14 Feb 2019

It was the sound of her office door slamming shut that made her jump a little. She was completely immersed in her work. Focused. In a way, she managed to shut out all distractions of people walking past and talking in the passage outside her office. Her first thought was that it must have been the light breeze coming in through the window that caused the door to slam shut, and she softly swore at the person who took (or stole?) her door stopper. It was 14 February and her office was hot. The summer lasted too long this year with very little rain, but she was hopeful about the thick grey rain clouds when she left the house.

She got up without even looking at the door, picked up the heavy pile of bound company profile documents and turned towards the door. Today is going to be the day that I put these to good use, she thought while stepping closer to the door.

“Hello, sexy.”

His soft greet caught her off guard and as the books fell to the floor and her hands dropped to her sides, her eyes went up. She did not need to see the man to know who this deep and velvety soft voice belonged to.

It was him. His tall and handsome stature was right next to the door. Arms crossed as he stood there; obviously amused by what she just did. His insanely sexy crooked smile and deep dark eyes were directed towards her. This cannot be real, she told herself softly. In an attempt to get back in touch with reality, she moved her dark rim glasses back into place. She closed her eyes for a second and forced herself to look again. She must be really frustrated… there is no way that this is real or that he just showed up in her office. She must be going crazy. He is in Cape Town, after all. She is Jo’burg.

As she opened her eyes and found his darkening brown eyes still staring at her, she tried to greet, but no sound came from her mouth. His beard was trimmed neatly. His shirt, with the top two buttons that were casually undone, tucked neatly into his denim. He does look good in that shirt and those jeans, she thought as she tried again to get a sound out. While she heard the sound of his voice, she had trouble to hear exactly what he was saying. Her mind raced and even though she was ecstatic to see him, she kept on wondering if she may have fallen asleep at her desk and is now only dreaming. When she saw him move, heard the key turn in the lock, and felt his gaze return to her, she knew that this was in fact real…

“You’re here?”

It was the only words that she could muster. A wave of emotion swept through her as she felt like crying and laughing and screaming all at once in excitement. He was here…

After taking a single step, he stood in front of her and took her glasses off and sat them on the table. His arm reached around her back and he pulled her close.

“I missed you.”

He whispered the words softly against her lips before he claimed her mouth. His lips were hot on hers, his tongue eagerly searching for hers. She moaned softly. He was an expert kisser and he knew that those kisses turned her legs to jelly. While she reached up to hold onto him, she closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment.

He felt how the little bit of panic dispersed from her body as he continued to kiss her. Bowing down a bit; he was quite a bit taller than her; he allowed his hands to caress her back, from her shoulders to her sides… lower… over the small of her back and down to her soft bottom. She attempted to pull away from him and say something, but he didn't allow her to. As she slightly pushed him away, he gave her the opportunity to take a well-deserved breathe before he pulled her closer again. His hands were on her bum and he knew from the slight moan that escaped her thought that she could feel his physical need for her.

Without asking, he picked her up. Her legs draped tightly around his hips and he walked to her desk and softly put her down on it. His hands slowly stroked up her thighs and underneath the plain short dress that she was wearing. When she felt his hands getting closer to where she craved his touch, she broke loose from his kiss to look him in the eye.

His eyes were dark with desire, his face somewhat flushed, his breath racing.

“I want you,” she whispered.

It was the response that he was hoping for. He smiled down at her without saying a word and she saw how his eyes darken even more.

He kissed her forehead… down her cheeks… and while he held her in his one hand, he gently pushed her back to the table with the other. His lips opened in her neck and she could feel how goose bumps covered her entire body as he very gently nibbled on her soft flesh. With her back now on the desk, both his hands traveled to the buttons on the front of her dress, skillfully undoing them one by one while his lips followed and caressed every centimeter of her white skin as he exposed it. He took his time, savoring her soft flesh and undoing the dress’ buttons until there was no more left. He looked up and glanced on her where she was almost whimpering on the desk, not knowing where to start. He liked what he saw.

Underneath the soft yellow dress, she wore an unpaded lace bra and matching panties. White. The bra had a little silver clasp at the front. Her breasts were plump and her pink nipples erect and pressing against the soft fabric, as if begging to be freed. He caught a glimpse of her wetness as his eyes glanced over to her panties. Her body has always been so responsive to him, and this moment was no exception. He knew how much she wanted him. And, heaven knows, he wanted her just as much. It took a lot of restraint not to pin her down and just take her there and then.

He ran his hands down her now almost naked body and up again. Her mouth and eyes were smiling at him, but she did not say a word. He took a step closer so that he pressed against her softness underneath the panty and bent down to unfasten her bra. As he released the clasp, he gently ran his fingers over her; teasing her ever so slightly while he knew how much her breasts craved his attention. He stepped back to look at her, taking in the soft yellow dress that was draped around her body, her lacy white panty and the bra that fell loosely to her sides to expose her full C-cups. He wanted her. He needed her. And he knew that he was going to have her. Soon.

With his left elbow on the table and his right hand exploring her body, he kissed her neck and down her cleavage; carefully teasing her… not allowing himself to come close to her sensitive nipples. When she arched her back and started to moan softly, he knew that it was her way of asking for more. He circled her nipples with the tip of his tongue and felt the reaction it created in his own body. She moaned softly, as if she wanted to encourage him and he adhered to what he knew she asked. As he closed his mouth over her breast and slowly sucked, he tucked his right hand in between her inner thighs. She was so wet… she was so ready… but he did not want this to be over. Not yet.

The sensation of his tongue circling and flicking over her nipple while he sucked and nibbled was driving her crazy. When she felt his finger brush over her most intimate part, she gasped and her body convulsed slightly. She could feel her own wetness. Her clit was swollen and throbbing and she knew all too well that he was teasing her and planning on taking his time with her today. She usually doesn’t mind the tease, but today; right here and now; she desperately wanted him to take her.

He looked at her when he felt her body shake. His mouth half open and it almost looked like he wanted to ask her what just happened. Instead he kissed her again. Hard and deeply; almost violating her mouth with his.

“I am going to taste you now,” he whispered hoarsely in her ear. “And you need to be quiet when I do. We don’t want your colleagues to hear.”

She bit her lower lip, partly in excitement and partly because she knew how uncontrollably loud she can be. His eyes did not leave hers as he got up, took hold of the sides of her panties and carefully slid them down her legs. Then his eyes wandered down… over her breasts and hard nipples… over her belly button… lower…

She was shaven cleanly. Her clit was swollen and pressed through her lips. It was gleaming with her wetness. An approving groan escaped his throat.

In a single movement, he moved her office chair so that he can comfortably sit on it. As he bent down, he grabbed a hold of her thighs and pushed them apart as far as he could. He placed kisses on her inner thighs. She moaned. He gently brushed his fingers towards her center and she shuddered.

He sat up straight and looked at her pleading face. Gosh, he wanted to take her… but not yet.

“I told you that you need to be quiet…”

His smile was that of a naughty boy doing something he’s not supposed to. He took her panty off the side of the desk where he placed it only seconds ago, scrunched it up and told her to open her mouth. Amused, she obeyed and allowed him to push it slightly into her mouth. He could see in her eyes how she trusted him. They both knew that she could spit it out at any time, but she humored him and anxiously watched him as his mouth lowered onto her again.

This time, it was more than a kiss.

She felt his fingers gently pulling her lips apart; exposing her completely. She could feel the light breeze from the window and smell the rain that just started to softly sift down on the building’s corrugated roof. And then she could feel the warmth of his breath as his mouth came closer and closer.

Again, she moaned. Her hips lifted anxiously from the table. And then she gasped as she finally felt him trail his tongue around her clit. First up… then down… The sensation was indescribably good. This is what she has been craving for weeks – the most intimate of kisses. From him!

He heard how her breathing became quicker and shallower as he took his first taste of her. It excited him tremendously and he could feel his pants become almost too tight. It took all of his willpower to keep calm. Just a little while longer, he told himself.

He took her clit with his lips, sucking it ever so softly into his mouth, while his tongue slowly flicked over the swollen tip. Her body shook again and soft pleas escaped her muzzled mouth. He opened his mouth wider and this time he did not take it slow or soft. He devoured her; sucking her in, nibbling a bit; and then he pushed his tongue into her. She moaned loudly, but the rain on the roof dimmed the sound. She grew wetter…

With his mouth still on her and his tongue pulsating over her clit, he started to finger her carefully. First with only one finger… then with two. Slightly bent to the top. Searching for and then lightly stroking that wonderful spot. The simultaneous stimulation of his tongue and fingers had the desired effect on her. He could feel her react, as her hips lifted from the desk and her muscles started to tighten… tighten… tighten… She was about to climax, but he did not want her to. Not yet. Not like this.

He knew that she was so close and quite frankly, he reached a point where he could not bear it anymore. It was time.

He slid his fingers out and got up from the chair. Her body dropped back to the table; almost disappointed by the fact that he did not complete this.

“No. Not yet. You need to hold out for me.” His own heart was racing.

In a swift move, he unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. In one hard thrust he claimed her. Her hands were gripping his shoulders and his fingers almost cut into her bum’s flesh as he moved rhythmically in and out of her. He took the panty from her mouth; craving to hear her voice. The rain was falling hard on the roof and muffled their moans sufficiently. The sound of her voice as she grew closer and closer to climax in itself brought him to the brink. He felt her muscles tighten around him and how it grew tighter and tighter with each thrust.

“Cum with me… I’m going to cum…”

This time it was his voice that was pleading. Her climax rippled through her body as she convulsed around him. She could feel how he filled her as he spilled all that he had inside her. She moaned as her whole body started to shake. Have I ever experienced such an intense climax, she thought and exhaled out loud: “Wow…”

Soon, she knew, she would feel the pleasure of it slowly flowing from her while he held her. She did not want this moment to end, though. Gripping him with her legs and arms that were tightly wrapped around him, she refused to let him go. He seemingly felt the same, as he did not attempt to move away. He held her head firmly against his beating heart while lightly stroking her hair. Catching their breath… enjoying the most intimate of moments… feeling how their bodies slowly released each other...

As she gathered her thoughts and got her breath, she looked up at him. The office was filled with the smell of intimacy, wet excitement and a subtle scent of the rain storm. He looked down to her and wiped a red lock of hair from her forehead. Her deep blue eyes were soft and dreamy, her lips so inviting. He kissed her again. Softer than before.

“Thank you.” Her voice was still quite shaky and he looked at her questioningly.

“This was an amazing Valentine’s surprise… thank you.”

They continued to hold each other for some time, the rain fell harder and harder. Reality kicked in. This was fun; more than just fun, actually. But it was over. She stood up, got dressed as he watched and took his hand in hers. They both knew that this moment cannot last forever, no matter how hard they tried.

“I know that we only have stolen moments. But I treasure each and every moment we find to steal together. I just wish that these moments could last forever.” Her voice was gentle and emotional.

As he pulled her close one last time, she took a deep breath. She knew that she was just so very wrong in what she just said. This moment will most certainly last forever, even if it is only in her thoughts.

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