Written by Samgovender

23 Sep 2014

Got home from a hard day at work, pulled of my tie as I entered my 2 bedroom flat tried tater a 6 flight of stair case walk. I continue to remove my coat shirt and pants standing with my boxers and socks with my door open not worried about the neighbors looking inside.i walk to the kitchen and grab a beer put the tv on and I see my roommate left a porno in the DVD, and my roommate being a bi women has the best lesbian porn and lesbian friends I have ever seen, not looking at the door I move to my room to grab lube to wank and relieve myself I come back to only find the neighbor a 32 year old newly wed women watching the porno from outside the door with her right hand on her firm breast and left hand on her pussy we both shocked because I'm now holding a bottle of play lube and stroking my cock while walking and she shocked to see my dick and me looking at her,she stands their as if she saw a ghost and picks up her gym bags and sprints to open her door I close the door in a split second and continue to think and wank for her. I came and gathered my thoughts I phoned my roomie who has a big crush on her and she laughed at my situation, and said she help me out when she comes home, and by the way we are friends with benefits and she hooked me up with some good 3somes. I put some clothes on and processed to apologize to my neighbor. I knock on the front door but she saw me throw the eye hole and was to embarrassed to open.i said sorry for leaving the door open and it's normal for anyone to get aroused we are humans anyway, she open the door and bust out dying still her her sweaty gym tights and vest that seams small on her toned body, she is one of the hottest women in the flat. I had my head down in shame not know how to react to the cry I felt her squeeze her body tightly to mine, I patted her on the back made her sit down and asked what's wrong. She apologize for way she acted and told me she was so sexually denied my her hubby being a newly married couple then only had sex for a week on they honey moon her husband was to busy working to just FUCK HER and she married for 7months now all she does is swipe her credit card given to her to buy her happiness. I was shocked about the fact that a women I just know by name is pouring her heart out to me and all I could think of is what the Hubby was miss out on, she told me she was a virgin and only slept with her hubby for 1week after marrying him. She then wanted to make tea for us I agreed course I felt bad leaving her, we drank the tea and I was feeling aroused she then told me she saw I hot a big cock and that I look so handsome and how she love the smell of my cologne. I just. Had to leave before I made a mistake and slept with my neighbor who is married and I had to face her hubby everyday. I laughed and complemented her figure and her smile like the gentleman I was I left my tea cup in the kitchen and saw a bottle of male enhancement pills which she put in my drink. I was worried now I came back and she was playing with her pussy over her grey tights she was wet and I was horny as hell she said let's go to your place I followed her to my apartment it was almost time for my roomie to come back from work I closed the door she ripped my shirt of and bit my nipple ring and grabbed my cock and squeezed it I though to my self how can a women who has no sex be so advanced, I pushed her on the chair and pulled her pants off and licked her sweet pussy she moaned in bliss I made her cum wanted to make her every need come true she pushed me away took all her clothes off and took my dick out of my pants and sucked me till I came she wanted me to fuck her without a condom I did so as we where fucking my roomie walked in with the les friend.......

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