Written by Kinkybimilf

19 Aug 2015

This is a story that my sexy man wrote me.... It was such a huge turn on.... He has a way with words that makes my knees go weak and makes me catch my breath

My hands grab your ass and lift you up. I carry you to the bed and softly lay you down.

My lips are getting lower, moving over your chest. I get to your breasts and start to lick and nibble on your hard nipples. Still my hands explore…..

Kissing over your stomach I move down. Down to where I want to be. As I get to your panties, I stop, teasing you. I start to kiss the inside of your thigh, moving upwards.

I stop to lick your juices that are trickling down your thigh. You taste so sweet. I get closer. I pull your panties to one side, they’re so wet. I lick your dripping pussy and your body recoiling in delight. I remove your panties all the way down your smooth legs, and turn my interest back to your pussy.

Holding your hands I start to lick you. Your grip tightens. I lick both side of your pussy, saving your swollen juicy clit for last. Removing one of my hands from yours I slide a couple of fingers deep inside you, I feel you pull me in deeper. I remove them, looking at the wetness on my fingers.

I slowly put them back inside,you’re so tight baby. I start to fuck you with them gently at first. I fuck you harder, deeper. I feel your body tense around me. Still I fuck you. My tongue moves in. Licking you. Dancing over your swollen clit. Your hips pull you into the bed, trying to escape but its no use my tongue bares down harder. My finger drive deeper.

Your screaming, your body is jerking. Harder, deeper I go. Until finally your back arches, you let out a strong, silent yell and you cum all over my fingers and tongue. I withdraw my fingers and slowly start to kissing my way back up to your lips, where I gently kiss you with passion.

I unzip my jeans and my hard, throbbing cock bursts out. I tease you with it in front of your face. You open your mouth to such it , but not! You’re getting fucked with it.

I run it down you body, between your tits, over your stomach, finally I’m at your pussy. I rub your clit with the head. Sliding it up and down your pussy. Your body jolts and you let out a yelp. You’re still pretty sensitive. I spread you lips apart, I can still see your beautiful cum.

I rub it over you, covering the head in you and then, slowly slowly slide it in. Your pussy is hungry, I can feel you, you’re so tight. Again your hips bury into the bed, not know what to do or where to go. When I feel you’re ready i drive myself deep inside you. You let out a scream of pleasure and your body shivers.

I lean in, still inside you and place my mouth over one of your nipples and suck.

My hips start slow. Letting you feel all of me. Letting your pussy know what’s inside it. I wrap my arms around you. Embracing you. I look you in the eyes as I start to fuck you.You have trouble opening them. All you can do is let out small intense moans.

My lips kiss your neck, I nibble and suck as I drive my cock deep inside you.

When I feel you’re ready I flip you over on to your knees- doggie. I spread your cheeks and lick you all the way from your pussy. I guide my cock back inside you.

All the way in, you feel all of me. Kissing you, my lips make their way down your back.

I wrap my strong hands around your hips and drive hard. You scream with the sudden force. My hips thrust toward you and my hands pull you back on my cock. Hard. Deep. You squeeze me inside you. faster. You cry with pleasure.

My cock pounds you, I can feel you tense again, your back is arching. You’re going to cum again. I feel you let go and your cum explode over my cock. I keep going. Your legs are getting weak so I have to hold you up, still I drive my throbbing cock inside you.

One hand makes its way up, over your back. I grab your hair and pull you back. You love it.

One hand pulling your hair the other around your waist, fucking you hard. Your moans are like music to my ears. I can’t get enough of them. The louder you scream the harder I fuck you.

You’re so tight. You squeeze my cock making me fight for every thrust. Your cum rolls down the my shaft and drips off my balls. You’re making a mess of the bed covers.

You feel so good baby.

I take the hand that’s pulling your hair and move it. I’m rubbing your juicy, swollen clit. You instantly cum. This time it’s a bit too much for you. Your legs give out and you fall to the bed. Quivering. Cum still exploding from your pussy.

You’re satisfied. The only thing left that you want, is me, my cum. You pull yourself to your knees and wait as I stroke my hard cock, still dripping with you’re cum.

“I’m close baby,” I moan as I stoke myself. You open your mouth, ready.

Finally I explode all over your face, in your mouth. Covering you in hot, thick, sticky cum. You love it and stuck me dry, my eye rolling back in my head, it feels so good.

We both collapse, exhausted onto the bed, cuddling. Both completely satisfied…”Shower sex now" I say.....