Written by Dotty28

13 Mar 2015

I see your eyes on mine, then they move away. The screen flickers and then I realise I’m not alone with you. My heart aches a little. I push on and smile, but the images flash quicker in front of you. How do I keep your attention when I know little how to even begin doing that. Am I the only one who is not knowledgeable at this!

In my mind, I’m kissing your lips. My lips then moving down your neck in the sunlight. Kissing the little pulse at the bottom of your neck. Then I move down your chest, giving each nipple some attention with my tongue and a little nip at the end with my teeth.

Then I move down that sexy part of your stomach, placing little kisses as I move down. I hear you suck in a breath now and then, and I know that I’m doing it right.

I move lower to something that’s been tickling my tits while I kiss you in different places. It’s beautiful and hard and I want to taste it so badly. My lips move down and kiss you in different places. Then my tongue flicks and licks in other places. I then put my mouth slowly over the tip of your hard cock while watching your face, your eyes hazy from pure pleasure. You slowly take my head in your hands and move my mouth slowly up and down your hard cock. I feel the tip touching the back of my throat and it makes me wet knowing that I got you this hard. I’m throbbing hard for you and loving feeling your cock in my mouth.

Then I stop and move up, asking your mouth to give my nipples some attention. They are so hard and wanting. You drag them into your mouth, your tongue flicking them and driving me insane and making me moan so loud. You squeeze them tighter and I almost want to cum with the pleasure of it all, but I want to cum on you instead.

Before you want to lick my pussy, I sit down slowly on you and feel you fill me up so tight. I gasp as I feel you and while I’m holding your balls, feel you contract as I do this. It is pure pleasure. I slowly move on your hard cock while you are sucking and squeezing my tits, making me arch backwards, giving you all of me. Then I feel it. Oh God, the pleasure of it starting. My breath comes in little bursts and I feel the intense burst of pleasure shoot through me. I rub my clit as I ride you and cum on your hard cock and you grab my ass and ride me harder on you. Little diamonds of light rain down on me and I fall onto you, breathless and spent.

You slowly pull out and push me onto my side. You fill me again slowly with your hard cock and fuck me slowly, building up the momentum as I lie there spent from my orgasm. I start moaning again as you find my g-spot with your hard cock and I start cumming again. Oh God, but I am going to heaven and back again. This time I can hardly breathe while you carry on fucking me harder and harder, then I feel you tighten inside of me and as you yell out, I feel you cum inside of me so hard; on and on. You wrap your arms around me as you slowly carry on fucking me and our breathing is matched, hard and gasping. We have no words – just closed eyes in awe of what has just happened.