Written by Kinkybimilf (dilf)

10 Sep 2015

...... You look down at me through dreamy eyes, and cum again. An intense orgasm rocking your body, you gush and squirt into my waiting mouth! You scream in extacy as you cum squirting, gushing hot cum all over my face and into my mouth, saturating my beard with your sweet cum! You collapse,oblivious to everything onto me! Still facing away from me, I rub your lower back and butt. Slowly you regain the ability to talk. My erection is right next to your face, I kiss your firm butt cheeks as you stroke it, " I'm going to ride your cock till you explode hot tasty cum on me" you say. Without a word, you move your wetness away from my face, straddle my hips as you guide my cock towards your pussy. You rub yourself against my shaft, feeling a rush of pleasure as it rubs your clit. As you lift your hips, look over your shoulder at me, you lower yourself onto me. Slowly moving down my shaft, filling you completely! When I'm completely buried in you, you startrocking your hips, grinding down on my cock. You lean forward towards my feet, my hands rub up down your spine, caress your ass as we slowly rock and grind! Slowly the pace and tempo increase, you start to ride, not grind on my cock. Using your thighs you lift and lower yourself onto my rigid shaft. You moans get louder and your wetness runs down over my balls. Gently I push you forward, take both your ankle and pull them towards my shoulders, now you are lying, facing my feet, impaled on me! It's so sexy! You lift and lower your butt, my hands on your ass, fondling and spreading them apart, you move faster as my finger circles you tight little asshole. Teasing and probing against your ass, as I Bury my cock as deep as possible into you. " I'm close" I moan as I rub your tight bud.

You start pumping your hips faster , deeper and the rhythm matches, I grip you hips and thrust into your pussy! My legs shudder and spasm, I spank your butt, you yelp and push down harder! " Yes, harder! " you moan. Again I spank you, this time harder on the other butt cheek. You clench and squeeze my cock between your tight pussy. " More, fuck me, Fuck me harder!" you say through clenched teeth. I pound into you, holding you hips, my cock moves faster and deeper, the sound of sex fills the room. I hear you moan and another orgasm explodes from your pussy, your cum erupts on my cock, I rub your asshole, you push against my finger and it probes and gently enters you, making you cum again! I grab you hips as my orgasm starts, shaking and groaning, I cum, I pull my cock from your pussy, stroking streams of cum up yourback, over your butt and some splays into your hair! More and more cum pumps from my balls, running between your ass cheeks.