Written by Kinkybimilf (dilf)

08 Sep 2015

Summer in Cape Town, blazing hot sunshine. The stadium is packed, hats, beers and bikini tops all over. The atmosphere is exciting!

I notice you through the masses of people, sex appeal and confidence ooze from you as you walk to your seat, South African flag bikini top covers your boobs, short denim pants hug your butt, and great legs, legs I'd like to open..... looking around I notice I'm not the only one staring at you, every guy within a few hundred metres is staring at you! I'm slightly jealous as I see you sit down with another couple, pass beers to both of them. She too is hot, also sporting a patriotic bikini. I move in your general direction, buy 4 beers and move to behind you, taking my seat, I greet you all, exchange small talk. The chat is standard, weather, who's playing, batting order etc.

As the beers flow, names and formal introductions are made. Sitting behind you I notice every curve of your spine, down to your firm butt. My mind wanders to imaging pulling the string of your bikini an cupping your boobs. Absent mindly sipping my beer, I don't hear you ask me a question. You tap my knee, I almost spill my beer! Embarrassed, I come around! The other 2 have left I notice. " Sorry, I was day dreaming!" I say. " Please give me a hand, the sun is cooking me, do you mind putting a bit of tanning lotion on my back and shoulders? " Passing the lotion to me, I squeeze it onto my hands, carelessly (maybe) purposely not warming it between my hands. I slowly rub it onto your shoulders, you giggle and squirm! "It's cold!"

Firmly I rub it into your soft skin, down your spine and along you ribs. Making sure you have a good, even covering on your back.

" Thank you , that feels great" you say.

Taking that as a compliment, I rub and massage up your spine, over the flimsy bikini string to your shoulders. Kneading and rubbing I feel you relax, soft encouraging sounds coming from your mouth. ooooos and aahs. Your shoulder relax as i move to your neck, gentle yet firm I keep massaging. You shuffle back, between my outstretched legs, and I move forward. Touching each other every so slightly. You put your hands on my thighs as you lean against my chest. We look like many other people in the stadium, perfectly normal. My hands on your tummy, you wriggle back some more. Smiling as you feel my erection against your lower back. Enjoying the feeling of a big, throbbing cock against you! Casually sipping your beer, my hands move down your body, to your thighs, nothing sexual, innocent but teasing!

Casually we sit in the sun, chatting and drinking, you leaning against me. I whisper I your ear, " you know I can't stand up, my cock is throbbing!" Laughing, you push back harder and wiggle your butt. With no one watching, you slide your hand between our bodies, playfully squeeze my shaft! " Mmmmmm, I've got plans for your friend" you murmer. "Like what" I whisper as my hand brushes over your boob. Leaning over I see your ripples are hardening, clearly showing through your top! " Once you cock has subsided enough for you to be able to walk, let's get out of here and I'll show you and your what I've got in mind!"

" Deal!" is all I'm capable of saying. We finish our beers as my erection settle down. We leave the stadium holding hands and walking with purpose! I'm not even remotely sad to have not seen a single ball bowled at the game! "Where we going"," your place "you say.....