28 Nov 2016

After chatting to a women on the site and arranging for a meetup. I went to take a bath so I can be clean. I talked to the lady for 3 weeks and we bonded well. We arranged to meet and not send pictures. In the bath I start thinking of what I will do to her and how slow I will do it. I decide to clean the pipe before se gets there. It is 30 min before she is scheduled to arrive so I have enough time to clean and rest up.

As I stroke myself hard I hear a car park in front of the gate. I jump up and towel off. I look thru the window and see my best friends wife. She is dressed to kill. Short skirt high heels, tight top. I think well fuck this is awesome I know he cheats on her!!!

I get dressed as quickly as possible. I start thinking that it might as well just be a accident that she is here. My boner just doesn't want to go away. She knocked two times and I yelled I be right there, so I open the door with a semi hard on. She smells awesome. She says that she almost didn't come in. My throat dries up and I compliment her how nice she looks. She blushes as she looks down and notice my erection. She looks up and says that she can see it was a good idea to come inside.

The next few moments is a blur but I catch my breath and we are on the couch. She has her mouth around my cock and she is naked. Man how many times have I thought about this women while fucking my wife. She sucks cock like a pro. I get my mind back on task at hand and I pull her up, she makes sure that those rock hard nipples rub all the way up my legs, past my balls. My erection enjoys the passing thru her breast as I make mental note for tit fuck later.

I pick her up as I head for the bed room. I have the cuffs ready as per arrangement. I knew if I didn't tie her up now as she asked for I would shoot my load real quick. I cuff her arms and she smiles. Sexy as fuck with those black hair against that white skin. Nice strip shaved. I almost lost my load there. I spread her legs and dive in and start breathing slowly on her, teasing almost. She smells wonderful so I don't tease to long and see if she taste as good as I hope she does.

My tip of my tongue touches for a short second before I give her a full lap with a full tongue. The doorbell rings. I stop and grab a towel. Fuck off. Who the fuck is this. I look thru the peep hole and see nothing. Some one is holding their thumb over the hole. I am so irritated that I swing open the door and start cursing. I have one hand in a pointing gesture and the red head says "Ready are we". she grabs my cock thru the towel as she could see the bulge. At that moment I knew I was in for a fun day.