Written by Jefpenn

13 Apr 2015

Song Called Erotica

Graeg was sitting patiently in the bed while Electra was preparing herself in the bathroom. She had been in there for quite a while. He was trying to decide for himself if she was just being articulate in the way she was preparing for the occasion or if she just wanted him to sweat.

He was already naked and leaning up comfortably against the pillows. He didn't know what to expect or what she had install for him, the only warning he got is that she would blow his mind with and experience he never imagined before.

He kept on fondling himself to gauge the extent of his excitement and just loved the feeling of his own erection. He enjoyed the feeling of an erection far more than any orgasm he had ever felt.


The Guitar was leaning up against the bed side pedestal and due to habit he couldn't leave it alone much longer and picked it up and began to strum a tune gently. She could hear him from the bathroom and began to smile at herself in the mirror thinking about the fun she was going to have with him and decided to continue the anticipation a bit longer and just listen to the impressive tune coming out of the instrument, and thinking of how she couldn't wait to get hold of his instrument.

He was holding the guitar over his belly and was thinking it may be a sexy first sight of his naked body if she saw the guitar with his manhood sticking out the bottom, just the thought of it aroused him some more and so decided that was what he would do. He began to sing one of his favourite songs, one he had composed himself. He could hear her moving in the bathroom and was sure she would appear any moment. She did, and he stopped playing as soon as he saw her standing there naked. She looked so much as he expected and had an immediate effect as she saw his shaft stiffen even more below the guitar.

"Don't stop. I was enjoying that, you have a very sexy voice, please carry on" she said in a seductive tone. He continued to play and sing the tune. One thing he was never shy about was his ability to sing and welcomed any audience. It actually to the "pleasant awkwardness" away. He could smell her provocative perfume by now and took a wiff as he breathed for the next vocal line. She looked at him in a very seductive and teasing manner and sat cross legged on the bed in front of him, already stroking her fingers up and down her thighs and hamstrings.


She loved the way his shaft stiffened immediately and she noticed the tempo of the song also slowed down due to the seductive effect she already had on him. She remembered from their initial naughty chats how he loved the idea of a woman touching herself in front of him and how she loved the idea of doing just that. She loved the feeling of the moisture building up and could feel it oozing already, but, to make it more enjoyable for him she pushed her middle finger into her mouth while giving him the naughtiest look she could come up with and pulled her sopping wet finger drenched in saliva and made what sounded like a tormenting moan mixed in the most passionate moan. He felt like he was going to explode and loved the way her eyes were jumping from looking at him to down to his very stiff shaft and back up to his eyes. The tune slowed down even more as her heaven skin just popped out, dying to be stroked and caressed by her well lubed finger.

She sighed with extreme pleasure as her cool finger slid over her clitoris for the first touch, cool and slithery.


His eyes were glued to her finger and she felt as if she had a hypnotic control over him, almost like a cat moves its head around when an object of interest is moved around its space of sight, almost toying with him in a sexy way. He played along and enjoyed every movement. He could feel himself harden and stiffen even more every time her wet finger slid over her heaven skin and she shrugged her shoulders with delightful pleasure. He sensed that she loved touching herself and it brought her even more pleasure knowing that he was watching.. and enjoying. His playing had now slowed down to an almost standstill and he pulled the guitar over himself and placed it back on the floor. Now his shaft was in full open view and she gasped at the look of it and the effect she was having on him. She pushed her finger deeply into her and pulled it out then sucked her juices off of her middle finger while looking him straight in the eyes. She pushed it back into her and jerked it in and out a few times then reached over and put her finger into his mouth. By now he'd taken his shaft in his hand and was rubbing the bubbled pre cum over it's head. She gasped again.


 She reached under her pillows and pulled out the vibrator from where she had hidden it. His eyes widened like saucers, not being used to a woman behaving like this in front of him. She held it towards her protruding clit and massaged until the tip was full of her love juice and pierced the buzzing toy deep inside her, moaning with pleasure as she did. She smiled as she saw his shaft stood even more erect and oozed more pre cum. She pulled  it out of her and held the wet vibrating tip against the tip of his slippery shaft's head and began to massage around it. He cringed with pleasure, shaking and breathing erratically. His body was shaking from the pleasure. She moved the vibrator up and down his shaft and watch the veins and arteries swell in thickness as they protruded through the skin. She had this sudden urge to feel the effect these would have as she softly brushed her lips over them. She promised him that she would let him go down on her first and it was getting more and more difficult to keep the promise, she was feeling overly tempted to take his cock deep into her mouth and suck the eager juices that were now pouring out of the tip, but he did seem quite adamant about it and although the anticipation was equally passionate she felt obliged to let him have his wish and so restrained herself. They were going to be there a while still and lots of time abundant to urge up those desires again. 

By now he couldn't concentrate on playing any more and put the guitar down next to the bed. His desire to taste her was far too strong now and he wanted to pleasure her with oral stimulation so badly before he had any kind of orgasm. With his hands free he began to caress her nipples and breasts, cupping them every few seconds and giving a light lift and squeeze. She loved her breasts being touched and tried to lure him into taking one of her nipples into his mouth. He sensed what she was wanting and took one into his mouth sucking the stiff nipple in between his teeth and giving it a soft bite while pinching the other one at the same time. Then he pushed her over gently to lay her on her back. "I have always wanted to try this, I want to lay on my back and I want you to sit with your legs spread over my face. Can we try that?" he said in a provocative tone. She gave him a wink of approval and pulled him gently onto his back next to her. She could see his erect shaft stiffen even more as the anticipation and excitement increased. She still couldn't wait to have it deep inside her but this was his time to enjoy and wanted to give him anything he wanted. 

She knelt close to his face and then lifted her leg over his face, placing her moist shaven pussy right where he wanted it. She knew what he was planning to do and so she left just enough space for his face to move around.  To be continued...