Written by Will Long

14 May 2019

I'd been told I needed to goto Bloem for family reasons , knowing I was going and i was 100% likely to be horny while there I decided to check out some of SH's Bloemfontein members , I browsed the profiles but one always kept catching my eye.

She was gorgeous , piercing blue eyes , almost innocent looking . I msg'd her and as luck would have it she liked what I had to say and we started chatting (For the purposes of this story I will refer to her as N). The entire week before I was due to leave

N and I chatted constantly , flirting and swapping pics both erotic and non . I discovered that under that innocent looking ladies smile there was a definite naughty streak .

Finally the day arrived and I got to Bloem , booked into my hotel , lucky me I got a room with a balcony over looking the zoo.

I let N know I had arrived and that I would contact her as soon as my family stuff was sorted.

A couple hours later I was back at my hotel room and I msg'd N . We arranged to meet at a local watering hole for a couple drinks . " I cant wait to finally meet you " was her final msg before I got into my car and made my way to the venue.

Nervously I walked in and immediately spotted her sitting in a corner by herself , she picked the best table , open enough for her to feel safe but pvt enough for us to be able to get a little intimate without giving the whole place a show.

She stood up and we hugged hello , she smelled amazing and I knew right there and then I was going to make her mine.

She was dressed in a tight pair of jeans with a black top that showed off her perfect cleavage , my cock almost burst through my jeans when she turned around and I saw how amazing her ass looked .

We sat and chatted , drinks and flirty one liners started to flow from both of us.Excuse me for a minute she said I need to visit the ladies. A few minutes passed and she returned with this extremely naughty look in her eye's , She sat down and leaned in to tell me something but instead pulled me closer and kissed me for the 1st time , a slow sensual 1st time kiss , that was when she grabbed my hand and placed something soft into it , looking down I saw she had put her underwear in my hand , they are to wet to stay on she said , without hesitating I looked at her pulled her in for another kiss , the next 30mins or so was spent finishing our drinks in between the most amazing kisses.

Finally I asked her if she wanted to join me back at my hotel for a drink and some privacy , I'll follow you is all she said.

Making our way to the hotel we parked next to each other and me being the gentleman I am was there to open the door and offer her a hand out at the same time pulling her towards me for another kiss , we made our way to the room , I opened the door and let her in 1st , walking in , as soon as the door closed I moved towards her , pinning her against the wall , we started kissing and exploring each others bodies ,

She surprised me by telling me to make her my slut , I just smiled and told her to get on her knee's

Within seconds my cock was free from the constrains of my jeans and in her mouth , I don't really enjoy BJ's so much but she was an expert and I'd be lying if I didn't say she was the very best cock sucker I've ever met.

She started slow but in no time was deep throating me , lost in the moment I grabbed her head and started to fuck her pretty little face , boy was I pleased when she pulled off my cock and practically begged me to do it again , Cum for me she said , Cum for your little slut I want to swallow every drop , I pushed my cock back into her mouth and face fucked her like a man possessed , not even 2 minutes later and I felt my balls tighten as I exploded in her mouth , not one drop was wasted.

I immediately pulled her up and we started kissing , I could taste myself on her lips , my turn I said pushing her against the wall and turning her away from me , I pull her top off and discard her bra, dropping to my knee's I pull her jeans down slowly exposing her gorgeous ass , with her completely naked I start kissing her neck while I feel her nipples harden , I lower my hand to her pussy and find her sopping , she moans as my finger touches her clit for the 1st time .

I guide her to the bed and forcefully toss her onto it before lowering my head between her legs, I take in her scent , she almost screams when I forcefully shove 2 fingers into her pussy and start to finger fuck her towards her 1st orgasm , while fingering her I suck her clit into my mouth and tease it with my tongue round and round , soon she is grinding her hips in time with my fingers and she is starting to moan louder and louder , I shove a 3rd finger into her and my pinkie slides into her tight little ass , I'm not being gentle and she is loving it , its not long before she is creaming all over my fingers , I leave them deep inside her as her body shakes.

My cock is hard again , she knows I want to fuck her and immediately gets on her knee's , neither of us can speak , the lust has taken over and she moans as I slide my full length balls deep into her , there's no giving her time to adjust to my size , I'm horny I'm hard and she wants it , so I pull out and slam back into her hard over and over , knowing I've just cum and that this is going to be a while before I'm ready to cum again I keep fucking pounding into her , each time i bottom out she gives me a little moan , Like a wild man I'm gripping her hips and slamming into her , 'Oh yes daddy she says' Fuck your little whore , just like that " Her words spur me on and I grab her hair forcing her to arch her back allowing me to get even deeper into her , I'm gonna cum she says , So cum I say. I feel her body tense up and she starts to shake I stop fucking but leave my cock inside her till she stop's , she collapses on the bed but her ass is still up and inviting so i move in she gets a fright as she feels my tongue on her ass the 1st time , I'm going to make your ass mine I tell her , she giggles and wiggles her ass at me , its going to be a long night i say as I tie her hands behind her back with my belt and squirt some lube on her ass............. t.b.c..