Written by LickSuck69

03 Apr 2017

William and his friends had been out of school for a few months now, having walk the streets flat, just looking for an interview, which could lead to some form of employment, just for something to do. Finally his luck has changed it seems, he gets an interview for the position of retail salesman at a leading sports store. William has not got much product knowledge, but definitely got the the physic in more ways than one. William has got the main attribute to make a very successful salesman and that is very bubbly and out going personality and not scared to approach strangers with ease, so William was employed. Going home all to pleased with himself, on entering the door at home, he screams I am employed at last starting tomorrow, both parents look at each other and yell out congrats my son, very pleased for you. The father asks William so who is the job for, and what will you be doing, William still very excited and trembling at the knees, says I will be working as a salesman at the local sports store in the mall. William's father says but what knowledge do have of sports good, William answers dad they say I have the physic and the rest they can teach me, dad smiles an says great physic you have, and hopefully they will not have to teach how it is used.

The next morning off to work William goes, dressed in his best, a short sleeve shirt almost the perfect fit or a bit on the small side but showing off all his muscles for everyone to see, and his trousers the perfect fit, showing all that is hidden underneath. Greeted by the Manger as he enters the store and is introduced to the other two staff members, Billy and Shelly, so the manager looks at William and says you will be called Willy for short as we have a Billy already. All the staff seem to hit off very well from the first minute and are eager to train Willy with all the knowledge he needs. The days go by and Willy seems to be more comfortable with the surrounds and what is expected of him, and was told as from tomorrow, all of the customers will be left to you and see if you will pass the test and see if you will be employed permanently. All goes well and Willy is letting the sales roll in, and the customers and especially the lady customers think he is a God send from Heaven, as he shows them the patience of an angel, never showing any anger or annoyance if he has spent nearly an hour helping them trying on gym shoes and not even buying any, but little do the lady customers know that Willy has got a bit of a playboy image underneath. The days pass by into evening an they all have a turn to work the late shift as the store closes at seven. As the months go by and Willy becomes the leading salesman, and he lives the closest to the store, the other staff having to catch a bus and a taxi home, Willy offers to take the late shift all on his own and the manager agrees, as most evenings are not that busy may be three or four customers. This idea works like a dream for everyone, Billy and Shelly get home earlier and Willy can practice his playboy skills, charming all the lady customers.

It was a Thursday evening all the staff gone and only Willy and the manager left in the store, the manager doing all his daily admin and Willy on the shop floor, hoping and waiting for a customer to enter the store, just for something to do before closing time. Walking past the door store is this lady, stopping and looking at the merchandise in the window, she turns back and enters the store, dressed in a summer dress clinging to her hips and her tits almost wanting to pop out at any minute. Willy approaches her and greet, good evening mam may I assist you with any thing you need. Smiling at Willy she says yes, I am starting gym this week end and need some gym shoes and a leotard as well, Willy leads her over to the ladies gym shoe stand and asks if there is any shoe which she likes and what size she wares. She shows Willy a pink pair and says her size is four, Willy asks her to take a seat while he fetches the shoe from the store. On returning with the shoe the lady is sitting with he legs crossed, after taking the shoe from the box Willy asks her to uncross her legs so he can fit the shoe for her, without thinking she uncrosses her legs and Willy is hit between the eyes of a beautiful sight of her pussy covered by her sexy lace pink panty. Slipping of her shoe and fitting the right foot shoe of the gym shoe, the lady looks a Willy and says no this shoe is a tight fit so would it be possible to try the next size for me., so off to the store goes Willy to fetch a five and try and hide his great cock erection which was caused by the wonderful sight thrown in front of him. Walking back to the lady things got worse for Willy all he could see was that sexy lace panty in front of his eyes and the bulge in his trousers was getting worse, getting at her stool, all the lady was looking at, the great bulge in his trousers and says, was that caused by me, Willy embarrassed and not knowing what to say, sheepishly grinned and says sorry but yes, don't worry I am use to causing that problem where ever I go shopping. Willy fits on the size five shoe and it fits like a dream, and off to the leotard section they go, the selection was out of this world, with one and two pieces and every color you could think of, Willy leaves the lady to do her selection. The manager comes over to Willy and say I can see this will be a late night, so will you lock for me, Willy obliges an the manger closes the front doors and leaves. The lady selects out, three out fits to try on to see which fits and looks the best on her. Off to the fitting room she goes, swinging her hips as she goes causing more problems to Willy, the bigger and bigger his cock is getting and more and more randy his is getting, just wanting to fuck her by now. After a few minutes passes by Willy hears a call from the lady, Willy walks over to the fitting room and the lady has her head sticking out from behind the curtain, and say can you just get the next size for me for these two sets please. Off to the leotards he goes getting the next size for the lady. On returning to the fitting room Willy says here, the lady opens the curtain and standing before Willy is the lady totally naked with a dildo up her very nice looking pussy. She says to Willy I am sure your cock would be much nicer for me, grabbing Willy by the cock and pulling his body closer to her, unzipping Willy's trouser's and pulls out his rock hard cock and says this is what I want in side me. Willy undoes his belt and pulls off his trousers and throws them on the floor. He inserts his rock hard horny cock into her warm wet very horny pussy, and starts fucking and fucking and the lady starts screaming and screaming louder and louder she goes until her legs almost give way under her from all the orgasms cause by Willy. Both out of breath and dead after the great fitting room fuck they drop to the floor and she says to Willy I will be back tomorrow to collect my merchandise and plenty more of you, they get dressed and leave the store.