Written by Carl1

26 Aug 2015

I get invited to meet a couple. The normal rules apply sush as we do not play on the first meeting, no expectations, etc.

As I reach the house a guy opens the door, we stand and chat on the patio and I can see a female in the house on the couch with her back towards the door.

The guy tells me that he is just going to finish his sigarette, park the car, etc and that I should enter and meet his wife.

As I enter I find her with her legs spread wide, busy playing with her wet shaven pussy. I get a instant erection, she looks at me, smiles and tell me to take my pants of and fuck her.

I undress and immediately slip my rock hard all the way into her wet pussy with a fast and deep thrust. She moans loudly as I carry on with hard deep and fast motions untill she erupts into a back arching orgasm.

As I slow down I start to touch her breasts and sexy body for the first time. Suddenly I hear a faint moan behind me, I turn around and see her partner sitting on the couch looking at us as he is sucked by another woman with her ass facing me. He looks up and says "you better come and give her the same treatment"