Written by DbnNaughtyBoy

27 Aug 2014

This one is a little cheesy but hey, it was written a while ago in response to a dare and kind of the start of a journey for me - anyway it was more fun to write than most of the stuff I churn out for a living :)


A Night to Remember

He sat with the lights off, looking out of the window as the last rays of the sun shone feeble orange from behind the stony ridge to the west of the motel.

The display of his cellphone lit up indicating a text message; he had already turned it to silent mode to avoid unwelcome disturbance. It was her letting him know that she was almost at the motel & would be with him in a few minutes. He felt a rush of excitement, not to mention a significant amount of arousal. He had a hunch this was going to be a night to remember.

They had met a few times for drinks & had had a lot of fun getting to know each other. They had hit it off immediately and had chatted and laughed like silly teenagers, not the supposedly responsible mid-thirties adults they both were. He found her incredibly stimulating and sharp with a great sense of humour, as well as really cute & sexy. Kissing her goodnight after an evening of drinks & companionship was delicious & intense but also overwhelmingly frustrating. The way she felt in his arms, the feel of her lips and tongue against his was enough to make him want to take her then and there, in the parking lot! Of course he couldn’t and he had held back a little wanting to get to know her as a friend first as well as make sure she was ready.

Now the night he had fantasised about was about to start. They had agreed to spend the evening in a motel to find out if the initial spark that they had both felt would extend into sexual chemistry. Both had busy lives with personal and family commitments, hence the motel room as a safe neutral meeting place. He had half-expected it to feel a little sleazy but actually he felt nothing but excitement. No fear, no guilt, just impatience for the moment she would be there.

From his vantage point on the first floor he saw her call pull into the parking lot below. Leaving the room he ran lightly down the stairs to the lobby, arriving just as she walked through the door. He walked over to her and kissed her lightly, restraining the impulses to grab her and really kiss her, far too public for that.

“Come”, he said in a low voice, taking her hand and leading her towards the steps. As they passed the small lounge area off the lobby he noticed with satisfaction the hungry looks of a few men whiling away time in front of the television. She really was very hot and guaranteed to inspire wistful stares Tough for these guys, tonight she was all his.

They entered the room and stood in the semi-darkness, the only light coming from behind the door to they poky bathroom that he had left slightly ajar.

“How are you?” he asked smiling.

“Great”, she answered with her eyes twinkling in the way he found so sexy.

He reached down took her hands and kissed her, lightly at first. Within a few seconds the kiss had become more intense as they both pulled close and explored each other’s mouths with raw passion. He held her as tightly as he could without crushing her and felt as if his erection would tear a hole in the front of his chinos as he felt her breasts tight & soft against his chest.

Struggling to hold back he moved his hands up from her shoulders to brush lightly against the sides of her neck and touch her just under her earlobes. Suddenly her kissing became more urgent and insistent and he could feel her panting a little. Pulling his head back slightly he noticed with satisfaction the rapidly dilating pupils and the slight pink flush on her cheeks. So he wasn’t the only one turned on then.

He placed his hands on her hips and kissed her again, running her fingertips around the hem of her jeans at the same time. She shuddered as the palms of his hands slid under her T-shirt and up over her back until they rested on her shoulder blades. He was delighted to notice that he did not encounter any bra strap along the way. He stepped back marginally and slid his right hand diagonally from her shoulder, around her side slowly over her stomach. He applied a bit of pressure and moved his hand upward to feel her breasts one at a time.

He squeezed slightly and felt her squirm. Obviously she liked that so he brought his other hand around and squeezed both breasts a little harder. Her tongue flicked over his lips as she panted hard into his mouth.

“Ok, let’s find out how rough she likes it?” he thought. He took a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, rolling and squeezing moderately hard. She pulled her head back, closed her eyes and murmured huskily,

“Yes, yes. Don’t stop.”

He pulled at her nipples and squeezed even harder. She slammed her hips against his and kissed him with a ferocity that bruised his lips. He slid his hands under her arms, yanked the T-shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. The sight of her breasts ran a quiver up his spine culminating in a pleasurable shudder at the base of his neck.

He pushed her backward onto the bed, tongue & lips reaching eagerly for one of her nipples and finding it. He sucked hard and bit slightly at it. She moaned and arched her back obviously liking that. He turned his attention to the other nipple and worked his right hand over her stomach and down the front of her jeans. Feeling her outline through the denim he placed his thumb against the ridge of her pubic bone and felt for her vaginal lips with his first two fingers. A he felt the soft fleshiness under his fingertips she sucked in her breath abruptly and clamped his hand between her thighs.

He lay still for a moment until she released his hand slightly and then probed more insistently, feeling the wetness right through the fabric. He slid down until he was kneeling on the floor between her legs and rapidly removed her shoes and socks. This done he turned his attention to her jeans. A brief struggle and he had the button undone and the zipper all the way down. With a thrill he realised she wasn’t wearing any panties either. He had to have her now!

Roughly he reached down, grabbed the cuffs of her jeans and pulled. She lifted her buttocks slightly and the jeans slid easily off onto the floor leaving her completely naked on the bed. She was totally clean-shaven and this left her pussy completely exposed and vulnerable looking, the sheen of wetness indicating her arousal. He reached down and ran his fingers over the wetness for a few seconds before pushing his middle finger hard inside her. She responded by pulling her knees up and opening her legs wide,

Abruptly he ducked his head and ran his tongue rapidly over the length of her pussy once and then pulled back. She lifted her buttocks off the mattress as if she was trying to reach his face with her hips. She wanted more, that was unmistakable. He went down again licking wildly all around her lips up to her navel and back down again, carefully avoiding the opening for now.

A few minutes of this had her writhing and wriggling, her breath coming in short sharp bursts.

Eventually she could stand it no more and gasped,

“Lick my clit now!”

He was happy to obey, stiffened his tongue and probed between her lips until he felt the small hard knob against the tip of his tongue. He licked hard for a few seconds and then bit slightly. She responded by clamping her thighs so hard against his cheeks that he couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. With a little difficulty he disentangled himself and looked deep into her eyes.

“You want me to fuck you hard don’t you?” he said.

The look on her face answered the question long before she panted out,

“Yes, do me right now!”

“Good”, he said standing up and shedding his clothes as quickly as he could.

He turned his back to the bed for a few seconds as he kicked his clothes and shoes out of the way. When he turned back he was surprised to see that she had sat up. He took a step towards her noticing her eyeing his erection hungrily. She said nothing, just slapped her hands against his buttocks and pulled his cock roughly into her mouth.

Damn she was good! After a few seconds of this he was so weak-kneed that he could barely stand and sank onto the bed. She moved over him never releasing his cock for an instant. As she sucked and licked all down his length and over his balls and then back again, he ran his hands again over her magnificent breasts and grabbed her buttocks. She bit him slightly as he pushed a finger into her pussy and started to work her clit hard and rhythmically.

He was getting really close to exploding in her mouth and from the way she was grinding against his hand he could feel she was close to coming herself. He placed his hands over her ears and pulled her face away, feeling her shudder again as his fingertips brushed the sides of her neck.

He rolled her over onto her stomach. She obviously liked this idea because she immediately pulled her knees under herself, raising her hips into the air and opening her legs. He moved in behind her, positioned the head of his cock and rammed into her roughly. She responded by pushing back hard. She really did like the rough stuff.

He grabbed his right wrist with the fingers of his left hand, slipped his arms over her head, pulled down and pinned her arms against her sides. She collapsed forward with her breasts so tight against his forearms that he could feel the hard nipples poking into his muscles. This brought her butt even higher into the air so he raised himself slightly on his knees and began to fuck her as hard as he could.

He felt his cock suck in and out of her wetness as his hips slapped loudly against her buttocks. She wriggled slightly but he only held her even tighter. It didn’t take long until he felt her start to come, writhing and crying out with abandon. The sight, sound and feel of her orgasm was too much to bear and he pumped hard into her, coming wildly himself inside her just as she reached the climax. They held the position for a few more seconds then he slowly pulled out of her. She sank forward onto her stomach, panting heavily. He moved around and lay beside her, waiting until her eyes and breathing returned to almost normal.

“Glad you came?” He asked smiling.

“I’m always glad when I come,” she giggled.

“We still have another 3 hours you know...”