23 Apr 2017

What a drive, we thought the back roads would be more fun, BUT there’s nothing around us and the fuel gauge is showing ¼ . I see a small sign that says Petrol and an arrow up a dirt road. Well that’s where we a heading, its already starting to get dark. After about 5ks we see a small garage with one pump (the manual type). We pull up next to it and look around, no one to be seen, so I walk to the little workshop. The sign on the door says 6:00 – 17:00 its now 17:30.

We look at each other and say well look like we sleep in the car tonight. We walk back to the car and I think to myself how are we going to make this night go faster. looking around and there is nothing for miles. I can’t even see a farm house. Looking back at the workshop I see a pile of rope, I smile, come see what I have found I shout, my lover comes over and I loop the rope around one wrist then the other. I lead her to the car and bend her over the bonnet tying the rope to the wiper. What a sight, I run my hands down her back hooking her pants as I do sliding them down her legs. (she doesn’t wear panties) I kneel behind her and spread her checks to see my goal. I lick her and feel how wet she’s getting. A few more licks s her juices run down her legs, I can’t wait any longer. I drop my pants hold her hips and slide straight in. I start moving faster, the faster I move the loader she gets. Eventually I can’t hold on any longer and I full her up. While I’m cuming I feel her shaking as she cums. I collapse on her, still inside and catch my breath. I hear something and look around and behind us is a farmer he says “I guess she’s full would you like some petrol now” we laugh and fill the car. The farmer said “just as well she’s noisy or you would have had to wait till tomorrow for petrol” We drive off knowing that this is going to be a great holiday.