Written by Will Long

20 May 2019

With her hands bound behind her back with my belt I lead her from the bed to the couch near the window , pushing her over the couch her ass is at the perfect height and angle , I decide to slow down and take my time not wanting to hurt her .

I pull out a bottle of lube and pour it on her ass watching as it slowly runs down , reaching out I use my middle finger to rub it around her tight little butt , at the same time I liberally coat my cock with the lube . She is a little nervous and isn't doing a good job of hiding the fact , so I wrap my hand around her throat and lift her head up , If you want me to stop at any time just say so , I'm not here to hurt you . She nods and I push her forward . I push the tip of my cock against her tight little hole and surprisingly it goes in easier than I expected , Slowly I push all the way into her , when I bottom out I leave my cock there allowing her to adjust and get comfy , I feel her relax and I slowly pull out .

Steadily I start building up rhythm , in and out in and out , harder and harder , her breathing gets short and shallow , she is moaning with pleasure as I reach round and rub her clit , as my finger touches her clit its as if a bolt of electricity hits her and immediately she starts grinding her ass onto my cock .

I feel the pressure building and I start fucking her like a wild animal , grabbing the lube I squirt it onto my cock as it slides in and out of her.

Cum in me she screams , cum in my ass , that was it her words like magic had me shooting streams of cum into her ass.

Immediately I untie her and pull her up , we kiss again , You are amazing I tell her . She blushes and says what now ?

i take her hand and lead her to the bathroom , turning on the shower i smile and say I hope you don't think we are done.

Stepping into the shower I offer her my hand , pulling her towards me , we start to kiss as the water runs over both of us .

She breaks the kiss and reaches for the shower gel , she pours some on my chest and rubs it all over my body before dropping down to apply some to my cock . It doesn't take much to get me hard and her skillfully applying slippery soap to my cock and balls had me at full attention in not time , lifting her up I take my turn to soap her body , over her breasts with a light squeeze on each nipple , I turn her round and rub it down her back and ass before turning her to face me , we stand there kissing in the water for a good 10 mins .

Turning the water off I take her by the hand back to the bed , no time for drying as we lay there kissing before I pull her on top of me , I'm in heaven as she lowers her pussy onto my cock and slowly starts to ride me , grinding herself onto me .

Her movements are slow and sensual now , she is taking her time enjoying the feel of me moving in and out of her , loving the fact that I'm allowing her some control , she leans back and immediately I lick my thumb and place it on her clit , rubbing in time with her movement's , she starts to pick up pace and gyrates her hips , she is driving me crazy and I dont want it to end but she is getting close , she is back up and has her hands on my chest , I look into her eyes and all I can see is lust , she is beyond sensual now and she is fucking me , using me for her own pleasure and I am loving it .

O god she moans , I cant hold it I'm going to cum , I start thrusting up as she cums holding her onto my cock slamming up into her , she starts to shake as she cums and squirts on my sending me over the edge and I cum inside her.

We lie there trying to catch our breath and both dose off in each others arms .

She is still fast asleep when I wake up the next morning , so I slide under the blanket , gently I spread her legs and start to trace tiny circles around her clit while I slip my fingers into her .......