed herself before the train pulled in to her station.