Written by MISSY

18 Apr 2012

With such an unexpected start, who could imagine such a great ending...

We got invited to a male friend (*John) of ours home for a late afternoon braai, We accepted and because of the long drive we took an overnight sleeping bag with just incase.

We arrived at his house and the evening of good food,good music and great conversation started. The more wine flowed, the more the open conversation flowed too. Way after dark we all sat on one couch to end the evening off with a movie, We were sitting with blankets and at a certain part of the movie alot of explicitly hot sex scenes played.

John slipped his hand into the gap of my shorts by my crotch and got extremely excited about my moist pussy, he started eagerly fondling me whilst my boyfriend next to me was oblivious to this. I became so excited I decided to surprise them both.

I manoeuvred my way on to all fours on the couch, tugged my shorts to the side and started sucking my man (Full on pussy view for John) Without John giving it a second thought he shoved his face towards my pussy and started eating, like a starved animal while my man egged him on to do so (to my surprise).

For about half an hour they shared me for foreplay, I was practically begging for penetration(the guys weren't too sure the limits, as this wasn't arranged). Eventually John blurted to us that he cant take any more and before another word could have been said, He shoved his tool into my tight pussy doggystyle. My man took the chance by sliding his way underneath me and asked John to 'Move his tool to an upper region' so as John was asked, He slowly started slipping his tool into my arse whilst my man deeply pushed himself into my already wet pussy.

They carried on like this, swapping and changing position and pleasuring different parts for what seemed like hours.

I started giving John oral and my man started thrusting me harder which caused me to orgasm as this happened I paused with giving John oral and he got so turned on by my orgasm that he came all over my chest and neck. I let my man pound me harder and ordered him to come on my back and as I wished, he did..

We all lay there on the couch, both of them still gently playing with me....