Written by oralsensations

04 Jan 2014

The anticipation was excruciating. Lori (not her real name) and I met on an adult dating website a few days earlier. We seemed to hit it off immediately and began swapping erotic, lusty stories and fantasies. Both of us are married so discretion and patience was key before a proper rendezvous could take place. Her lusty notes were so provocative and sensual that I had to masturbate after receiving them. Finally the time was right and our schedules synced. I booked a room for a Tuesday afternoon. I arrived first, booked in, and then unpacked all the sexual nomenclature I had brought with me--edible lubes, assorted condoms to include edible condoms, toys and vibrators as well as some R&B music to play in the background.

As I anxiously waited, I could only imagine what was about to transpire. I ran various lusty scenarios over in mind again and again. Then I heard a knock at the door. My heart raced. I peered through the peep hole and saw this buxom, stunning creature awkwardly waiting for me to open the door. I ushered her in, we nervously exchanged pleasantries while I helped put her bag on the table. I placed the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and shut it. I walked over, embraced her, bent down to lightly kiss her to formally greet her in person. What was meant to be a simple kiss turned into an inferno of passion as all of those lusty tales and fantasies we had shared online now coalesced into one massive sexual inferno. Our tongues were lustily entwined as our hands began their erotic pilgrimage exploring the others erogenous zones.

Lori made quick work of helping me pull my shirt off and unbuttoning my shorts. My shorts dropped to the floor exposing nothing but a blue silky man-thong. Surveying the situation I noted that Lori's blouse was stressed beyond its structural limits as her heaving breasts clamored for freedom. I hastened to unbutton her blouse from the top bottom. Once achieved, I slipped behind her and unfastened her bra and then unhinged her skirt exposing nothing but a red silky thong. Maintaining my position from behind, I reached around and fondled her gorgeous breasts while I kissed her neck. Then reaching further south with one hand, I simultaneously lightly strummed her thinly clad estuary. My hand danced across the silky garment pressing against her swollen lips and clit. She grabbed my hand in a moment of desperation placing it behind the now moistened thong. Slowly and sensually I stroked her hot seeping mound while she rocked in erotic approval. All the while her nipples were still my hunting ground as I stimulated both her top and bottom! My cock was rock hard by this time and jammed against her nice rotund ass. It was time to take things to the next level.

In a command decision I sat on an armless desk chair and had Lori straddle my lap granting me full access to her glorious tits and quivering oasis. I orally applied generous portions of edible cherry lube to each nipple so I could begin ravishing each breast with the attention each deserved. My tongue and lips and washed over each delicious nipple as I feasted on each one equally. Then I simultaneously moved further south with my left hand so I could begin the pussy parade. By this time Lori was good and wet as her essence had now permeated the front of her garment. I pulled her thong strap to the side so I could begin fingering her magnificent hole. Her pussy lips were wet and warm as my fingers slid around each one before skating on to her swollen clit. She wiggled and jerked while I performed a dance routine around her slippery dance floor. My hand caressed her aching hole. Finally, in pleasurable agony, Lori blurted out "Fuck me. Please fuck me now!" There was a sense of urgency in her tone and I now felt obliged to concede to her lusty demands. I donned a ribbed jelly finger on my left middle finger and plunged the device into her flowing crevice. Slowly and purposefully I pumped my toy-clad finger into her playground. Gradually I picked up the rhythm and applied more pressure until she writhed in a pleasant agony as she waited for relief. Faster and faster I pumped my finger in and out and side to side until she exploded in a multiorgasmic fury with her melodious moans filling the air. Her back was arched, her hips were thrusting, her bosom was bouncing with my lips still attached, and her pussy was flowing as she soaked my hand with her sensual delights drizzling down her mound between her thighs. She came three times with the third time being the most intense of the 3 orgasms.

In the end, all good things must cum to an end and cum she did!! At last her orgasmic gallop slowed and a sense of sexual relief enveloped her. But there was still the small matter of one massive hard on with my cock begging for mercy. She kissed me passionately and thanked me for giving her such a glorious ride. Climbing down off my lap she dropped to her knees. Reaching up she pulled the velcro release tabs on my man-thong and gratefully began stroking my massive erection. Taking her tongue she seductively traced the border of my throbbing head with her tantalizing taste buds. She then perched her lips on my head licking my knob as she began sucking and slurping. Bit by bit she took more and more of manhood into her warm welcoming mouth with her tongue and lips orally multitasking my pulsating pole. My eyes rolled back in head as a surge of electricity flowed through my body. My chamber filled with warm sticky liquid waiting for the right moment. All of my senses were alive and acute. The smell of my lovers perfume commingled with her musky nectar filled my nostrils. The sound her licking and sucking my rock-hard cock was so invigorating. The feeling of her tongue swirling around my shaft while her lips applied varying amounts of pressure just to make it interesting. The sound of her slurping and sucking while she moaned to encourage me to finish strong. All that was left was for the taste to be realized. Then it happened. I simply couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed her head as I guided her back and forth on a cock that was about launch a full payload. I warned her saying "I am going to cum baby. I am going to cum." With that, she pulled the trigger and I began ejaculating hot streams of lust lava into her willing mouth. I moaned deeply as wave after wave of pleasure swept through my orgasmic body. I pumped a full payload into her mouth. For a split second my cock slipped out of her mouth and hot stream of jism splashed across her face. She quickly recovered and enveloped me whole. Once my climax had concluded, I pulled my hot sticky member out of her mouth as some of my load dribbled down around the creases of her mouth. With a mischievous grin she looked into my eyes licked her lips and swallowed.

I helped her to her feet. Standing up myself, I took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. The afternoon had just begun and we both had much to look forward to as we continued our sexploration of one another. This was just the sexual starter and ice breaker, and a great way to greet one another!