Written by artsmart

01 Jun 2016

Rachel ran herself a bath while selecting the panties she’d wear tonight. This was her usual outing with friends. Her best friend, Matilda, was bringing a cousin along tonight. A medical student up from Cape Town. Young guy, she’d said, a bit on the shy side but good with the ladies. For Rachel, this meant nothing more than words, seeing that she was not one for younger guys. At her age she’d had her fair share of men, younger and older and some around her age too. Most of them just wanted to be mothered even if they were eager to rub her pussy if she gave them the chance. So a younger man tonight, was not going to be her cup of tea.

For the panties, she could not make a choice, so she closed her eyes and picked a pair. A little blue lacy number with small frills on either side and a soft gusset. Rachel loved wearing sexy underwear and loved it even more when a man she fancied discovered her curves covered with something erotic and soft. It was the manner in which his hand would respond when it came across her little secret. This was a little game for her and tonight she was hoping someone would be fortunate to slip his hand in somewhere. But that would not be Matilda’s cousin.

The bath was run and Rachel undressed. Slipping her panties of the day off, she caught a glimpse of her butt in the mirror. Some small folds of skin that doubled where the cheeks met her thighs and she ran a hand across these, imagining a lover slipping his fingers into the folds. She shivered at the thought and reached out to touch her pussy from behind. Playing it lightly, she looked back at herself in the mirror. It was time for a bath. Toe test, then suspended on either side by her arms she slowly slipped into the bubbly smell of herbs and hot water. The bath salts would do wonders for her skin. A day at work was well rewarded with one of these and she’d chosen an apartment with a large bath. Large enough for a hot guy too if he ever showed up.

Rachel lay back among the bubbles, her long legs stretched out before her rested on the far side. She stirred the water a bit and saw her pubic mound bellow. Bringing her fingers over it, she gently rubbed herself, checking to see whether a shave would be needed. None for now, but wait, this felt nice. A finger slipped down between her slippery folds and fondled her clitoris. Rachel sighed deeply and sank into the hot bath until her nostrils were barely above the bubbles. This bubbly heat was dancing with her now erotic fingering. She parted her thighs and dropped her legs below the surface. Sliding her middle finger up and down along the whole length of her pussy, she gave herself a pleasurable moment before slipping a finger between her lips and feeling her hot depths while she tightened her muscles around her finger. Thinking about her lover discovering her blue soaked lace riding up her cunt, made her sensual experience even more erotic until she finally felt her button swell and her insides shudder as a wave of pleasure broke over her belly.

An hour later, Rachel got out of her bath, dried herself down, slapping her own butt every now and then. She liked her own shape and loved it even more the last time Patrick had spanked her butt on the backseat of his car. Oh boy, she had given him a hot blowjob, one he would not forget for a long time. Even had him hankering for more after he’d left her and had been with his new girlfriend for a year.

Rachel pulled her blue number snuggly into position, got her heels on and pranced around her bedroom for a bit before slipping into a sexy little skirt, perfect for dancing and even more perfect for manoeuvrability on the back seat of a car , watching herself in her full length mirrors, her boobs bouncing as she swayed her hips. That’s the fucking slut slank baby and she pulled her lace up her crack and slapped a cheek while snarling through her wild hair. Fuck me you muther fucker…and she giggled. Time to go.

They met outside the club. Matilda and her cousin, Joanne, Frankie and Rachel. All four ladies dressed for the night. Joanne had a pair of jeans on that were talking from the word go. Something like those would have her taking autographs the whole night if she was not careful. She had a magnificent puss and was not shy to show it off. Tonight was no exception, her blue jeans camel toe deluxe and a tight tank top show casing her big breasts. How many men had Rachel seen getting lost in that cleavage before discovering that heaven actually lay on the end of a camels leg. They never seemed to make it down below, much to Joanne’s disgust so she had to opt out for two men at a time. One for above and one for below. And she’d ride them raw, sucking one cock while the other fucked her. That was Joanne. What a babe.

Then there was Frankie. Pear shaped and loved by all. Wearing tight fitting low-cut dress that showed the delectable skimpy outline of a teeny tiny whale tale just visible across her hips for Africa.

The music was pumping. Matilda’s cousin, Jody, was already jiving and made a beeline for the floor while our four beauties made themselves available at the bar.

Chit chat, Jack sprat, and did not take long before drinks on the house and friends met friends. Our four beauties were on the wanted list and all but Rachel could feel the connection, so she sauntered off leaving Frankie with a lady, Joanne with one seeking another and Matilda teasing the rods off.

Rachel took to the bouncing crowd up ahead. Letting her hair down she got into the groove. The DJ was hot and his heat was working up quite a sweat. This club was for dancing.

Things got pretty wild on the floor that night with everyone eventually rubbing up against each other, sweating and pumping until Rachel took a good look at her surroundings and noticed that the male bod she kept on dancing up against was no other than young cousin Jody.

Rachel took the que and saw it as a good omen. Perhaps after, all this young guy and her had some sort of attraction, she’d find out sooner than later. Jody seemed to be responding to Rachel’s thoughts because he sidled over to her and moved with her. Yes, she felt the connection now. He was moving with her. She let him come up close and she closed her eyes and felt the music vibrate through her. In the wildness of the night among all the variety of smells in the room she caught a male odour, a distinct musky smell. Not a hint of deodorant or after shave, but pure unadulterated musk. The smell came closer and closer until when she opened her eyes, Jody was dancing so close to her that their bodies were barely touching. Rachel waited now, watching his every move. Her breath quickened too in spite of her usual dancing rhythm. She was getting turned on. There was nothing to do but go with the flow. Jody being slightly taller than Rachel and her face level with his neck, she could see the muscles of his slender neck now as the lights caught its shape and showed some beads of sweat rolling down it. She took her hand, leaned over to him, stood on her toes and told him he was sweating while scooping a bead of his elixir off his neck, he in turn taking her hand and lightly kissing her wet finger. Rachel felt goose bumps run down her spine. This was not on her agenda and yet she could feel the attraction.

Jody was wearing a tight white pair of stretchy pants. His bollocks were not bulging and she liked the fact that her attention could flow down the full length of his pants, from waist to feet without getting caught up in any protuberances along the way. Men who needed to show off their cocks were a turn off and usually were more interested in showing off their skills than being natural and at ease with themselves.

His slim legs were working to the rhythm. He’d seen Rachel arrive and had been told by his cousin that she probably would not go for him given the situation. So shortly after arriving at the club he had made for the dance floor to let his hair down for a change, not expecting to meet or be attracted to a goddess that might present herself. The music was good and kept everyone moving. Jody could feel his shirt clinging to his back from sweat, when he’d looked up to find Rachel dancing behind him. Damn she was so sexy. He could feel something for her, but he kept his distance, at least emotionally, for now. This did not last long because the electricity between them was beginning to build. Somehow, they kept on getting real close until she had actually reached up and touched his neck.

He could almost taste her sweetness she was so close. Jody took the plunge and placed his hands onto Rachel’s hips, feeling her sway. He could not feel her panty line so he rubbed her a bit to find something that would give the game away. None. Was she wearing any at all?

Rachel felt his search and knew he would sooner or later find her secret. She slid out of his hands and stepped behind him so that their backs were together and Jody responded by bringing his hands in from behind to cup her stomach. Rachel’s stomach was no muscle machine. She’d left the gym behind for a year now, finding that her lovers rather liked her soft sexy curves. Walking, running and fucking, kept her in reasonable trim. Jody’s hands on her belly was sending heat down her mound and up across her breasts. They danced like this for some time before Rachel broke free and sauntered off the dance floor, weaving her way between some very sexy slippery bodies. The lights were dimmer this side of the room and a lot of couples were making out to some degree. She chose a spot where she had to strain her eyes, turned around and looked back to see whether Jody had followed her.

She must’ve felt uneasy, Jody thought, and opted out. He wasn’t used to rubbing up against older women. He could tease and please anyone up to ten years older but seemed to trip over his lack of wisdom at any age more than this. Rachel was no pushover it seemed and he felt a bit of a fool for playing her the way he did. Yet there was a spark and he’d felt her in his hands. He wanted to find out whether she wore panties or not. He’d wait on the floor until she returned as she had probably gone to the ladies and then find out once and for all.

The couple to the right of Rachel were getting it on. The female part was straddling his thigh and fucking it while he ran his hands up and down her back, groping her ass in the process and revealing a very sexy bum cheek to Rachel who stood close to them. She watched them perform their dance. They seemed to be spurred on by her voyeurism and went quickly from discreet pleasure to exhibitionism. She turning and leaning back against his chest while he rubbed her stomach with one hand while slapping her fat panty covered pussy with the other. She had a mound of note and Rachel could see how much she was enjoying this sort of pounding. The spectacle was making her feel rather aroused herself. Now where was young Jody? Except for bobbing up and down on the dance floor. She tried to signal to him but he did not seem to see her.

Someone else saw her though, and he came across to Rachel. A tall guy a bit older than her, long locks tied back in a ponytail, and some chest hair contrasting against the light color of his open shirt. No doubt he’d been on the dance floor too because Rachel caught his scent as he introduced himself to her. He was not a smoker, this being evident by his breath although he had had a beer or two by now. Jody on the other hand did smoke and she had to weigh up the odds. Kiss the ashtray and enjoy his cock or wait for another tasty bloke to take his place. This new guy looked the part. He wore a loose pair of trousers and his arms were naturally smooth. Quiet feminine to say the least but Rachel could appreciated this in a man. It was the general feeling that attracted her to a man this not always depending on how muscular or how socially skilled he was with small talk. This chap was by no means a social flirt. He had an air about him and seemed to direct his speech in a specific manner, almost intellectually. This was adding to her experience of him. Perhaps he was an artist of some sort.

After some minutes, Rachel knew that she liked him and let him know energetically. Her body language responded to her mind-set and her liquid love flowed toward him. His name was Al, short for ‘Already’ he had said with a wink. That was fine by her. Her name ‘Rachel’ had reminded him of something innocent and trust worthy yet her being had made him feel wild. This was also fine by her. Things were in a groove and a flow was on.

Jody was still out of sight and show went on. Al made no move to hit the dance floor and Rachel was happy to stand near to him while they said a few words here and there while checking at the scene around them. The sexy couple next to Rachel were by now more advanced and the guys hands were deep into the ladies’ tight panties. Her dress was pulled to one side exposing a large pair of tits that were being vigorously man handled by her stallion whose cock was almost climbing out of his trousers pocket. It was a matter of time before public sex too place. Al kept a keen eye on his neighbors. He loved the idea of watching couples fuck each other and this one was making him hot.

He nodded to Rachel and she enjoyed the fact that they were both enjoying the show. Then Al came over closer to Rachel and her legs almost buckled as his heat embraced her long before his arms did. There was something about this man that made her want to dive into Paradise with him. He had her now, his hands going straight to her secret. She felt him knowing her pleasure before she did. His hands slid slowly off her hip as he experience her shape before returning to the lacy protuberance that nestled bellow her skirt. Her attention down there was taken unawares by his face moving in just millimeters away from her neck. His breath on her she felt herself lean up against his chest catching his distinct natural odour of wild herbs. Rachel’s hands came up and rested across Al’s chest, feeling the hair against her palms. She slipped one under the folds of his shirt and found his nipple, hardening to her touch. Al allowed her discovery. He felt her sex guide her, breathing her in as she slowly opened like a flower. He had enjoyed her secret and was playing with it so that she could lead him astray. He wanted to taste her golden liquid on his tongue while she made poetry out of his cock. The universe opened itself to their embrace.

By the time Rachel had managed to fumble for Al’s dick he had ridden both hands up behind her and was sliding his fingers in and out of her butt folds in the way she had fantasized earlier that evening. He played with her soft yet curvaceous bum until her hand could hold out no longer and she'd unzipped his fly, pulled back his elasticated boxer shorts and slipped her hand onto his heat. He was cleanly shaved down there except for a rough landing strip that ended at the base of his now quickly growing hard on.

Al helped Rachel slide his pants down over his hips. They slunk deeper into the shadows of the night feeling their heat burning for each other along the way.

Now Al took a condom out from somewhere, ripped the package and slipped it over his shaft. Pleasure was imminent. Rachel gripped his throbbing cock while raising her left leg up hooking it around his waist while Al came in from underneath her, pulling her soaked blue lacy number to the side. She felt her cunt quiver slightly as his head touched her parting lips. Guiding him now, Rachel sank onto his well hung cock, feeling his head plunge into her depths. Their mouths met in a deep pleasurable embrace and the heavens sang to their rhythm. The moon fucked the sun and the sun fucked the moon until Rachel moaned and yelled out as her orgasm rose from the bowls of her aroused pussy and showered wave upon wave over her body, clutching onto Al’s hips as he thrust every wave through her. Al held her until she slowly slipped off his half erect cock. Whipping the condom off, she gave him the best blowjob she’d given a man since Patrick’s back seat job.

That was hot stuffand left both players sweating even more on that humid night in the dimly lit night club. The music was pumping relentlessly and Al took Rachel’s hand in his and led her to the dance floor. She came into position in front of him but could not keep her hands off him. And neither he off her. She could smell his sex now mixing with wild herbs and he, stirring once again down below, when he picked up a passing whiff of his sex and hers. The night was still young. Rachel pressed her hot and clammy body against Al, she could feel another round of passion coming on. They danced close for a while before she heard someone whisper in her ear. It was Jody. Strangely she felt no intrusion from him. Turning her head she smiled back at him. He sharing a wink with her.

Al moved in quickly, taking advantage of this younger stud, he offered them both a drink. It was high time too.

The bar was crowded. They made their way through the crowds. Rachel spotted Joanne now busy with two hunks. One with both his hands dug deep into her pockets while she pressed up against an obviously hard cock and the other from the front kissing her mouth passionately.

A drink was welcomed. Jody was introduced to Al and a friendship was struck up. Al seemed easy going and Jody had no hang-ups either. This was great for Rachel. Al had asked them both back to his place to listen to some new music a mate of his, a well-known DJ, had mixed. Rachel wished her other girlfriends a hug and goodnight and drove back to Al’s place having offered Jody a lift in her Duster. Jody didn’t say much on the way, only that he loved her choice of clothes and car. Rachel had to concentrate on Al’s manoeuvres ahead of her, his van weaving through city traffic at a pace. He seemed thorough and careful, she was beginning to also like his approach. She could feel her pussy still wet against her skimpy underwear, skimpy and lacy enough to dry out quickly in wet situations. God, she wanted to fuck this man’s cock again but seeing that the younger bloke was with them, she gave up on the idea.

Al’s place was a true bachelors pad. He’d made sure of that. A woman felt at home there but not long enough to want to spread herself out too much except of course they hit it off and she wished to spread her legs to kingdom cum. That was Al’s little guys joke, he kept local. Again Rachel found the smell of his pad excite her. Clean and natural with no artificial smells present. She was getting used to this. The place was clean and tidy and comfortable.

Al offered drinks and everyone relaxed back into a comfy four seater while Al slid a CD into the player. Surround sound speakers met their ears as Al’s mates smooth mix slipped into their consciousness. Shortly, Al began rolling a joint. He only smoked skunk and never used a dealer. Rachel had smoked before but not often. She felt safe with these guys, her intuition always spot on. Jody was a Cape Town student and a joint a day kept the doctor away, as he liked to put it. Blue smoke made good company of the threesome as they sank into some fine rhythms and mingled their minds. Rachel sat in the middle of the boys. She at one point rolled her head to the side and rested it on Al’s shoulder but had forgotten about her left hand that had slid down between her and Jody. Jody found her fingers and commenced a light stroking session. Rachel felt her body move in two different directions at once. As if in slow motion, she sensed her liquid love slide through her arm and mingle with Jody while her head poured pleasure into Al’s shoulder. She wanted his cock and the desire rose like the sun. Her womanly splendour devoured these two men and spread its luscious tentacles across their bodies and minds. The music was working and the skunk was speaking. The three of them rolled together one slipping over the other. At first all kissing together no one knowing whose tongue was whose except when someone lingered with Rachel, she delighted in Al’s taste more, but Jody being Bi enjoyed both. Al was not exactly bi but he kept his tongue clear of Jody who sensed his apprehension and just went along with it. But Rachel did become intensely aware when Jody ran a hand across her hips and discovered her secret. He was one of those men who wanted to eat her pussy inside out. The way that he slid his hand, tracing out her panty line until it tucked between the folds of her voluptuous belly folding double in her seated position. He let his hand wander downward and Rachel let him know she was opening her legs. The gesture made him wild. He got onto his knees in front of her and pulled her skirt up over her thighs exposing her naked flesh to skunk, music and sexual desire. Jody dropped his face into Rachel’s cunt and kissed her mound while breathing in her sex perfume. He knew she’d already been fucked a while back and he would not mind being the one who guided that missile home. He liked the idea of Al’s cock in his hand. The fantasy made him hard, harder than the smelly cunt in front of him. This is when he pinched Rachel’s tiny lacy thing between thumb and forefinger and wiggled it between her lips. She sank into the couch, the action lifting her mound up. Al found her launching pad and slipped his slender fingers in to discover her landing strip. Trailing it downward he found her G-spot and gave it one single light stroke that sent a bolt of pleasure shooting across her inner thighs that were now being caressed by Jody. Up came Al’s hand, caressing her stomach, over her ribs and along her side toward her sexy smooth under arm. She reached her arm up and placed it around his neck, exposing herself to his touch. His hand was firm and she could feel his touch pressing and massaging her the way her body loved to get wild. His other hand caressed her ear and she felt his tongue slip into her ear. She winced a bit and another wave of pleasure spread over her head. Jody was working her pussy now. His tongue had discovered her swollen clit and his index finger was fucking her vagina. Rachel could feel her wine flowing freely now and Jody was getting high and drunk on her down there. She came together with Al again, this time Jody was kissing her pussy while Al sucked her mouth. The fire was lit. She moved over and straddled Al. Each knee resting on either side of his legs. She sank into the couch and felt his cock sink into her. Damn she’d forgotten the condom. But Al was there, ready for her, lifting her up swiftly and plonking her down onto his lap so that his huge cock rubbed up between her labia and pressed its throbbing head against her clit. She helped Al insert the condom, then re-loaded her shot. Jody watching from behind had opted out to masturbate instead. He turned and placed his back against hers like they’d done on the dance floor and Rachel felt the energy rise up her spine as Jody wanked his stiff penis.

Al’s big member was pulsating inside her wet love. She rode him up and down then sat still and fucked him by moving her hips forward and backward until she felt him getting big and hard inside her. This was when decided to get off this big cock and slip out of her clothes. The guys got up and made a place for her to lie down then Jody slipped a condom on and they took it in turns to fuck Rachel one after the other, she enjoying the stoned orgasmic power that rocked her erotic womanhood. When she’d had enough she motioned them both over, slipped of their condoms and sucked their cocks until they exploded their white power all over her. Rachel was dripping with cunt and cum when she came around a few hours later. They had done it again and then again before, Jody had fallen asleep and Al had gone to the bathroom to take a shower, leaving Rachel lost in bliss.