Written by Kinkybimilf (dilf)

09 Sep 2015

.....We get a taxi, jump in, give the address and sit in the back. As well drive you run your hand up my thigh, the driver oblivious to this, you checked. Slowly inching up my leg, playfully you grab my crotch and squeeze! Not to be out done, I put my arm around you and squeeze your boob, as my hand teases your nipple. "I'm wet!" you whisper, " touch my pussy". I slide my hand into your shorts, I find no panties and no pubic hair! I slide my finger over your slit, " you are very wet!" brushing over your clit, you groan and shudder. You adjust and move yourself forward, my finger slides effortlessly into your wetness, you clench on my finger and rock back and forth slightly. The thrill of the moment, is intoxicating. Thankfully we arrive at the address, pay the driver and walk into the elevator.

As the door closes, we frantically kiss, wild and passionately, tongue entwined and hand rubbing and touching one another, I kiss your neck and down your chest, pulling your bikini down, my mouth latches onto your nipple, it throbs and hardens as my hand slips into your pants and finds your clit, pulsing and your pussy wet with lust. The elevator slows, we stop, adjust our clothing and walk into the apartment. As the door closes, you grab me by my cock and pull my to the windows, dropping to your knees, you pull my pants down, my erection springs up, my cock engorged , hard and glistening with pre cum. You lick my head, moaning as you lick the drop of pre cum, taking it as far into your mouth as possible. My hands in your hair, gentle pulling and groaning encouragement as your talented tongue moves over my shaft. You kiss up my belly, over my chest, and such and bite my nipple, taking my hand you pull me to the bed , push me onto it and say, " Now it's time for fun!"

I lay on the bed, naked, my cock standing tall! You stand at the foot of the bed, kick off your shorts and untie the bikini from behind your back. I see you naked for the first time, wow, sexy I say. Gracefully you climb onto the bed, quickly lick and stroke my shaft. You pivot and put your legs around my head and over my shoulder, shuffle till you pretty pussy is hovering over my mouth. As you get in position your mouth swallows my cock, slowly moving up and down the length of it, your hands cup my tightening balls. As you work your mouth and tongue over my shaft, I deftly probe the entrance to your pussy, long, broad, firm licks along your slit. Slowly and gently, yet firm and determined, my tongue seeks out your little jewel like clit! As my lips wrap around your clit, involuntary you stifle a moan and gently bite onto my cock! As I suck your clit, you push and grind onto my face and tongue. My my tongue buries deeper into your wetness, my finger rubs your clit as you moan, frantically I rub your clit as I finger your g spot! You eagerly suck me as we 69. Finding your g spot, I suck on your clit, waves of pleasure courses through your body. As I rub and suck, you buck and push harder onto my face, you leave my cock and straddle my face. You are close to cumming, pushing onto me, grinding as I keep the pressure on your g spot and clit, you moan and cum, shaking and moaning you sweet cum runs down your pussy into my mouth and over my face! I keep fingering and sucking as orgasm after orgasm flood through you! Your hot cum keeps pumping from your clenched womanhood, eagerly I keep drinking and swallowing your delicious nectar!

Watch this space for part 3...........