11 May 2018

It was a sunny autumn day in the Cape. She was sitting underneath a golden acorn tree, her eyes set on the Stellenbosch mountains that were not too far away. Their stolen time together was magnificent, as always and today was no exception, even though she was caught off guard by the fact that he invited some of his friends along to the picnic at the vineyard; the first of which she ever met.

After a lazy afternoon filled with fun chats, good food and even better wine, she felt content. The day was not what she expected it to be, but it was good either way. She had wanted to meet people with him in the past in front of whom they did not have to pretend to be in the platonic relationship and today was that day.

After a quick visit to the restaurant, he and the other two men returned to the ladies, who were still sitting leisurely on the blanket under the tree. A somewhat secluded spot to the side of the lush lawn, even though the place wasn’t that busy this time of the week. He placed his hand on her shoulder and she naturally kissed it. One of the other couples exchanged glances in reaction, but she did not care. He caringly squeezed her shoulder lightly and then sat down beside her, looking at her.

“I think I would like to hold you now,” he said jokingly and she felt how she started to blush a little. He only chuckled at her blush and pulled her closer to him. She sat in his arms for a while, with her back to his chest, mostly listening to what the other had to say and soaking up his closeness.

After a while, he nonchalantly started to stroke her leg softly with his thumb. Soon, his hand started to wander upwards ever so slightly; so slowly and softly in fact, that she barely noticed. It was only when his hand stopped on the delicate lacy part of her stockings that she realised what he was doing. She looked at him smilingly and saw the questions in his eyes.

“I thought we were going to be alone,” she explained softly.

“I like…” He smiled and she noticed the sparkle in his darkening eyes. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course I do,” she replied without blinking. She never trusted anyone as deeply as she does him, and he knew it.

“Then… may I…?” His hand slid up her thigh even higher. “May I show you off?”

Her eyes moved from him to the others, who were now watching the two of them intensely. For a brief moment she felt panic, but as her eyes returned to him and his lips claimed hers softly, she relaxed. Her “yes” was almost inaudible.

His hands went back to her knees and she could see how the others watched as he pushed her legs open and slid his hands upwards slowly but firmly. It was as if he wanted her to be very much aware of what he was doing and asked in this movement if this is what she also desires.

As he spread her legs open, he rested his knees over hers and in the upward movement, he also started to lift her knee-length dress up to expose to the others what he found.

Black stockings, a lacy garter belt and a tiny black lace g-string.

His one hand spread fire across her body as he reached up underneath her dress to cup her breast. He could feel through the delicate material that her nipple was already hard and erect, and a soft moan escaped his mouth. She was mesmerized by his glare.

His other hand lingered over her panty, before he moved it down. She was wet already and she instantly felt what the realisation of how just much she also wanted this did to him. At this moment, he devoured her mouth; kissing her hungrily and helping her to forget about the others, who were now focussed on their every move.

He hesitated while he looked at her, but as she smiled, his hand slid underneath her panty… softly exploring her shaved softness and the moist warmth that she offered. She dropped her head back to his shoulder and whispered in his ear: “I want this too… you are in control.”

Across from them, the other four grew quiet in anticipation while they also started to touch… kiss… and watch.

“Do you think that they would like to see?” He softly pulled on the sides of her panty and she allowed him to take it off. He pulled her back to rest her back against his chest again and exposed her even more by delicately pulling her legs open with his. Even though she knew that he craved to see what the others saw, she knew that he saw in their expressions that he should not stop. Nor did he want to. He was content for the moment to touch, feel and experience her through the eyes of two other couples.

As his hands reached back to her centre, he spread her open. She could feel the sunlight on her most intimate parts, closed her eyes and tried to engrave every detail of this feeling into her mind. She wanted to remember how beautiful she felt in this moment for the rest of her life.

After only a brief time, he started to play with her. Exploring the soft pink flesh around her already swollen clit with his fingers, he carefully avoided that most sensitive part that he knew craved attention. She grew even wetter… A soft moan escaped her mouth as he started to penetrate her with one finger and she let out a sigh of relief as his other hand started to slowly circle the tip of her clit. He could feel her excitement and she could feel him harden against her back. It almost drove her wild.

A second finger… she grasped his legs.

Deeper… her mouth opened and she could feel how she started to blush.

She tried to turn around to kiss him, but he kept her legs spread open and exposed and whispered: “I want you to stay just like this. Let me show them how you climax.”

His one hand’s fingers curled up inside her while he continued to stroke her clit with that of the other, and in that moment she gave in to him, to his hands, his encouraging whispers and his soft moans. His fingers moved faster… deeper… and he touched her perfectly… It felt to her as if she was in a trance; feeling only his fingers that were bringing her closer and closer to the edge, while hearing his voice in her ear and telling her how much he desired her, that this was merely the beginning.

Her soft moans grew loader as his fingers moved inside and over her… she could hear the sound of her own wetness and feel how flushed she has become. Her muscles started to tighten… she was so close.

“Cum… cum for me…” His voice was almost desperate. He wanted to help her find her release and know that it was because of his doing.

“Cum for me… you want to… you need it. Now. Here. In front of everyone… Climax for me.” This time, it was almost like a soft command. And she could not help but obey him.

She felt a wave ripple through her entire body. Her muscles convulsed and though she tried to close her legs in a natural reaction to a climax, he kept them open with his legs. And his fingers kept on moving…

As she felt another wave of excitement coming closer, his voice in her ears was out of breath: “Open your eyes.” Moaning, she opened her eyes and saw the people in front of them. They were touching each other and kissing, but she could feel their eyes burn on her skin. And in this moment, he made her climax yet again. She could not control her moan this time and almost screamed in excitement as she came so hard that she thought she may faint.

As he started to slow down and pulled out his fingers softly, he thanked her. She turned her face to him and kissed him passionately. “Thank you!” Her voice was but a whisper.

As he softly touched her lip with his still wet fingers and she opened her mouth ever so slightly to taste, he growled…

“This,” he said, “is only the beginning.”